Behind The Awkwardness: MSPaint

July 21st, 2011

Behind The Awkwardness: MSPaint - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is a picture of myself (Archie shirt) and my family. It was originally taken without my Dad, as my dad was always off being a pilot somewhere. My parents were having problems at the time, and so, in wanting a complete family photo, my mother added my dad – cut out from another picture – to it. I wish I had a copy of that one, because his head was 3x larger than ours, facing the wrong way, and his shirt had been marked in with a sharpie marker. When my parents stopped having problems, she changed the photo of him to the one now there. This was also at the time that she discovered MSPaint. She decided she thought my sister was being disrespectful by wearing an Arachnophobia shirt, so she painted it out with white. She printed it and put it up in our family home, where it remained on the wall for over ten years.”

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  1. seattle_dave says:

    Your sister AND you are BOTH cuties!

  2. Alex says:

    Wow. I went to the same high school as mom – Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute. Talk about school spirit!

  3. Nicole says:

    This is HILARIOUS. Thank you so much for sharing this story and picture!! I’m laughing so hard I can’t breath. HAHAHAA!!!

  4. jeremy says:

    Your sister is HOTT

  5. anon says:

    Lol damn that sister of yours is fine

  6. jenn says:

    Looks like a cross between robert pattison and harry potter… weird!!

  7. Nicolje says:

    She could have photo shopped Harry Potter’s wand in there too.

  8. Juno says:

    Your mom is kind of an expert at Photoshop. Michael Scott could learn a thing or two from her, lol.

  9. Tamsin wolfe says:

    Laughing so much I can,t breathe. Love it!!

  10. Hannes says:

    I’m just glad that the “social need” to do “family photos” isn’t so huge in my country. No awkward family photos in the living room! YAY!

  11. lizzie says:

    Gee, wouldn’t it have been easier (and nicer to look at) if they had just taken another picture with all persons included who were currently in good standing with mom (and wearing approved clothing)?

    • Kari says:

      You’d think.
      This past Christmas a good friend of mine called and asked if I could photoshop her dog into a picture of her family for their Christmas cards. The family is her parents and then her and her brother (both college kids still living at home). I live in the same city as her and gladly offered to come over and take a new picture of the 5 members of the family (again, that all live in the same house!). The original picture of the 4 of them was nice, but not professional or well staged at all… but NO, they wanted me to just photoshop it instead. Oh well! It actually looked really good and no one can tell I added the dog in (I’m just a *little* better than the above, ha 🙂 ).

  12. Penny says:

    That is just SO funny! Thank you for sharing this!

  13. Pam from Leacock says:

    Is your mum wearing a Leacock Lions shirt? I went there in the early 80’s!!

  14. Joe McCormack says:

    The mother is wearing a Leacock Lions high school alma mater in Scarborough Ontario.

  15. Woot says:


  16. anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the brother looks like Robert Pattinson?

  17. Pat says:

    The dad looks like some sort of like apparition. I love this photo, the sister censored, the mom with a lack of censorship, Harry Potter and little Archie.

  18. Dee says:


  19. JJ says:

    I think it’s funny that the mother thought the sister was being disrespectful by wearing an Arachnophobia shirt. If you look at what is visible on her shirt, well, that might be considered disrespectful or offensive. A co… what??!??!?

  20. Naynay says:

    The brother’s pretty smokin’ as well. Those two make good looking kids!

  21. Suz says:

    Oh My God!! I can’t stop laughing!! This is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve read in a long time.

  22. Mary says:

    The first person I saw in this picture was Harry Potter, and I wondered where his scar was. He and the younger girl just seem so calm and put together, it makes me laugh.

  23. Nikki Robertson says:

    We did a family photo and my son showed up with a spike in is lower lip. This was after rings in the sides of his lips and an eyebrow piercing. After each piercing the more I complained the more he went for additional piercings. The day of our family photo shoot I didn’t say a thing…..I simply went to the photographer and asked her if she could airbrush the spike from his lip….she said no problem and the photo hangs in our entry way today. I always smile when I pass it.

    • Alice Kaye says:

      I can understand your dilemma, as someone who went through a similar phase of my life in high school. However, don’t you ever regret airbrushing out something that represented him at the time?

