Growing Pains 2

May 1st, 2011

Growing Pains 2 - Kids

Aim high.

(submitted by Mary)

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  1. Lise67 says:

    My grade seven(that’s 11-12 yr olds in Australia) class picture from 1978 is just like this.A good percentage of the girls are mid-pubescent and easily near or at their adult height & proportions.The boys all look like little kids who come up to about chest height of the girls.I’m only 5 foot 3 and I was still taller than most of our boys.This is an awkward few years til the boys catch up.

  2. Alyson says:

    He’s probably still grinning!

  3. Scott says:

    This is NOT awkward. The kid is clearly on his knees. The best part about awkward photos is their candidness, not staging them.

  4. jaklumen says:

    Looks like he’s got GREAT taste in women! I mean, nary a look of “oh, I’m such a tall girl and that’s so embarrassing” on her face. Nope, it looks like a smile…

  5. Sarah says:

    aw they’re cute! They both look happy! That’s adorable. Love his specs!

  6. davidrh says:

    If I had only have known then what I know now . . . . . BAHAHAHAHAHA.

  7. NorandaPete says:

    ….shoot low!!!

  8. Alan says:

    Harry Potter….the younger years.

  9. marilee says:

    It the couple from The Sandlot!

  10. The Tri Lams sure know how to throw a party!

  11. The Omega Mu’s should play hard to get…

  12. Amy K says:

    He looks pretty thrilled. She… not so much!

  13. Cornershopper says:

    Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow.

  14. Tim S says:

    Yes it’s awkward, but he doesn’t seem particularly chagrined by the ordeal.

  15. Marty says:

    Looks like my Bar Mitzvah picture. or “It’s good to be king!”

  16. Jane says:

    Oy vey!

  17. babytoes says:

    Actually, for a guy, he’s at the perfect height.

  18. Noneya says:

    Stigmatized forever.

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