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February 28th, 2011

In Your Face - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“Shortly after my nephew was born, a family friend offered to take some photos as a gift. The photographer managed to capture this moment of the baby peeing in my sister’s face.”

(submitted by Becca)

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  1. Leyna says:

    I have to agree with Nicole. This is very obviously photo shopped. Photography aside, there is no way that many water droplets would form on her nose without becoming too heavy to roll down. It’s just a matter of physics.

  2. Katie says:

    That wasn’t even Photoshoped. It was done on the paint program. You should be ashamed!

  3. mick says:

    take a look at the stream a bit better she doesnt need to move her head cause it is tilted to the side part of the stream is coming back down next to where her leg is i dont think no how that it is photoshoped and baby pee is clear when its new born unless your giving your baby something it shouldnt have this is a wonderful pic i have a son and i cant count the times he peed on ppl from 3mo and under

  4. Allee says:

    Wouldn’t her nose be wet and shiny if the child was actually peeing on her? and what a strong stream for a newborn….

  5. Herman says:

    Speaking as a baby who regularly pees in peoples’ faces, I can tell you this is 100% real. I’ve peed in more faces than my developing brain can keep track of, and let me tell you, this is exactly how it goes down. The expressions, the trajectory, the droplet separation . . . it’s totally real. In fact, just looking at it makes me want to pee in someone’s face. Maybe I’ll go do that right now.

    • William says:

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS is the funniest reply by far, especially coming from “Baby Herman”, which I wonder if others caught the reference….

  6. thereisbeauty says:

    And this is why naked baby pictures should never be done.

  7. KP says:

    Fantastic photo! Make sure that comes out at his 21st birthday party!! I remember back in my babysitting days at the age of about 15-16 changing a bub while talking to him and a big spray of pee came straight up into my mouth. It took me a moment to react – I couldn’t believe it!

    What a hilarious memory you’ll have of this photo shoot, – and if you know it’s real, don’t worry about everyone who insist otherwise – they weren’t there and can’t know (obvious, although a lot seem to think differently).

  8. Jimbo says:

    A real whiz kid……..he’s a cute little squirt, ain’t he?…….if she was told to “say cheese”, that would make this a CHEESE WHIZ…… session had to end soon after – he was feeling a little DRAINED!!!……”yaahhh!! geez, that flash scared the pee outta me, mom!!!”………this was one of the earliest known photos of famed urologist I.P. Freeley…….(had enough yet?)

  9. Sam says:

    Oh my goodnes, that is priceless! That will be the best picture ever at the wedding! LOL

  10. Jimbo says:

    Yet another reason why NAKEDNESS is INAPPROPRIATE in a FAMILY PHOTO!!!!! LOL

  11. Brandon says:

    While very funny and yes….cute, I call throw the photoshop flag. The “liquid” does not appear to be in a natural arc or pattern. Yes..yes… modern cameras can capture oh so much….but to stop moving liquid would require a fast shutter speed….and being a studio of somesort its not really gonna happen inside with out some serious flash power. The depth of field indicates an small to medium aperture which will = slow shutter speed. Show me an original unedited file with metadata, and i will happily say awesome photo

    • mick says:

      im sorry but that is not true i had a cheep cam when my son was born and i have a pic of my hubby and him in the shower my son was on his chest and the shower head gave the same effect this darling babys stream did and like i said it was a old cam

    • van says:

      Actually, when shooting with a powerful flash in auto mode, the flash can fire in as little as 1/2000th of a second, essentially becoming the shutter speed.

  12. luci says:

    photoshopped or not this is a hilarious photo, being an aunty too 3 great kids all you can do is laugh.

  13. saiyon says:

    btw, what ARE those spots on her nose supposed to be???

  14. Emily says:

    Having done infant pottying with all 3 of my babies I can attest that that is certainly a “pee face” on the baby! You can tell he is releasing something, and you certainly can’t photoshop that! As for the woman I agree with a PP who mentioned it looks like he is peeing BESIDE her face, and that would certainly explain the expression and why it’s also going over her arm. All in all cute pic, and I’m just glad it’s not me holding the baby! Lol.

