The Beholders

March 26th, 2011

The Beholders - Wedding

Her parents didn’t approve, but their love was too powerful.

(submitted by Edson from Brazil)

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  1. Gracie Gene says:

    The little phrase at the bottom says ‘What God has joined together no man put asunder’

  2. Krezz says:

    *head explodes*

  3. kokopuff says:

    Marvio…c’mon, you submitted this…is the youngster you? Did you go to the wedding? Is she your grandma? We need the backstory on this pic!!!

  4. Ha! says:

    And her’s is the 2nd best!

  5. Middleagedgrump says:

    Please someone submit more photos so this picture will be bumped from the first page. The sooner the better!

  6. Guillermo says:

    ba domp bump! Classic!

  7. HayleyLane says:

    Oh my god no! Please no!

  8. wreck says:

    “This is NOT a Puppy lovvvvvvvvvve!”
    Ya think Donny Osmond sang at the wedding??

  9. Mrs Alda says:

    “Don’t send me to Shady Pines”
    “No worries, I’ll come with you *wiggles eyebrows* “

  10. lynette says:


  11. Swimming against the tide says:

    She had him at “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

  12. LE says:

    What the what?

  13. Guillermo says:


  14. susan peachey says:

    I didn’t think the boy kissing grandma was the same one with his arm around her. The kissing boy’s face looks much slimmer from that angle than the hugging boy. Either way, I get sick chills from looking at it. I wish “Behind the Awkwardness” was available.

  15. Matt says:

    Photographer, “you know, let’s try the kiss again, but with the glasses…”

  16. Nell says:

    Weirdest thing is they both look more doomed than happy, as if they really didn’t want to but Love was stronger than their own will.

  17. yokozbornak says:

    I wondering if they are planning on having kids.

  18. Jamie says:

    Yeah, this wins the “most awkward” award. I think they might as well shut the website down now, because they’re not going to top that.

  19. Alan says:

    He must feel old age creeping up on him (probably several times everyday)

  20. walter says:

    Their marriage was big news in Brazil at the time. But we have never heard of them again. I hope they lived happly ever after.

  21. mc says:

    I’ll just keep repeating It’s his grandmother getting remarried…it’s his grandmother getting remarried… while rocking back and forth…

  22. mc says:


  23. Miss Monroe says:

    Please say this is Photoshopped. Please.

  24. Randori says:

    At least it would be a cheap movie night for them – one
    senior discount and one student discount.

  25. Jenny says:

    For a change, I wish somebody would yell “PHOTOSHOP”! Then we could at least hope that it might not be true

  26. linda says:

    In 25 years they will both be 40. Her name is Benjamina Buttonia.

  27. Keisa says:

    Geez, and I can’t even get a date on a Saturday night!

  28. where there is wind... says:


  29. Catie-Bell says:

    LOL!!! Of course it’s photoshopped!! Check out the young hand caressing his chest 🙂 LOL

  30. Brazilian girl says:

    Translation Portuguese/English: “What God has joined together the man doesn’t separate”.
    Money, beauty, age, color, education, nationality…
    The people impose so many conditions that it becomes impossible to love someone…

  31. Swimming against the tide says:

    I need to scrub my eyes and brain.

  32. Linda says:

    I have to agree with Alycat…not only has there been some ‘awkward’ photos…but, that this is the most ‘awkward’ one I’ve seen. I almost wonder if this one crossed the line from ‘awkward’ to ‘shouldn’t have been posted’.

  33. Nancy says:

    Did they really need to put their glasses on to kiss?

  34. lagrange517 says:

    that’ll teach ya for “hangin; with the cougars”…. meoooow!

  35. Guillermo says:

    “Her parents didn’t approve”? How did she know that,through a seance?

  36. Mrs Alda says:

    Amy Poehler: A 37-year-old woman who is seven months pregnant by a 15-year-old boy said this week that she preferred older men, but the teenager aggressively wooed her. Hey, who wouldn’t succumb to that, am I right Tina?

    Tina Fey: Ah yeah, you know it. 15-year-old boys, so charming with their oily skin and their unflossed teeth…

    Amy Poehler: Ooh, their hairless bodies reeking of day-old sweat and Doritos…

    Tina Fey: Their aggressive, saliva-filled French kisses…

    Amy Poehler: Their dirty fingers, their chapped lips…

    Tina Fey: And of course, the sexy, sexy skid-marked underpants.

    Amy Poehler: Irresistible. Absolutely irresistible. I get it, I get it.

  37. Mrs Alda says:

    Tommy had good reason to believe he’d get an A in Mrs Garcia’s class

  38. Alycat says:

    OMFG. This might be the MOST AWKWARD thing I have ever seen. And there’s been some pretty awkward stuff on here!

  39. Kim says:

    This has GOT to be a joke. If it isn’t, I’m going to cry.

  40. lizzie says:

    She wants children.

  41. Shar says:

    Well now that we’re absolutely positively sure of what the translation is..


  42. blinker says:

    If this were an older man with a young woman, we’d just roll our eyes and move on. If nothing else, they’re a brave couple.

  43. V. says:

    And I thought the 11 years between my boyfriend and I was unusual… o_0

  44. Sarcastic Iris says:

    Does it say “what God has brought together no man shall put asunder”? Do you think maybe? TELL ME GUYS DO YOU THINK SO?

  45. Gogit says:

    What ‘s especially odd about this is that ,contrary to popular belief, it seems SHE was marrying him for HIS fortune !

  46. Ellen says:

    That kid must’ve seen “Harold and Maude” a few too many times.

  47. armstrong says:

    But it’s ok for Hefner right?

  48. April says:

    Forget the translation- it’s the image that’s permanently etched into my retinas! Ay Dios mio!

  49. Kim says:

    There are just some things you wish you could un-see and erase from your memory. This is one of them.

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