At The Car Wash

May 11th, 2011

At The Car Wash - Kids

What good is a white dress if your truck is dirty?

(submitted by Mckenna)

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  1. Shaneeda Quit says:

    What good is a dirty dress in a clean truck?

  2. m hunt says:

    Hummm that’s strange she is still in her wedding dress…..husbands usually try to kill the wife after 15+ years of marriage

  3. Bob says:

    Oh, the poor girl has gone and married . . . a TRUCK!

  4. Malithion says:

    Well, that’s her husband, obviously. She’s always gone for the big, strong working types.

  5. alisotom says:

    i ran into my ex- at the car wash last week… then i put it in reverse and ran into him again.

  6. kim says:

    It’s her Grad/Prom dress, and she was given a Truck – I highly doubt it’s her wedding dress.

  7. TucsonP says:

    She just washed off the shaving cream saying “Hot Springs Tonight” and “Just Hitched” and was so happy that it had not ruined the glorious paint job, she danced and jumped around. And then….she fell down.

  8. TucsonP says:

    Don’t you think they were just washing off the shaving cream etc.? I always heard that it is very bad for the paint job on the vehicle. Someone just loved her paint job and wanted to get the icky stuff off….quickly.
    Then she fell down. : )

  9. Rosie says:

    I do believe those dents indicate she had a lot of nerve wearing white at her wedding!

  10. Brian says:

    Dear photographer,

    What is your thought process here??

  11. Kamagra says:

    It like the song says….she thinks my tractor…wait…my truck…is sexy…

  12. Bucky says:

    Is that a Hemi or are you just happy to see me?

  13. Hopefully her marriage isn’t making her feel like jumping in front of a truck…

  14. Pipergirl says:

    There’s so many jokes about waxing, I don’t know where to begin…

  15. Pipergirl says:

    Signs you asked the wrong girl to be your bridesmaid #45: she doesn’t understand what a bridal shower is.

  16. Pipergirl says:

    Definitely one way to get yourself a husband

  17. Pipergirl says:

    Car wash attendants obviously got sick of Casual Friday and went formal instead.

  18. Sarah says:

    All I can think about when I see this photo is how dirty her dress is going to be when she gets back up.

  19. lizzie says:

    This is really…strange.

  20. emcd says:

    young woman + poofy dress + overadored vehicle + vanity plate = Sweet Sixteen photo to me…..

  21. Karise says:

    I hope she took that truck for a test drive before marrying it!

  22. NannaLee says:

    It like the song says….she thinks my tractor…wait…my truck…is sexy…

  23. Steph M says:

    What’s with the broom? Who swept who off their feet?!

    • Pipergirl says:

      It’s the broom that makes it – otherwise, it would just be too weird.

      • betsycasto says:

        no i think the dents in the front of the truck make it. couldn’t they have airbrushed those out? obviously we’re dealing with a professional wedding photographer.

  24. Jesse says:

    Ironhide and his one true love.

  25. When the groom was late for the wedding photos, she decided to pose with her other one true love.

  26. NoCapes says:

    It’s like that movie “Christine.” Jade is a very jealous truck.

  27. Alan says:

    Gives new meaning to ‘bridal shower’

  28. Ken G. says:

    “(Workin’ at the) car wash.
    Workin’ at the car wash yeah !
    Come on and sing it with me car wash.
    Get with the feelin’ y’all car wash yeah.”

  29. AndrewT says:

    Great set of fenders on that one.

  30. Golly Gee says:

    Looks like she’s taking the truck as her date to the prom….or is this a plug for the car wash?

  31. Mrs Alda says:

    “Gotta get a little mud on the tires”

  32. Jolly_Dog says:

    It looks to me like she did her groom in by running him over with the truck…hence the dents and need for the car wash. o.O

  33. Joe says:

    I couldn’t even get my wife to get on her knees in her wedding dress … to check my tire pressure, of course.

  34. Malcolm Taylor says:

    “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered today to join in holy matrimony this gal and this truck…”

  35. Molly says:

    It would be better if the front plate was airbrushed.

  36. Vicki says:

    Is this one of those Trash the Wedding Dress pictures? If so, kind of a weird place to do it.

  37. party in my pants says:

    Why doesn’t she just crawl under there and change the oil while she’s at it?

  38. Marshall says:

    …Jade and the F150 pickup lived happily ever after…the end.

    • Anthony says:

      If that’s the case, then why is she giving the Dodge Ram all of the love? Seems fishy to me. Ford F-150 better hire a good lawyer….

    • Andy says:

      its a Dodge 1500…

    • Nina says:

      REALLY!?!? F150?!?!!? try Dodge Ram…

      As a trash the dress session…kind of an interesting idea…not a great example of this fun new-ish fad for wedding photographers, though.

    • Jessica says:

      no no no, that’s a Dodge Ram 1500… geez.

      So is this her senior picture or her wedding picture? I’m so confused right now and why is she on the ground hugging her truck?

      • Mia says:

        If it is a “Trash the Dress” session, it was probably taken after her wedding. The idea behind it is that you’re never going to wear the dress again, so you might as well have some fun ruining it instead of letting it hang in a closet and get all musty.

        • Jessica says:

          maybe, but if I paid a couple thousand for a dress, I’d rather find another use for it, other then laying on the ground at a car wash.

          • Bucksnut says:

            I never understood that goofy Trash the Dress fad. WTH for? Sell it or give it to a charty at least. Crazy kids!

          • Mia says:

            Yeah, I think I’d be more likely to give it away to a charity or something.

            Still, this is better than those silly “I Can’t Wait to Marry You” sessions that are oh-so-popular right now.

  39. TracksAll says:

    She doesn’t need a husband to love…she loves her truck!

  40. heather says:

    Jaded….plus I like the dents in the bumper!

  41. Jesse says:

    Do you come with the truck?

  42. dawn says:

    He married her even after she dented his bumper. True love.

  43. coco says:

    Really? WTF are people thinking?

    • Hawgtied says:

      It is a new fad that a lot of young girls are doing. It is called a “trash the dress” photo shoot.

      • ScoutC says:

        The point of this being…WHAT??? Is it symbolic that she will never use the dress again and will remain married for ever and ever or that the marriage is over and she is divorced? I guess I’m too old to understand this one.

        • KJ says:

          “Trash the Dress” sessions are usually chances to get interesting photos (that ultimately ruin the dress, which would otherwise just take up space in the closet). Usually girls pose in places like, oh, under a waterfall, or wading in the ocean….I guess a carwash is similar, right? And the truck is pretty majestic…

        • Maureen says:

          I agree. Apparently, SHE didn’t pay for it.

      • glasstabletop says:

        Are you serious?
        That is just plain weird.

  44. Michael says:

    I’ve heard of marrying a guy for his truck, but getting married to a truck?

  45. Joselle says:

    She wasn’t even allowed to sit on the truck. Sitting on the wet, dirty ground is good enough for you! I don’t care if you have a white dress on. That’s MY TRUCK!

  46. Kits says:

    Now, our brave volunteer will lie down and we’ll see if her whalebone corset can withstand the might of – now what kind of truck is this, again?

  47. Steben says:

    Cute couple, I’m sure they will make cute Dodge Neon babies

  48. PJSaintOurs says:

    You may now kiss your truck.

  49. Tim S says:

    Love makes a family; I love my truck!

  50. Taterbug says:

    What a great smile and great dimples (the bumper on the truck is what I meant). LOL

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