  15. Lola says:

    Thanks for proving my point, abooth. It looks like other photos I’ve seen of babies peeing inappropriately. It doesn’t look photoshopped – it looks like those other photos. You suck the joy out of this site.

  16. dr.freud says:

    awkwardfamily photo
    thanks for posting
    close the site now
    this can’t be beat
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!

  17. Hola:) says:

    Real or fake… I hope you had your sister’s permission… cuz that is a messed up thing to spread over the internet lol

    Baby and Mama are both gorgeous though, congrats to you and your sis and family Auntie Becca!

  18. Mifty says:

    Oh, moderators… the Photoshop trolls are really wrecking the joy on this site. While it is difficult to believe anybody still thinks it’s clever to shriek “Photoshop!” it appears there are still plenty of these dreary instant experts out there. But must we hear from quite so many of them?

    (Not to mention the “That’s not awkward!” brigade, who apparently all have Universal AwkwardMeters in their desk drawers. But that is a separate problem.)

  19. Jeff says:

    Look at pictures of Tom Cruise’s daughter shortly after she was born… that kid had a lot of hair.

  20. Hah! This reminds me of my own son who had managed to get pee three feet up from the changing table on the vertical blinds at our old apartment. I am happy to say I’ve never been peed in the face but he’s gotten himself in the face a couple of times. He also spit up right in his Daddy’s mouth after my hubby thought it was fun to hold him over his face after he’d finished nursing.

    Yes, as a mother of a little boy with a ton of hair and many “fountain\” incidents, I quite believe this is real. And every time he gave us a shower my automatic reaction is laughter.

  21. Algonquin says:

    That little guy has awesome TV Game Show Host hair! My newest nephew had even more hair at birth (and had his first haircut at 5 months of age) but his sticks out all over the place. He doesn’t have that “smooth dude” look- more like “punk rocker gone awry”. Mom’s face does look like she is reacting- eyes closed, mouth open in an “oh my gosh!” manner. I think this picture is the real deal.

  22. Melenie says:

    Darling baby. I love the hair.

  23. Linda O'Leary says:

    Looks fake to me. I’m a graphics professional and I have retouched hundreds of photos. My guess is that the photographer added the “effects” for a laugh.

  24. Franci mugler says:

    I thougt, the pic shows, the woman is crying so strong 🙂

  25. Glenna says:

    You shouldn’t waste your time with th folks who have rude or negative comments. My sister submitted a funny pic here with my daughter and there were some funny comments and then there were some that I think took it a little too far. At first I was offended but then I realized there are just negative cynical people everywhere and getting into a verbal judo with them would only frustrate me more!

  26. Lola says:

    Moderators – why do you allow all the “It’s photoshopped!” posts? Surely one is enough; they just ruin the fun.

    This photo doesn’t looked photoshopped. It looks like a baby peeing on his Mom and she’s still in the pre-pee pose and the photographer had a really fast shutter on the camera.

    • abooth says:

      Lola – seriously, ‘it doesnt look photoshopped?’

      Do you NOT see the big splashy puddle on the lady’s nose. Do you not notice the big white droplets of urine – they would not appear so sharp and defined in that light, with that background.

      I’m all for a good funny photoshopped photo, but I dont feel that is an appropriate place for photoshopped fun. But whatever, I’m not in charge.

    • courtney says:

      Because it’s the internet and people are allowed to speak their own opinion. Personally, I think the mods should delete all the ” “It’s photoshopped” posts are ruining my life posts” because… get over it?

      • really?? says:

        It must be nice to know it all.

        • courtney says:

          I never said the submitter was a liar and it wasn’t a real photo, I just thought it looked shopped in MY OPINION. Who cares? It’s the internet, if you disagree with me, just scroll past my post! Good grief.