      We had a family photo done when I was 15. My sister and I are both wearing long dresses, I don’t recall what hers looked like but I know mine was black with a plaid center area that went all the way down, with “bondage straps” and zippers. My family accepted me for who I was and now we get to look back at our family portrait and giggle at our absurdity.

      I still love that dress though, it was actually really pretty in its oddlyness. 🙂

      • Vicky Kelly says:

        ITA! I try to take pictures of my kids as they are at any given time. And, piercings, big whoop, if my kids had them big deal. My inlaws would have a fit though if they were having a portrait done (and they have in the past & dictated that hubby wear a suit coat-which he NEVER wears-).

    • Alice Kaye says:

      Oh and over ten years later, my nose is still pierced. I don’t plan to ever take it out. Take me as I am, is how I feel. 🙂

  24. nixon says:

    The mother did not like what on a shirt? Was she unaware of what shows on hers?

  25. It's me Dee says:

    Best back story ever.
    Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  26. yokozbornak says:

    Harry Potter should have worked his magic on this photo.

  27. soupaj21 says:

    oops, just re-read it and realized that the mom only painted over the shirt and not the daughter -LOL. Thank goodness!

  28. CarrieM says:

    I can’t believe your Mom thought that white mess in the middle of the photo would be preferable to an Arachnophobia T-shirt. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just check what everyone’s wearing before the photo shoot?

    On the other hand, perfect photos of perfect families are boring.

  29. Ken says:

    That’s hilarious. The story was good too lol

  30. Gromit says:

    Your sister is a hottie!

  31. Melissa says:

    I can’t stop laughing.

  32. Jackie says:

    The things we do for love

  33. Katie says:

    That is hilarious.

  34. Rachel says:

    This is hysterical. My mom colored over a white pearl drop earring that my sister was wearing in our family picture because she found it disrespectful that my sister was only wearing one earring. And if you look closely you can see my tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes from crying all afternoon at Olin Mills after my mom brushed my teased out hair totally flat against my head. I can relate to the disrespectful awkwardness of a family on the brink.

    • justme says:

      Awww, I’m sorry. I know how important big hair was in the 80’s……and the single earring……poor mom wasn’t up with the times huh? 🙂

  35. BB says:

    This is totally photoshopped 😉 (kidding)

  36. Tim says:

    Great photo and great story, and you are the coolest of all for wearing an Archie shirt! Sugar Sugar to you and your family,.

  37. Ted C says:

    “…off being a pilot somewhere.” What an odd way to put that. I bet this got a lot of double takes from guests entering the family room.

  38. Bryan says:

    Apparantly mom didn’t feel the need to adjust what was accidentally written on her own sweatshirt! 🙂

  39. cc says:

    So how come Harry Potter didn’t have to wear a crummy old white t-shirt? Isn’t is usually the other way around, with everyone else dressed nicely while the teenage boy only wants to be seen in something with a braggadocio kind of message, or at least something from his favorite disturbing band’s last concert tour?

  40. JS says:

    Mom’s disdain for daughter’s “arachnid” shirt? Tsk tsk tsk – there the pot calling the kettle!

  41. steph says:

    By far the best back story we have had…..totally explains the pic….and the fact that this masterpiece graced the wall for over 10 years is PRICELESS!

  42. Kelly says:

    Wow, your Mom’s MSPaint skills were…awesome…LOL

  43. Lil' says:

    I think it’s sweet that mom cared enough to go through all that trouble to put dad in the photo, despite the marital woes. I hope they are still together and going strong. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that she “fixed” big sister’s shirt, especially considering the look was so casual anyway. But wouldn’t it have been just as easy to swing by the Olan Mills studio the next time the family was strolling through K-Mart? Even so, I love this photo just as it is.

  44. guardian__J says:


  45. binkymae says:

    Victor was the lonely and benevolent ghost who followed the family everywhere they went.

  46. JS says:

    Wow – mom thought the ‘arachnophobia’ shirt was inappropriate … did she look at what her own shirt says?

  47. Angie says:

    I thought the “behind the awkwardness” was going to explain why Harry Potter is in their family portrait

  48. North Moon says:

    To the regular photoshop-people here: HA! it’s MSPainted!
    I suspect they’re speechless 😉

  49. Cheryl says:

    Well thats interesting.

  50. Shmebber says:

    Your brother(?) looks like Harry Potter!!!

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