February 22nd, 2011

Ketchup - Birthdays

“That’s me sandwiched between my fraternal twin aunts on their 16th birthday. Aside from the random Ketchup bottle, I particularly enjoy the ashtray and paddle in the forefront. I suspect my sour expression has something to do with the latter. I dont know why my aunts look so pissed, after all; they got matching feather boas and 7-UP bottles.”

(submitted by Abril)

106 Responses to “Ketchup”

  1. Kyle says:

    And that’s the only thing I need is *this*. I don’t need this or this. Just this ashtray… And this paddle game. – The ashtray and the paddle game and that’s all I need… And this feather boa, and that’s all I need, and these 7-UP bottles that’s all I need

  2. Jeff says:

    “Dear Connie, Enclosed is your birthday gift. I couldn’t read what you wanted in your letter – did you write ‘blue convertible’ or ‘bottle of ketchup’? Perhaps now you will learn to handwrite so that it can be read easily. Have a Happy 16th Birthday. Love, Aunt Marney.”

  3. Alan says:

    “Cheer up sweetheart. After the cake,we are all going to visit Gran in the old folks home. I think all her friends are going to sing a little surprise song for you”

  4. Vince says:

    Everything in the picture belongs solely in the 1970’s… except the Ketchup. The bottle looks exactly the same today as it did when this picture was taken.

  5. mary says:

    Nothing like daisies to brighten the mood.

  6. kelley says:

    It’s Marney. She’s mad because the cake isn’t regulation-sized.

  7. peg says:

    This picture was snapped the instant before Salvadore Dali threw the cat across the room

  8. Zooky says:

    Sweet! I’ll take a slice of birthday cake with a side of ketchup instead of ice cream — and some 7-Up to wash it all down with.

  9. Bobby says:

    My brother’s friend used to stretch bottles like that. He would take clear ones and plate them inside silver or gold. What a memory jolt!

  10. Joe says:

    I hope the poster volunteers the back-story. Which one are they in the pic? Why is everyone so glum? What happened to the ball? Who’s boa? And of course….what’s up with the Ketchup? 🙂

  11. PJSaintOurs says:

    Hello 1975!

  12. Joan McKee-Szucs says:


  13. Joan McKee-Szucs says:

    I just lovethe puple wall inthe background!!!!! It such a happy color!!!

  14. cat says:

    “I’m 16 now, and I’m moving out! All I need is this ashtray and the paddleball game….that’s all I need…and the ketchup.”

  15. Lisa says:

    I always wanted one of those long-necked pop bottles. Nice reminder of a time long ago. Without the ketchup, this would just be a slice of early 70s life. With it, well, yeah, the ketchup totally upstages the cake.

  16. maryis says:

    I know that look on the sixteen year old. It’s that “No car? I’m sixteen!!!!”

  17. Don says:

    Let’s see: Sister is engrossed with The Patridge Family playing on the tv in the living room and wishes the party would hurry up. Little brother is confused on why his paddleball was taken from him…is it really his fault the ball flew off and broke the crystal vase? And birthday girl? She is in the middle of a stare down with Dad who insists her 16th birthday be spent with family…not her boyfriend Bennie down at the local Big Kip’s. The bottle of ketchup? I’m at a loss

  18. DL says:

    Um, what is the white thing behind the ketchup? At first I thought it was a cast but not sure.

  19. justme says:

    Dang. I’d be a little nervous about the birthday spankin’ if it were my sweet sixteen and there was a paddle right by the birthday cake! No wonder she’s looking up to heaven…..she’s probably praying! ;op

  20. CamdensGramps says:

    This just screams 70’s!

  21. Alli says:

    The cake is in disguise hiding from the ridiculousness surrounding it!

  22. Thomas says:

    I remember those stretched bottle vases from the carnival – they were prizes you could win at some of the booths – that’s a great blast from the past.

  23. Kelly says:

    AND, no one seems to be real happy to be there!

