The Waiting Game

May 26th, 2011

The Waiting Game - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is a photo of my brother and I playing “Trouble.” Some buy travel-sized board games for traveling, others have them for extended lonesome periods of time in the washroom.”

(submitted by Christina)

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  1. Miss Obnoxious says:

    Haha, my cousin and I used to sit and tell jokes to each other while we each went to the bathroom. This brings back a lot of old memories… πŸ˜‰ LOL

  2. Jaxon says:

    My best friend and I always talk about how when we get old we will live in a Victorian home with dueling toilets and a table in the middle so we can play card games while we poop.

  3. alisotom says:

    PLOP!!! you sunk my BATTLESHIP!!!!

  4. Annette says:

    I love this! Too funny…

  5. Terry says:

    And I get complaints for reading on the potty!

  6. Duke E. says:

    o/~ Anticipation… o/~

  7. anne says:

    This reminds me of my own childhood. Mom would sit me on the toilet on the potty seat and put a tv tray in front of me with a game or puzzle to keep my occupied until I “went”. The if I tinkled she would put her hand to her ear and say “I can heeeeeeeear you!”

  8. Analisa Tamara says:

    I really must remember not to eat when I’m looking at this site.

  9. hushupp says:

    Repeat 25 times: “This is a photo of my brother and ME playing Trouble.” Thank you, that should do it.

    • Cko says:

      Actually, “my brother and I” is correct…

      • Analisa Tamara says:

        I disagree, my teachers always taught us to break it down by taking out the other person. You wouldn’t say this is I playing trouble, you would say this is me playing trouble…

        • grammar nazi says:

          Hushupp is correct. Breaking it down is good, but you misquoted the sentence. It is in fact correct to say “this is I playing trouble,” because the subjective pronoun “I” follows the be verb (though most Americans don’t speak this way). The reason it is “me” in this case is because it is the object of the preposition “of”. So you would say “This is a photo OF me playing Trouble.” Not, “This is a photo of I playing trouble.”

      • Jenn says:

        Actually, hushupp is right.

      • ScoutC says:

        So funny and awkward at the same time. Kids crack me up!
        “Me” is correct in this sentence because it is the object of the preposition “of”. “I” is the subjective case (I, you, he, she, it, we, they) and “me” is the objective case (me, you, him, her, it, us, them). hushupp is correct; Analisa Tamara’s suggestion is a good way to figure out which case to use, except her example should be, “This is a picture OF me.”

      • Buck says:

        That’s just great. I got taughted wrong. I also thought “I” was correct. Awkward Family Photos – Come for the humor, stay for the education!

  10. zipper says:

    I smell Trouble!

  11. scooter says:

    Iam bored…let’s play Go Fish

  12. Alan says:

    “Let’s roll to see who goes first.”
    (Roll. Roll)
    “Looks like you get to go first and I go number two.”

  13. Ohme-ohmy says:

    Absolutely adorable Kodak moment.

  14. Pipergirl says:


    You have broken the holy promise women take to keep secret why we go to the bathroom in pairs!

    For years we have kept to the Code, letting men, philosophers and bad stand-up comedians but wonder at this, our most sacred practice.

    All over the world now, men will know we can’t leave home without our handbags because of the travel Scrabble and we’re not eyeing up other women’s outfits, we’re surreptitiously signalling the next round of Guess Who is “on.”

    Curse you, Christina. Curse you!

  15. Alan says:

    “Is it you move or mine? OHHH,wait… it IS miiiine!!”

  16. Ken G. says:


  17. JerseyPam says:

    I would bet this was taken on Christmas Eve.

  18. The Mama says:

    Now that’s some funny sh**!!!

  19. Rattrap007 says:

    looks about 6-7 in the picture. That would make him about 21-22ish now.. Buy him a couple cases of beer and other booze and all should be even..

    • flutterby says:

      Couple cases of beer…big party…all his friends and girlfriend. Then plaster this pic up on the big screen….THEN they will be even for everything HE did to HER growing up. ;0)

  20. JS says:

    Hey, maybe it’s me … but I smell “Trouble”!

  21. HaleySails says:

    One is the loneliest number when you number two.

  22. Don says:

    It took some doing on her part, but Christina was finally able to convince her brother that now was not the time to play “his” favorite game. She set up the “Trouble” pieces and while he was not looking, slowly moved “Twister” next to the dirty clothes hamper.

  23. Megan says:

    What a nice sister to keep him company while he is going potty. I have small kids and find it cute and I would have snapped a picture of that moment, as well!!

  24. LIz says:

    This is hilarious, sweet and awkward. They get along so well in this situation because brother is to occupied to be a brother:)

  25. lizzie says:

    Where I grew up this would have been one of the few times we weren’t fighting!
    Very adorable picture.

  26. Steben says:

    Who says men can’t multi task?

  27. Snowrider says:

    Just curious Christina, did you guys play “Ker-plunk” next? *snort*

  28. Snowrider says:

    So I’m guessing that he’s about 18 or 19 now and a freshman in college. I hope he has a good sense of humor. “Trouble”, isn’t that one of those “poop-a-matic” games? Either way, it’s a nice brother and sister picture.

  29. aymee says:

    Its all preemptive…. He knows that, in the excitment of victory, we sometimes s**t ourselves…

  30. Cynthia says:

    This is a big sister getting along with her little brother. They are not fighting nor are they even arguing either. They are co-existing in peace How lucky can Mom and Dad be? I like this pic and in 20 or 30 more years you might agree.

  31. glenn says:

    “Γ‰xtended periods in the washroom” often are considered “Trouble” in their own right!

  32. Laura says:

    I think this is kind of cute. Just innocent!

  33. Penny says:

    Being a mom of 4 who squabble frequently, I find this picture quite sweet! πŸ˜‰

  34. RHB says:

    For once, “Behind the Awkwardness” should simply be called, “The Awkward Behind.”

  35. Alexandra says:

    and after “trouble” is over they are playing “Sorry”…

  36. Stef says:

    How ironic you say that, Scott, and then misspell “grammar.” LOL

  37. Mary says:

    He’s going to kill you if he ever finds out about this on www!

  38. Scott says:

    Cue the grammer police in 3, 2, 1….

  39. Kelly says:

    Wow…awkward indeed! LOL

  40. JC says:

    He’s flushed with excitement for the moment he wipes out his opponent.

  41. steve says:

    I hope he was a nice brother. For his sake. That could be some brutal revenge ammunition for later in life.

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