  27. Carly says:

    Hate being a grouch, but this is very very fake.

    Still hilarious though!

  28. mommajay says:

    Becca, this picture rocks! Ignore the haters and know you and your sister have an undeniably awesome picture, a good memory to laugh over, and most importantly… terrific blackmail material for when he’s in high school!

    • Becca says:

      Haha thank you! I think people are dumb for automatically assuming that a well-taken photo is fake, so I appreciate the support.

  29. iLOLd says:

    My reaction to this pic was to immediately photoshop a towel over both of them.
    I wasn’t fast enough. Sorry…

  30. LYNDA says:

    I can attest to this happening,when my son David was born,shortly after we took him home from hospital I was bathing him in his baby bathtub on my Mom’s kitchen table,she had just put her cup of tea on the tabie as I started to bathe David & within seconds he decided to”pee”.needless to say we all had a good laugh over that,David is 35 yrs.old now & has been reminded of the “peeing”incident ever since…p.s.David is the one who showed me this pic.& instantly we laughed & I said I remember you doing the same thing only it landed in Mom’s cup of tea…lol

    • LYNDA says:

      here here…I say,why post the negative comments,Becca?there’s just too much negativity in this world & we don’t have time for any of it !!!!!

  31. Kathryn says:

    Let’s just line up all the nay-sayers and have an adorable, little, brand new, baby boy pee on them, so we can capture their looks of shock, horror and suprise, just for our own amusement. I’ll bring the camera.

    • Candice says:

      I agree. It’s amazing how so many people care more about whether the pic was photoshopped and argue about it than just for enjoying the pic, itself.

  32. Ted C says:

    While funny to some degree, I’m not convinced its actually hitting her face. Looks to be more to the left of her face, which may explain the lack of reaction. I hope my comment didn’t make Annie angry.

  33. Becca says:

    Also, for those of you who think his hair is Photoshopped, here are a few photos from the same day and shortly after he was born. The pee thing happened once and, while I know it is not Photoshopped, I can’t prove that part to you.

    • Troy says:

      Well, those 3 photos are obviously photoshopped as well.

    • Bonnie says:

      I love a baby with hair. That first photo is beautiful. Looking at it made my day.

    • Lori says:

      Becca, he’s adorable with those *sideburns*! All of my girls had copious amounts of hair when born but not sideburns. My oldest sincerely looked like she wore a toupee for a long time. Thanks for sharing this pic…I’m off to share it with my family.

  34. Miss Jane says:

    The funny thing is, I was more amazed at the head of hair on that kid. It’s like a full on coif right out of the womb.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I think this picture is HILARIOUS!! After having two girls, I knew nothing of this “pee in your face” phenomenon. Then I had my son. This has happened to me COUNTLESS times. I believe that the photographer had amazing reflexes to catch this photo. I have taken my own bath pictures with a nice stream coming out of the water. And to those who say she is not reacting “correctly”…that is a look of disbelief and humor to me. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is in an open laugh…the photographer snapped a picture, not a video. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! One to keep in the baby book for sure!! =)

  36. Debbie Ehm says:

    I don’t have a baby boy, but, have none of the haters ever peed??? It comes out fast regardless of whether you’re a baby or an adult – who has the reflexes to avoid that? As for the hair, my daughter was born with a ridiculous amount of hair and I can easily believe that this baby’s hair is real. I think a lot of people are far too jaded to believe anything interesting can be real!

  37. justme says:

    I love how everyone “knows” exactly how every single mom, including this one, would react, what her facial expression would be, how fast her reaction time would be, etc etc etc and thinks it proves anything.

    And yes, babies CAN have that much hair, both of mine did. And my son peed on me, and more than once it caught me so off guard it took a second to react, which is more than enough time for the shutter to have closed on this one.

  38. Jason Webb says:

    Awkward photoshop…

  39. This is why I don’t understand others’ love of stark naked babies.

  40. Nancy says:

    Mom would have to have the slowest reflexes on the planet not to react to being hit in the face like this – the stream is arcing up AND falling away. This one is shopped (badly).

