February 22nd, 2011

Ketchup - Birthdays

“That’s me sandwiched between my fraternal twin aunts on their 16th birthday. Aside from the random Ketchup bottle, I particularly enjoy the ashtray and paddle in the forefront. I suspect my sour expression has something to do with the latter. I dont know why my aunts look so pissed, after all; they got matching feather boas and 7-UP bottles.”

(submitted by Abril)

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  1. Absynthe says:

    Flowers by Doctor Seuss

  2. hyperpsyched says:

    You would look miserable too if all you ever received for your birthday was a bottle of ketchupö

  3. Scott Reid says:

    Ehem! Educated people pronounce it “catsup”

  4. Hajnika says:

    It’s hard to look at one point!:DD

  5. Smush says:

    It’s a meatloaf cake, hence the ketchup.

  6. cowgirl says:

    Marney… the formative years….

  7. wee says:

    the giant ashtray should definitely upstage americas favorite ketchup. Heinz baby, only the best on your birthday!

  8. Modine says:

    Ah the 70’s. Good times. I’m curious what the fuzzy things are. I remember a toy that looked like a strip of fake fur in bright colors, and when you petted it, it sort of moved like a live animal.

  9. praetorius says:

    Ok, I get the stretch bottle concept but why does it look like the bottle on the left is *on top* of the cake? It’s taller than the other one!

  10. Abril says:

    The backstory isnt nearly as fascinating as the photo….

    That’s me in the middle, age 6 at my fraternal twin aunts’ 16th birthday. The paddle is on the table because it was just used to spank me so I would stand still for the photo. The pink and blue feather boas are actually matching fuzzy slippers (because they’re twins, get it?). Those and the Seven Up bottles were the presents. The ashtray is there because back then you carried them around with you.. some ashtrays even had handles and legs! Sorry, I don’t have an answer for the ketchup. That’s why i submitted the photo.

    By the way… I’m actually a little girl. My mother said that pixie cut would look so cute on me! I was traumatized by how many people thought I was a boy.

    • April says:

      Wow – love the backstory! 🙂 funny photo…..

    • esackman says:

      Thank-you Abril for submitting the backstory to the photo. I wish more people would submit the backstories to the photos they submit, as I do find them as fascinating as the photos. For the backstories often exceed anything we can imagine from looking at the photos.

    • Mic C says:

      Thank you, Abril! I had that haircut, too circa 1979 at the same age. At least your bangs weren’t one inch long. 🙂

      • SiulaGrande says:

        So did I! What were our parents thinking? Bad enough that they gave me a girl’s name that rhymes with a boy’s name (and wasn’t popular enough at that time in my area for people to have heard much) — then they go and cut off my hair. I’m still kind of mad about it.

    • Njiru says:

      That is a girl, Now it is even more awkward

    • Susan says:

      I think the backstory IS the fascinating part! It explains everything! Thanks for sharing.

    • Tred54 says:

      So the 30 year old blond and 8 year old brunette are twins?

    • Petal says:

      Thanks for submitting the backstory, which I always love reading when they’re attached to the photo! Maybe attaching the story for most photos would be something for the AFP administrators to think about?

    • sadi says:

      I had that pixie haircut too. I’m still not over it, and I’m nearly 50. Meh.

      My dad would have used that paddle on me as well. We have a lot of childhood pics with me sporting the same expression you have!

      Love the photo though, all the objects bring back so many memories.

      • KidKolob says:

        Abril you poor thing, I always wanted one of those carnival prize stretch bottles until you said it was the gifts. Now I feel empty like the bottles. I hope you are doing better though.

  11. Dawn says:

    hahaha! it looks like someone just got yelled at and then was told to pose for “One nice, damned photo for cripes sake”!!
    ahh, the 70’s. All that’s missing is the Shlitz beer can and over flowing ashtray.

  12. dr.freud says:

    ok lady, when i say cheese
    fixate on the ceiling.
    kids, look in the camera
    beautiful, just beautiful

  13. fatdad says:

    There are 57 things wrong with this picture.

  14. Jenny says:

    The ketchup, ashtray, paddle ball, soda bottles are all birthday presents. The pink & blue fuzzy things??????

  15. Funny Things says:

    Cool bottles or what are those things with flowers.

  16. rzul says:

    There is a strange assortment of things in this photo. But the classic awkwardness on their faces is the best.

  17. JerseyPam says:

    The wall art has me puzzled. A tic tac toe tile and…Satan biting his fingernails?

    • justme says:

      Now now Pam, let’s not be facetious, clearly Satan is FILING his fingernails. The file is so obvious, I’m not sure how you could miss it….. ;o)

    • Bammela says:

      Really? I was kind of wondering about the furry/fuzzy things on the table. This photo brings up more questions that it answers ….

  18. sjd says:

    I remember those stretched bottles. They were carnival prizes. I wanted one so bad! And then I won one. Oooh, great, a soda bottle! The anticipation was so much better than reality!

  19. Joe says:

    “Ever since grandma cut that recipe out of the newspaper for ‘Ketchup Cake’, it became a Birthday tradition.”

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