  24. Shelly says:

    Happy sweet 16 to you! That would explain the pink and blue boa’s… at least that’s what I think they are.

  25. Sarah says:

    Is this a family photo or a still from a first-year student’s art film?

  26. Joey says:

    I remember those stretchy 7-Up bottles!

  27. meansheep says:

    A day without ketchup is like a day without sunshine.

  28. Nevertheless says:

    also, what is the mother (?) looking at? She seems to be waiting for more floatsam to come wafting down from the ceiling

  29. memikeyounot says:

    The only thing better would be if the ashtray was full of cigarette butts!!

  30. Cheryl says:

    Oh what a happy family!!!! :}

  31. Nevertheless says:

    I had one of those stretched 7up bottles! We got them at the county fair back in the 70’s. They stretched them while you watched. It was awesome!

  32. Jan says:

    And everybody looks soooo happy!

  33. Ann says:

    And they all look so happy!!!!

  34. Ann says:

    And they all look so happy!!!! Great shot!

  35. adfogg says:

    Wow, those stretched pop bottles were soooo coool….

  36. Mel says:

    I like how all three of them seem so happy! Not a good day, I’m thinking.

  37. julie says:

    Those 7-up vases are amazing!!! i want one, or two~!

  38. Gina says:

    This pic actually makes me smile because it captures the era so well! I remember that kind of flat paper flower from when I was teeny. I am going to guess that this was from about 1971-ish? Good photo!

  39. Jerkface says:

    It was STILL better than last year… NO BOA.

  40. Kate says:

    Who’s Sweet Sixteen party is this?

  41. Borb says:

    that just looks like a terrible time..

  42. Wendy says:

    It doesn’t look to be a particularly HAPPY birthday…

  43. Donna says:

    HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY!! Here’s some Ketchup!!

  44. Michelle says:

    Oh goodness, what a throwback. Poor thing turned 16 from the amount of candles on that cake. She is probably asking God to help her escape the mess!

  45. Vicki says:

    Look at the paddle ball paddle. I don’t think someone just got that for their birthday. There is no ball attached. Maybe that explains the look on everyone’s face?

  46. Sandi says:

    Well, I think it helps that the cake totally blends into the counter. I can’t imagine choosing a cake color that matched the color of the table.

  47. Mary says:

    The Ketchup. The stretched out 7-Up bottles with flowers. The paddle ball. The pink furry thing. The blue furry thing. The ASHTRAY?? Yuck! Oh wait-there are people and a cake there too? This picture has it ALL!!

  48. Mary says:

    I’m more impressed by those long-neck 7-Up bottles!

    • ScoutC says:

      I had one of those! But I put tissue paper flowers in mine— the kind you make by accordion folding several sheets and wrapping a wire stem around the middle, then peeling the layers apart. They were quite groovy! I guess they had not yet discovered the “natural mellowing agents” in ketchup yet. And WHAT is that thing on the wall behind the younger girl?

      • KelR says:

        I had the same flowers in the stretched bottle. I think my flowers were pink and purple since my room was pink. I don’t remember where I got the bottle but thought it was sooooo cool.

  49. kat says:

    This picture is just full of awesomeness! Ketchup bottle, ashtray, paddle, 7-Up vases…….. It’s one of those pictures where the more you look the more you find.

  50. o.O.o says:

    Nothing screams ‘Happy Birthday!’ like ketchup, an ash tray, a paddle, and what looks like a feather boa or some fuzzy toy….

    • Linda says:

      i think it’s a big bunny slipper and what about the stretched out 7-up bottles? hmmm?

      • o.O.o says:

        Well of course they needed something to liven up the atmosphere, those faux flowers are totally rockin’ those 7-up bottles! I also love the fact that the little guy is the only one looking at the camera with that “you gotta be kiddin’ me” look :/

    • Be3t says:

      Funny, the ashtray did it for me too. So “my childhood.”

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