  41. deanna says:

    /agree …fake.

  42. courtney says:

    It looks fake because the urine stream looks photoshopped.
    I worked in preschool for several years with 2 teachers and 10 kids in my room and 4 scheduled diaper changes per day, plus at least 1 extra change per kid, per day…. so don’t pull the “oh wait til you have kids and change diapers” card on me. Yes, they can suddenly start peeing and it’s easy to be caught off guard when you are reaching for a wipe or trying to remember where you set the clean diaper. When you are doing nothing but staring down at the kid and smiling, I find it really hard to believe you wouldn’t react faster.
    That kid is ridiculously cute with all that hair so early.

    • yep says:

      Preschoolers are a lot different than newborns. Their pee/poop/breath stinks, they have control over their bodies, and their facial expressions and body language make it pretty clear that they’re about to pee.

      • courtney says:

        Preschools can get licensed to take kids as young as 6 weeks, so obviously I’m not talking about 3-4 year olds who wouldn’t be wearing a diaper anyway unless they have some sort of medical problem.

    • really?? says:

      “When you are doing nothing but staring down at the kid and smiling, I find it really hard to believe you wouldn’t react faster.”

      Again, must be nice to know it all.

      • courtney says:

        Wow… you REALLY need to get over it. I didn’t insult the submitter, I just posted that MY OPINION was that it looked fake because the urine stream looks fake – pretty much exactly like the water droplet tool in photo editing software.
        It’s really obnoxious everyone saying, “You don’t know, I have a kid and you get peed on all the time/and you would react faster than that,” when every kid and parent is different.

  43. backchat says:

    Looks like Mama could have used “The Peepee Teepee for the Sprinkling WeeWee” at that photo shoot! It’s a real product that wasn’t around when my 16 y.o. was a baby.

    Great picture and way to go, Becca, for defending the photographer’s timing talent. I grow weary of those that automatically think a great pic is photoshopped. Before there was photoshop (or graphic designers), there were great photographers! And I LOVE babies with hair- much better than the Mr. Magoo Baldy Babies : )

  44. Kassie says:

    Go girl, it’s your birthday. Open wide, I know you’re thirsty.

  45. Annie says:

    Not only do they ruin all the fun, they’re just plain mean know-it-alls. Jerks.

    • justme says:

      Yep, agreed.

    • Harry says:

      Completely uncalled for comment, Annie.

      Everyone has an opinion. You may not agree, but there’s no need to be obnoxious.

      • justme says:

        The constant, annoying cries of “photo shopped” or “not awkward enough” or “oooh that’s dangerous shame shame” suck the soul right out of this place……THAT is what’s obnoxious.

        • Miss Trish says:

          At some point, justme, you have to accept that there will always be people who can’t resist questioning the awkwardness, authenticity, or other aspects of the photos. It is frustrating to those of us who frequent this site without a critical agenda, but it is what it is. Sorry if my grammar offends anyone.

          • justme says:

            But I don’t want to accept it! You can’t make me! Ahhhh, ok Miss Tish I know you’re right. Thanks. :o)

        • Miss Trish says:

          I totally agree with you. I gave up defending the submissions after a pretty nasty exchange with a “non-awkwarder.” It was crazy!

    • JMB says:

      Who? The baby?

    • Little Angels says:

      That is no way to speak about the baby! Look at the baby! Isn’t it breathtaking?

  46. Nicole says:

    Ok, I work in advertising at a company that designs ad campaigns and work everyday on photo-shopping graphics for TV commercials; putting an alligator in a truck, adding storm clouds to a blue sky, etc. Hair and water are said to be the most difficult to replicate and this is ridiculously photo-shopped. Plus, at the exact instance you get pee up in your face, you are not smiling sweetly. You are turning your head away and gagging. And if you look at the mom’s face, the droplets are like freckles on her nose. Their color is completely off. It’s a funny little joke for a picture, but go back and look at other pics of people being peed on/spit up on by kids. It’s a look of pure shock!

