July 15th, 2011

Puff - Family Portrait

Beware of the dragon.

(submitted by Brian)

74 Responses to “Puff”

  1. Mel says:

    Well it looks like whoever photo shopped the dad and boy into the pic deleted the other shoe!!

  2. Deb says:

    It appears the feared dragon ate the father’s legs….

  3. Brie says:

    when i was little, i had the same dress as the little girl crying in this picture… tho im pritty sure my parents never took a picture of me crying in it xD

  4. Ginny says:

    Mom’s shoe is missing because there is no way she could have positioned her foot in that awkward yet photographically appealing position with the shoe on. It makes total sense, sheesh.

  5. mindi says:

    everything about this picture is awkward. to the maxx.

  6. Karie says:

    Who cares about the kids shirt. WHERE is her other shoe?????

  7. greg says:

    the kid in the blue sweater looks like hes photoshopped on lol

  8. Julie says:

    The Dad looks like Jim on “The Office”!!!

  9. LCN says:

    In the little town of Stepford, Chucky “The Dragon” Kowalski had convinced his brother to work with him to take mind control of all the parents in town. Now if their sister would just stop resisting!! Mom had tried to resist but destroying one of her expensive Manolo Blahniks broke her and she quickly gave in.

  10. Elaine says:

    I would TOTALLY wear that sweater!

  11. Marie says:

    I think the middle child may be smiling, because he’s squeezing a nice hot one in his diaper.

  12. rita says:

    I gather that Mom was willing to take this photo come hell or highwater, hence the missing shoe and screaming kids.

    • britt says:

      hahaha this comment cracked me up. i was thinking the same thing. what the hell happened to her shoe?! lol

  13. TOdd says:

    The only one enjoying this at all is the kid in the middle. And by the look on his face, he seems to be enjoying it because no one else is.

  14. pittipat says:

    I thought dragon-boy was a ventriloquist’s dummy. I’m not totally convinced yet that he isn’t.

  15. Michelle says:

    Or is that a skirt?

  16. James Glaser says:

    I see a dinosaur, a penguin, and a candy cane. I don’t understand the dragon reference. Is the off camera dragon what the lady and baby are looking at?

  17. Amanda-in-Austin says:

    There’s a LOT going on in this photo.

    My first question was: Why did the photographer have the parents crouch in these odd positions? Why not have the kids stand on something? Mayhap the photog wanted to get the whole dragon sweater.

    The screaming baby. The one happy child. The unhappy parents. They mystery of the missing shoe.

    Now, that I think about it, that happy child looks very pleased with himself. I think he’s behind the missing shoe! Perhaps having something to do with the baby, hence, her crying.

  18. Tree SB says:

    That’s like a Surrealist painting.

    • adfogg says:

      More like a Fellini film.

      • elixir says:

        Agreed, this is classic Fellini. Why is dad kneeling, why is mom with one shoe? So many questions. The most important being, why would any photographer in their right mind take the shot?!!

  19. LorettaNC says:

    On top of everything else, the baby’s dress has a candy cane and holly so this means it’s also a christmas pic? Now that’s awkward . . .

  20. John says:

    And what about dad’s tie? Can’t anybody straighten a tie for the poor guy?

  21. Lavagirl says:

    This photo is the epitome of awkward… only normal thing about the picture is the dragon on the sweater… 🙂

  22. JS says:

    Dragon Boy has that look in his eye – like we just took him off the sent from “Children of the Corn”!

  23. Crystal says:

    I love love love the bald baby girl screaming for her life.

  24. eddo says:

    has anyone asked about mom’s other shoe?

  25. Amy says:

    Dad must be kneeling down or he is very very short.

  26. Carol Bender says:

    LOL I pity the boy with the dragon sweater he looks like he wants to breathe fire.

  27. BHM_Spud says:

    Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

  28. Teffany says:

    The boy in the center is the only one smiling. I think he and dragon are in cahoots.

  29. Blubberlips says:

    Looks more like a dinosaur than a drago to me.

  30. Ames says:

    I think Mom’s missing shoe must have something to do with obvious lack of sleep from that baby that won’t stop crying. This looks like a “take me away Calgon” commercial.

    • ScoutC says:

      I’m guessing it was like a bad sitcom episode. They just went through a 15 minute session of chasing Mr. Giggles, a tantrum from Sweater Boy, and a diaper change for Susie, hence the crooked tie and missing shoe, which got lost in the midst of the hijinx and will turn up in Mom’s purse when she takes out her checkbook to pay for this lovely portrait. Hilarity ensues!

      • LCN says:

        Ha ha! As the mother of two who has had such moments before a professional photo, I can just picture that whole scene. Mom’s hair is a mess too so I’m thinking it was one of those “just take the damn picture already so we can go home!” moment!

        • momof2 says:

          I have to go with this explanation! Been there, done that, too……

        • manac says:

          lol, I love that! There are too many damn lets get it done moments for me. Just had my b’day and the kid was crying for the damn cake, hubby was still clicking the pics, the cake was getting mushy… aarrgh

  31. Stacey says:

    Where is her other shoe? Did they think we wouldn’t notice if she tucked it back at a weird angle?

  32. Kim says:

    So much to be confused about in this picture…

  33. greg says:

    uh, whats with her other shoe??

  34. Kelly says:

    Also…one shoe?

  35. kathy says:

    Mom has only one shoe…. but dad has no legs!

  36. Emily says:

    Did the dragon chop his Dad in half?

  37. CJH says:

    The dragon ate mom’s shoe, and it’s not stopping there!

  38. Gonzo says:

    Why is the mom only wearing one shoe?

  39. thequeenbeemomma says:

    I find the fact that mom only has one shoe on a little more odd than that kids sweater!

  40. T says:

    What happened to the Moms other shoe?

  41. Jason says:

    The Dragon must have eaten moms other shoe.

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