My Mom, The Cougar

April 14th, 2011

My Mom, The Cougar - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is a photo of my mom and her new boyfriend. They like to travel and take pictures of themselves. She is very proud to be with him and makes sure to post pictures like this one all over the internet for me and my sister’s friends to see. So not embarrassing.”

(submitted by Hayley)

103 Responses to “My Mom, The Cougar”

  1. Decky says:

    Your mum and John Thompson make a lovely couple

  2. DW says:

    That guy is at least in his mid to late 30s, the woman looks to be in her early to mid 40s. Not a real age difference. A cougar is a 40s woman with a 21 year old guy, I could show you some real cougar photos of my own, lol!

  3. Knadine says:

    The woman looks identical to my childhood friends (and her sisters) mother.

  4. Lis T says:

    They look the same age, and even if they did not: Noting awkward here, except the kids reaction to mum having a good time with the man she loves.

  5. Davy B. Brave says:

    They look the same age to me.

  6. K says:

    Sorry, I’m 36 and that guy looks way older than all my male friends. He might be younger than she but he is at least mid-to-late-40s.

  7. Peony says:

    There’s someone in the room watching them, he’s in the mirror unless it’s a ghost!!!

    • DMSharess says:

      lol, I thought the same thing! But upon further scrutiny I figured out those must be plastic bottles in the mirror and the “head” is the screw-on cap.

  8. treedweller says:

    How stoned is that guy?

  9. Otis McGee says:

    And you can make a nice soup from the water, afterward ….

  10. Monika says:

    Is that a mannequin in the background…

  11. nemlehet says:

    All of you who have posted that this couple look the same age must be young … like to kids all people over 20 look “old”. Being of the older persuasion myself, I would guess that the woman is a very well-preserved 50 and the man no more than 35. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  12. Shi Dan says:

    What’s awkward about this picture?
    I’m pretty sure I met this guy yesterday.
    Or his clone.

  13. Corinna says:

    They look the same age to me.

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