    I love AFP, by the way. I have been watching the site for years and I almost NEVER see anything photo-shopped. But some are just so blatantly obvious that I have to call them out. Thanks AFP for keeping me laughing through the week!

    • amy says:

      um… when my son blew mustard out his bum at the age of 3 days old my mom screamed and laughed hysterically – she was covered. Who is to say HOW one reacts in a moment of suprise by a harmless brand new precious baby?

      • justme says:

        Not only that if it’s caught quickly enough, which it would have to be, then she might not have reacted to it yet.

    • New Dad says:

      I can assure you that having been both peed and pooped on in the last six weeks by my brand new son, my first reaction in each case was to laugh hysterically.

      Also, my son has almost as much hair as that and it looks legit to me.

    • Becca says:

      You aren’t very good at your job then. I was there and I would know better than anyone. I can show you another picture taken of the same baby with water droplets. Good cameras capture water droplets. And please don’t act like you know what baby urine looks like…it’s clear if they’re not dehydrated. Look it up. If it were yellow, it would look Photoshopped. This is 100% real.

      • Davo says:

        Becca, i would take it as a compliment. If it is real, it is an amazing shot – so good that pros think it has to be fake

      • yep says:

        Becca, for the win!!

        Let the trolls argue. Enjoy being an aunt in a family with such a good sense of humor.

      • Chris says:

        Becca, you can easily put the nay-sayers minds to rest, just post your exif data & the gear that you used for that picture.

      • davennap says:

        I agree, A professional camera could have captured this. They can take several pictures in seconds. That would mean that it took the picture before she even had a chance to react differently.

    • Todd says:

      I don’t think it’s a Photoshop job. I think an intricate web of tubes, pumps and distilled water were constructed and were shot up in the air at the exact moment this picture was snapped. My God, how could you!!!!

  47. Kimm says:


    • amy says:

      Ridiculous gorgeous, you mean! That stuff is real. What is wrong with people?

    • leanne says:

      Actually, my oldest son was born with hair like that. He had his first haircut at 4 months.

      • Kelli says:

        My cousin’s daughter had even more hair than that! She’s 14 and has donated to locks of love numerous times because her hair grows so fast!

      • Mel says:

        My daughter’s hair was just like that, too, at birth. She had her first haircut in a salon at 8 months of age. Now she’s 5 and her hair is ridiculously gorgeous, thick and long. It makes grown women cry.

    • Julia says:

      You are so eloquent. How ever did you come up with such a brilliant and meaningful comment? I wish I was as intelligent as you. I could never some up with something so astute as “Photoshop”. I’m sure that everyone who read your comment was completely blown away by your shear awesomeness. Please, don’t stop with the poignant observations. The world is a better place with your opinions.

      • T says:

        That was my first thought. photoshop. simple and to the point.

        • Julia says:

          Pointless and unoriginal. I’m sure there’s another forum somewhere where people care about the “photoshop” comments. Try 1000Worth.

      • Beck says:

        I see you’ve made great friends with a thesaurus recently…

        • t-bone says:

          I bet you had to look a few of those words up.

          • Bella says:

            All those “big” words yet Julia still managed to write some instead of come and apparently doesn’t know the difference between shear and sheer? Someone got happy with the synonyms button in word!

          • t-bone says:

            Bella… I’m tempted not to feed the trolls, but the “sheer” fact that you had to come in and make a meaningless and arrogant comment here has me wondering where the moderators are.

  48. Sayhello says:

    I *forgot* he was a boy!

  49. Tara says:

    I believe you Becca! I have three sons. 🙂 A good camera can capture all that detail. Nobody would take the time for photoshopping something like this; look at the detail in the droplets, look at the ones below the arm which have fallen. You can’t make this stuff up!

  50. Uncuw Biww says:

    oh, it’s just so natural and beautiful!!

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