March 16th, 2011

Smooshed - Pets

This is precisely why it’s called a lap dog.

(submitted by Stephanie)

11 Responses to “Smooshed”

  1. Missy says:

    All three look like they’re in pain

  2. Booker Coffee says:

    Wonderful post Cake … it has just the desired effect … ahhh

  3. Ellie says:


  4. charles says:

    That dog looks miserable!!

  5. chelseach says:

    boobie trap!!! hah.

  6. meri says:

    truly awkward…poor puppy dog

  7. Tred54 says:

    Uh, that’s not their lap. And what is the dog’s collar made of?

  8. Marshall says:

    Previously known as Stanley, the Saint Bernard!

  9. Ducky says:

    *CAN’T* *BREATHE!*

  10. R. Michael Bortman says:

    Nice to have a bosom buddy, and a breast friend.

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