I’ll Be There For You

April 4th, 2011

I’ll Be There For You - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

A good husband has always got his wife’s back.

(submitted by Lukasz)

211 Responses to “I’ll Be There For You”

  1. Pipergirl says:

    There’s nothing worse than having to lay the table at your own wedding.

  2. Pipergirl says:

    There is NOTHNG right about this picture – from the pose to the look of “she’s not breathing” on the bride’s face to the colour scheme of window pane versus wall!

  3. Shayshay says:

    ” I should have married the best man” !!!!!!!

  4. ONH says:

    She do NOT seem amused. LOL

  5. ln says:

    That photographer is a consummate professional.

  6. Casey Bernhard says:

    Worst part is that he’s the best man.

  7. Buegeleissen says:

    I bet they’re not allowed in Home Depot anymore either…

  8. Kristen says:

    This might be the best photo I’ve ever seen on this site. Well, for sure best wedding photo. And top 10 of all time. Priceless!!

  9. willardolson says:


  10. blinker says:

    Best. Wedding. Photo. Ever.

  11. Sarah says:

    I’m desperate to know what the inspiration for this was. What did the photog say to these two while this was being shot? I mean really??!?!

  12. Mary says:

    Is she leaning on the coffin of her first choice I wonder?

  13. lizzie says:

    This pose was a really bad idea. Keeping a copy of the photo was an even worse idea.

  14. analisatamara says:

    Yes, dear, I’ll cherish this stolen moment always.

  15. John M says:

    Maybe it’s good we can’t see what he is doing out of the camera’s view.

  16. OMG! Who was the photographer? Not a professional or these guys set this up themselves?

  17. Jon says:

    Hurry up and finish what you’re doing back there – I have things to do.

  18. DLynch says:

    Who killed Laura Palmer? The dude with the pink vest, that’s who.

  19. Jenny says:

    I feel sorry for the groom. First he’s told he has to wear a PINK tie and vest. Then he’s told he has to pose like this. What’s next?

  20. Teresa says:

    Maybe this is pay back for making him wear pink.

  21. Petros says:

    There is nothing I can write that won’t get me banned from here…

  22. JS says:

    Clearly she’s thinking “Are you done yet; boy, this table would look good if it was stained a darker shade.”

  23. Kathy says:

    Perhaps he’s checking for ticks?

  24. carol says:

    Lesson number one: You don’t HAVE to do what the photographer says!

  25. HW says:

    She clearly doesn’t like that position and he is certain that one day she will come around.

  26. Jamie says:

    Close your eyes and think of England.

  27. Anthony O'Neill says:

    I guess they couldn’t wait until the honeymoon

  28. Alan says:

    Hotel Receptionist “I’m So sorry,your room is not ready yet. But you can wait in the dining room”

  29. Tom says:

    Hey, what do you mean, you already have a headache?

  30. Skullkrusher says:

    Now you know what its like to get a prostate exam…
    Now you exam me…

  31. Mermaid says:

    I…they… what, now?? Who thought this was a good idea, exactly???

  32. catfishwithlemon says:

    He is picking her back! (This is the excuse my husband and I use if were caught)

  33. heather says:

    i can’t decide if this is just “wrong” or really really emo.

  34. Melissa says:

    I thought the bride was only supposed to be this bored after ten years.

  35. Su says:

    Oh my goodness….One I’d keep from my parents, from my in-laws, from my kids…. I might have sued the photographer.

  36. Bill says:

    My Bestman enjoyed it!!!!!

  37. T says:


  38. cocamojoe says:

    Yeah, my mind definitely went straight to the gutter with this one.

  39. amanda says:

    so in love they’re attached at the hip

  40. lili says:

    I get the look on her face. What I don’t get is the look on HIS face!

  41. Guillermo says:

    Uh, Hello! She’s listening for termites in their new table.It’s what you do when you get married.

  42. Iti says:

    For the first time he realizes she has been faking it, as she shows the world how unsatisfied she is. Let us pray for these young Christians; Dear God, please direct him to her fulfilment. Amen (stay strong sister)!

  43. fireflight says:

    Can you be there for me, like, over there?

  44. fireflight says:

    Whatever romance is, this is the opposite.

  45. mike says:

    This is what you get when you marry a proctologist.

  46. mccoy says:

    What if he isn’t the groom?

  47. Mrs Alda says:

    I dunno, guy, I think the Brooke Shields version on Nip/Tuck was better

    *settles into handbasket for hell with bonbons and a magazine*

  48. Mrs Alda says:

    And cue Horatio Cane at the scene with his sunglasses in 3..2…

  49. MSC says:

    OK, I’ll bet showing the wedding album to family and friends was fun – “Um, Brad, Janet, what exactly were you doing in this photo?”

    And yes, I too think this should have been one of the photos in the contest.

  50. Maroopa says:

    Notice they don’t show what is going on below the waist. Hmm…

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