The Good Life

May 13th, 2011

The Good Life - Family Portrait

Thank you, Pilgirms.

(submitted by MJ)

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94 Responses to “The Good Life”

  1. Duke says:


  2. j says:

    the most interesting man of the 60s world

  3. CarrieM says:

    Beautiful ladies (even if they’re your daughters), a couple of brews, a big turkey leg, some smokes…. God bless America.

  4. Michele says:

    Is that a joint?

  5. Robs says:

    The Most Interesting Man In The World’s Dad.

  6. Just a Dude says:

    Strohs Beer, a big ‘ol turkey leg, and a Marlboro. Someone pinch me, this must be heaven!

  7. Beth says:

    Pimpeske to the max, dude!

  8. Erin says:

    This reminds me of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation.

  9. mmm says:

    Aren’t those Charlie’s goddesses?

  10. Poindexter-X says:

    Is that kid in the back smoking a doobie? LOL!!!

  11. Sabi says:

    I was going to lament that I’ve never posed with a piece of meat in my hand, but I now recall doing so at a barbecue on the beach. Crisis averted.

  12. katusha says:

    This guy could give the “Dos Equis” guy a run for his money.

  13. CHuck says:

    Man I don’t care what anybody says negative about this pic. It’s too cool dat family makes you feel all warm inside they look like their so much fun to be around. And da Dad is so cool with the mustache and the turkey leg. I love it! definitely a Kodak moment.

  14. scooter says:

    Little Billy could blaze a doober and Dad thought it was a candy cig

  15. tomek says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  16. RicketyCrickets says:

    Ron Swanson would love to be friends with this guy. :^)

  17. Bucky says:

    Stay thirsty, my friends …

  18. rachie says:

    Huge turkey leg…that is a definite sign of prosperity in any culture.

  19. ggreen says:

    He’s gonna get pieces of Turkey all in that mustache…..after a few beers and a shot or two, look OUT!

  20. Eileen says:

    Awesome Awkwardness – the Old Style can is so Chicago

  21. Ellen says:

    He’s got style! Old Style. I actually have a button that has that slogan on it.

  22. Nosferatu says:

    Grandpa is clearly the inspiration for The Most Interesting Man in the World.

  23. Lori says:


  24. Chris says:

    I don’t understand the reference to Madonna’s heritage. Madonna is not Polish. I also do not understand why everyone is asking about “the girl” in the background when it is clearly a boy. This photo is a piece of art for many reasons. The hair, the food, the expressions, the boy smoking, the alcohol… the paneling. Getting this things all together is what makes it ART. I think this is just the kind of stuff this website should have. I give it an A.

  25. Julia says:

    This picture is just cool. Looks like an awesome family!

  26. Noneya says:

    If it was truly the good life, nobody would be drinking Stroh’s or Old Style.

  27. sadi says:

    Stroh’s and Old Style. Yup, that’s the 70’s! Where is the Lowenbrau? Love this pic!

  28. Rose says:

    I loved this photo immediately! Just wish I had been there for this! Lots of amazingness!

  29. justme says:

    Oh I simply MUST hear the back story. C’mon MJ….spill it!

  30. JT says:

    I don’t see the awkwardness. I only see living the life.

  31. Laney says:

    I am loving the girl on the left. Is her hair short or long?

  32. KumKwat says:

    At last… Madonna’s heritage and artistic inspiration revealed in all of its glory.

  33. MJ says:

    This is my Mom (in the middle), my aunt, grandpa and my UNCLE PAULY in the background. They grew up in southside Chicago in a 100% Polish neighborhood. And it’s a cigarette, not pot (and I recall my mom saying it wasn’t lit). Eating and drinking is a huge part of the culture in Eastern Europe, and hell…they didn’t have to grow up during communism. So I’d celebrate too!

    Grandpa is awesome, and survived a Nazi work camp in Nuremberg while maintaining a pretty good sense of humor about it all.

  34. nowunyouno says:

    The only thing missing from this pic is a gun…

  35. Carole says:

    gotta love Chicago in the 70’s!!!

  36. Nancy says:

    I love it. Is the boy/girl in the back smoking a doobie?

  37. Tage Savage says:

    Iz Polish Tanksgivink!

  38. Kelly says:

    LOL the kid puffin in the background is the best part of this pic!

  39. Baby Chupa says:

    ….. or smoke it up!

    What’s the girl doing in the background????

  40. lynette says:

    wow…what a party family!! love the young girl in the back smoking a joint!!!!! family bonding…love it!

  41. JT says:

    Anyone notice the chick in the background smoking a doobie?

  42. Tina says:

    OMG…there are SO many things to laugh at in this one! First thing, the leg of whatever he is eating. Why would he hold it up like some prize?! Then I see what looks like a pretty young looking girl smoking…lol. Then the beer on the table hahaha wow this one is good. My family is from Poland…this kind of answers questions about my own family ha.

  43. Valarie Weinhaus says:

    The one in the back with the cigarette makes the picture.

  44. Dilly says:

    I just like seeing the can of Old Style on the table!

  45. Harry says:

    WOW … that is awkward on so many levels.

  46. Shannon says:

    Is that girl in the back SmOkInG? Awkward to the second power.

    • AndrewT says:

      a/ it’s not a girl
      b/ obviously smoking; what the hell else could a thin white tube in the mouth, held that way, be?

      • Shannon says:

        AndrewT, a/ I see that now
        b/ HE might be posing with a pen in HIS mouth, and only HE knows the reason why.

  47. Frank says:

    Is that a kid smoking in the background? I wonder what the Thanksgiving Letter said for planing this dinner?

    • Linda says:

      marnie would be having a hissy fit- that’s NOT the brand of beer she said to bring!

      • justme says:

        Oops! Sorry Linda, your comment wasn’t visible yet when I posted mine. And here I thought I was being so clever! Ahh well, great minds think alike I guess. ;o)

        • Rosie says:

          Dang- you all beat me to teh Marney jokes! I was going to point out that this is CLEARLY the Thanksgiving that caused Marney to go over the edge and send out the Thanksgiving letter the next year. I think I see store-bought ice cream, cheese, and beans behind the beer cans and Seagrams bottle!

    • justme says:

      I can tell ya one thing, those kind of shenanigans would NOT fly at Marnie’s Thanksgiving!

  48. Yenner says:

    what’s that a 10 year old in the background smoking a cigarette? nice!

    • Sam Maloney says:

      It’s not a cigarette, it’s cannabis– which is actually a far healthier choice…

      • Noneya says:

        If you look at MJ’s explanation of the picture, you’d see that she says it is a cigarette, not marijuana.

        • justme says:

          And it’s not lit. This was before people were so very very uptight that they wouldn’t even let their kid look at a cigarette. Heck my mom used to send me in the kitchen to light hers on the gas stove and I turned out jussst fine…….well mostly……

  49. kultgirl says:

    Opulence… I has it! Now bring me my tiny giraffe.

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