A Royal Affair

April 29th, 2011

A Royal Affair - Wedding

Why wait for the wedding night?

(submitted by Mary)

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  1. yourkidding says:

    with that picture she probably shouldnt be wearing white………….

  2. Mrs. W says:

    second picture: um, do I want to know where’s his left hand?

  3. DavidWisc says:

    “……just close your eyes and think of England.”

  4. diane says:

    the bride said “lay me down softly, i’m in pain.
    “now is not the time to ravish me!”
    just b/c u found the garter doesn’t mean we can begin the wedding night early!

  5. Okaaaaay says:

    What the top photo needs is a photobomber.

  6. Peabody says:

    They found a cure for vampirism, since the undead groom is in daylight and feasting on his bride in the first photo (and again feasting in the second).

    But sadly, they couldn’t cure the wife’s vampism.

  7. Katie Swim says:

    These are truly awkward. Bravo!!

  8. Keri says:

    Comments are priceless!

  9. Mia says:

    Love the second bride’s pained expression and sensible footwear.

  10. Gina says:

    Sadly the lovely bride had a kinked neck and as a result positions for photos were very limited. She made the best of it though, closed her eyes and said a silent prayer, thankful it didn’t rain… the poor girl might have drowned!

  11. babytoes says:

    I had to take a shower after looking at this picture. It made me feel so dirty………

  12. Jess says:

    What is that in the top left corner of the second photo? Exercise equipment? So sexy. Nice try, Guy with camera!

  13. Supurbia says:

    I’m curious as to what country this was taken in.

  14. Amy says:

    Why does this annoy me so much?

  15. Whose idea was that? says:

    Sadly, when my husband and I were looking for photographers, one of them had photos like this in the portfolio that was shown to us.

    We were told that those were the ones that the couple kept for themselves and did not share with the rest of the world.

    Really? Because I was thinking that my husband and I in a suggestive pose would look fabulous hanging above the fireplace and, dare I say it, Facebook profile picture.

    • Melissa says:

      Then I’m sure the “happy couple” (pun intended) would LOVE to know that their private pics were in the photographers portfolio! EGADS!

      • Whose idea was that? says:

        I never even thought of that, Melissa! We were just trying to keep a straight face until we got back to the car.

    • Chris says:

      OK, you win, the idea of that top one (the would be bodice ripping/ravishing/vanishing underwear) as a facebook picture had me in stitches….

  16. MidwesternMom says:


  17. googleyou says:

    So…are these 2 the same couple? They look sort of different, but it’s hard to tell. I mean with her head thrown back and his face in her flesh, but they are the same couple, right?

  18. Mel says:

    You know…maybe these actually ARE for a romance novel cover. Maybe these people are models. Espech with the whole blur effect.

  19. Jesse says:

    If I ever got married and wanted to make my mom’s head explode I would have pictures like this taken to give to my mom.

  20. Linda says:

    Oops, wrong photo shoot! I thought this was for the cover of a romance novel about the wicked but handsome rake who ravishes another man’s bride on her wedding day.

  21. Vikster says:

    I didn’t even need to look at the pix..these comments are priceless

  22. scooter says:

    and you think these are awkward you should have seen the ceremony

  23. Mimi says:

    In future years, when their child looks at the wedding album, will this answer their child’s question, “where did I come from?”

  24. LCN says:

    I think this is one of the Duggar girls and her new husband. They don’t even kiss until they are married and he just couldn’t wait another minute, not even until the pictures were done being taken!

    • LCN says:

      By the way, no offense to anyone who waits until marriage. I know someone will boo my comment but I was just making a joke. Nice thought when both parties love each other that much to wait that long.

      • Bonnie says:

        My sister in law and her groom waited. She was like a pirana at the wedding ceremony. Kissing him with vigor every time someone hit there glass to make a toast.

  25. Pondering Tim says:

    Nothing like taking a few photos the grandparents will be proud to be shown!

  26. Wendy M. says:

    Great- now I have to go and disinfect my eyes.

  27. bethm326 says:

    A match made in heaven….. a man with a constant runny nose and a woman who’s neck doubles as a tissue.

  28. Nicole says:

    Can we discuss how uncomfortable (and therefore awkward) the bride looks in the second photo? I mean, is that an inverted arm shelf? An elbow prop? And what’s with her head being cocked back so violently? I bet she had a sore neck for a week afterwards. Inappropriateness aside, if the photographer had a vision here of intimacy, it is lost. Bride looks terribly stiff and overposed. Perhaps constipated. I feel this second picture is more lame than awkward. But that’s just my take.

    (And as previously mentioned, thumbs down to the footwear.)

  29. Evilbeagle says:

    I’ve seen a few wedding pictures like this floating around the ‘net lately. Is this some new trend, and if it is, can it please just stop already? This is tackiness in the extreme. I’m not exactly a conventional person who cares what people think, but I would be embarrassed to show my parents pictures like this, never mind putting them in a wedding album or hanging them on a wall where anyone else might see them.

  30. Tam Davis says:

    Hey, no dissing of Barry White aka “The Voice.” Aside from that, well, hmm. Perhaps when the flames start burning a little low, they whip out the wedding photographs and fan them a bit. If they were laughing in the first one, it would be really funny. This is “boudoir photography”–wrong place, wrong time.

  31. reg says:

    Is no one going to mention the truly hideous soft focus blur effect?

  32. Amanda says:

    She must like Romance novel covers lol

  33. Steben says:

    Give him a break, she is probably just wearing some ax body spray

  34. nem says:

    these are really awkward.. and that’s coming from a wedding photographer..

  35. J says:

    “Why wait for the wedding night?” Heck, why even wait for the photographer to leave?

  36. hushupp says:

    For this wedding, guests were invited to EVERYTHING !

  37. CayceMBH says:

    “Hold on. honey! I think I found a vein.” “Oh, Nosferatu! I’m so glad we married!”

  38. granny says:

    funny thing!!!This isnt the FIRST time……

  39. jaclyn says:

    Oh my word… seriously? Did the couple request this? Did the photographer charge more for taking pictures the whole night? And these were the latest? So many questions.

  40. Ginger says:

    The only thing that would make this better would be a little Barry White background music!

  41. MrsS. says:

    Seriously who in the hell thought these were appropriate to send out as wedding pictures?? “Look honey your issue of playboy just came in the mail…oh wait thats a wedding picture for so so” What the hell??? I guess they had to combine the cost of a honeymoon with the photographer LOL

  42. PANSY22 says:

    I am always amazed at pics like this. The bride and groom were okay with the pose suggestions? Really?!

  43. Terry says:

    This is why they had to get married in the first place.

  44. MomofBoys says:

    Wow! So tasteless! I don’t want to see that, for crying out loud, get a room already. Have a little class!

  45. Amanda says:

    What the the heck was the photographer thinking?

  46. Seen enuf says:

    That father-in-law is super affectionate. “Welcome to the family, little gal!”

  47. Noodengr says:

    In an effort to cut back on wedding expenses, the honeymoon suite was dropped and the new couple made do with where ever they happen to end up.

    • Patricia says:

      Yes, you’re already paid for the bar, you might as well flop down on the floor in front of it. The bar is open, why not the relationship?

      Wonder what song they played for Bride and Groom’s First Snog?

  48. Mona says:

    Those white flats ruined the picture.. seriously???? barefoot or high heels, way way way sexier.

  49. Karl says:

    Wait, honey, you got some cake on your neck.

  50. questiaux says:

    Could you please dress up for the pictures but don’t let my request disturb you and feel free to get on with whatever you were doing

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