May 16th, 2011

Boutonnieres - Prom

A reminder to enjoy that time of our lives when we’re in full bloom.

(submitted by Audrey)

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  1. RON says:

    this was done on purpose from the girls dad, ” you touch my daughters and you WILL end up here again” 🙂

  2. alisotom says:

    is this the scene right before the hand comes up out of the grave and grabs his leg???

  3. ElJefe72 says:

    I just hope that photo wasn’t taken in someone’s backyard.

  4. PitterPat says:

    Perhaps one of the attendees felt a need to include a recently deceased family member in their happy event.

  5. MKWB says:

    Okay, just me or are the ghostly white legs in white pantyhose not more creepy than the graveyard?

  6. Blondie says:

    “It’s a dead’s man party, who can asked for more?”…………………

  7. RayRay says:

    And I almost missed the mullet on the right!

  8. Amy says:

    Man, this party’s dead.

  9. pitapocket says:

    i grew up right across the street from a cemetery… i played in it, learned to drive in it, maybe even kissed boys in it… and i still think this is terribly awkward.

  10. Ginger says:

    There’s nothing awkward about th…is that a grave stone?????

  11. Amy says:

    This is how urban legends are born…

  12. CamdensGramps says:

    I always thought we tried to keep them out of the Cemetary on Prom Night.

  13. Lynn says:

    It was 1989 our hair was long and our thoughts were…lets take prom pictures in the cemetery.

  14. Jne says:

    Tell Carrie hello from all of us

  15. Jeff says:

    When the girls said they were dying to go to the prom…

  16. Lance says:

    Ok kids, let’s take your prom pictures!

    Where should we go? The front of the house? In front of a stretch limo? In the school football field?

    Oh I got it! Lets go to a grave yard!

  17. Scotty says:

    …and she is wearing a boutonniere rather than a corsage.

    • louise says:

      Actually, back in the “olden days” we girls often wore the flowers on our dresses. It was rare to have a wrist corsage. Now that seems to be the norm….

      • Snowrider says:

        As a dad trust me. Boys buy their dates wrist corsages because most dads don’t teach their sons how to pin on a real corsage…which are 100% classier.

      • songbirdcindi says:

        Wrist corsages are better because you don’t have to stick a pin through your dress and make a bunch of holes. Pinned corsages can also be awkward when dancing. At our local high school, even wrist corsages have gone by the wayside. Boys are buying small bouquets for the girls now.

  18. justme says:

    What? What’s so awkwar—-HOLY CRAP they’re in a cemetary!

    Yep. That was pretty much my experience with this photo too. 🙂

    • Laurel says:

      I had to look at it a few times too. I was just concentrating on how many of us girls back in the ’80’s had a similar version of those dresses.

  19. Ducky says:

    The Hales family never complains about people walking on their grave,… but, dang, could they please not DANCE on it?

  20. Greg says:

    Oh hell yes! the girl on the right is my big sister. Bwahahahahahahh! right click save as, spread around the world!

    • Paua says:

      Then please give us the scoop – Why?

    • Shawna says:

      Ok, Greg, please enlighten us as to why your sister is in a cemetery?!

      • Greg says:

        Sis said that it was not a cemetery despite the grave stone, but a local city park. The park is a favorite place for many photographers but I think the background could have been chosen better. 🙂

        • WTF says:

          Ha what about the other headstone up in the corner? You can just see the corner of it..Was this a city park that just laid down head stones for weird a** people that wanted to look?

  21. Paua says:

    I too didn’t catch it at first – maybe they are standing on the grave of one of their parents and they wanted to celebrate prom with them

  22. Tim S says:

    Becky just wanted to visit the guy she really wanted to take her to the prom.

  23. eileen marie says:

    I too was wondering how this made it onto the blog, so I just headed over to the comments. Enlightening, as always. Yes, prom pics in the cemetery are very weird. WHY? How did they end up there??

    • Yeah, I had to look at the photo for a good 30 seconds to figure out what was wrong with it. The kids look normal, after all.
      THEN I spotted the gravestone….. Oh. Yeah. Right.
      Anyway, I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who didn’t figure this out immediately.

  24. Amanda says:

    Wow – I think the petite woman on the left is my uncle’s ex-wife!

  25. AnAngel says:

    Cause the kegger was behind the mausoleum…

  26. Becki says:

    My husband and I had a lot of dates in cemeteries. They’re quiet, peaceful, and pretty. I don’t think this is all that awkward. (And we’re not from the south)

  27. Becki says:

    My husband and I had a lot of dates in cemeteries. They’re quiet, pretty, and peaceful. I don’t think this is all that awkward.

  28. Bill says:

    oh jeeze, they’re in a cemetery!

  29. Blueskywoman says:

    It was a prom night tragedy that folks only whisper about now, but on the 18th day of June, if the night is warm, the ghosts of Frankie, Babs, Sue & Bobby can sometimes still be seen…

  30. Kappie says:

    What? They couldn’t afford the prom flowers so they had to go grave robbing?!? Creepy!

  31. orange dog says:

    The old saying goes that when you get an inexplicable shudder someone has just walked on your grave. But what do you feel when couples promenade over it?

  32. vjhr says:

    Apparently there are some places in the southern US where they even have big PARTIES in cemeteries…so I guess this would not be that unusual…

    • Capt_Video says:

      My family’s annual reunion is in our cemetery, complete with gospel band and pot-luck supper. I have a *lot* of photos with gravestones in them.

  33. Kels says:

    A reminder not to drink and drive on prom night?

  34. Carol Bender says:

    hey, that’s where all the flowers were!

  35. aleisa says:

    Don’t drink and drive, I guess!

  36. Cindy says:

    Early 90’s?? Try mid-80’s! I had to look hard to make sure I wasn’t in that picture. But no, I never stood on a gravestone in my fancy dress.

  37. Aimee says:

    I thought it was the fact that the poor guy on the right didn’t get a boutonniere.

  38. April says:

    Why is their prom at a cemetery?

  39. Jeff B says:

    I love the fact that this was taken at a cemetery. The headstone is a nice touch!

  40. Karin says:

    Am I missing something? What’s awkward about this pic? Except that it’s from the early 90s?

  41. DisturbedbyPictures says:

    I stared at this picture for about 5 minutes before I realized why it was awkward. Sorry Hales family.

  42. Tara says:

    First I wondered what was so awkward…they are happily standing on the grave…

  43. Catherine says:

    Did anyone notice this picture was taken in a cemetery?

  44. Shannon says:

    Took me a while to see what was so terribly awkward about this, but I found it and yeah, AWKWARD!

  45. Bonnie says:

    Took me awhile to see this one and when I did . . . awkward genius.

  46. Karen says:

    wait! are they standing on a gave stone?

  47. Deedee says:

    Did anyone else notice that they’re in a cemetery? weird place to celebrate going to prom.

  48. Jilly Jay says:

    It took me a minute to realize where they were standing…way too funny!

  49. Pamela says:

    Well…. in some towns… the only picturesque place IS the cemetery… Bless their hearts…

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