Behind The Awkwardness: MSPaint

July 21st, 2011

“This is a picture of myself (Archie shirt) and my family. It was originally taken without my Dad, as my dad was always off being a pilot somewhere. My parents were having problems at the time, and so, in wanting a complete family photo, my mother added my dad – cut out from another picture – to it. I wish I had a copy of that one, because his head was 3x larger than ours, facing the wrong way, and his shirt had been marked in with a sharpie marker. When my parents stopped having problems, she changed the photo of him to the one now there. This was also at the time that she discovered MSPaint. She decided she thought my sister was being disrespectful by wearing an Arachnophobia shirt, so she painted it out with white. She printed it and put it up in our family home, where it remained on the wall for over ten years.”

92 Responses to “Behind The Awkwardness: MSPaint”

  1. Tess says:

    Ok this is AWESOME. I kind of want to make one of these of my family lol.

  2. karley says:

    OMG!! it’s Harry Potter!!! XD

  3. Hillary says:

    I know there’s been some debate as to whether the brother is Harry Potter or Robert Pattinson, but he is neither. He is Snow, of “Informer” fame.

  4. Idiot says:

    It’s photoshop, not mspaint. You can see where they’ve used the magic wand and smudge tools. There’s quite a big difference between the two programs, just sayin’

    • Aaron says:

      Who cares. Do you think your great for telling us this? Just enjoy the pictures and keep these lame corrections to yourself.

  5. James says:

    At a certain point, why even bother hanging the picture on the wall?

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