The Matrix Effect

August 10th, 2011

The Matrix Effect - Family Portrait

There is no spoon.

(submitted by Abdulla)

34 Responses to “The Matrix Effect”

  1. Kerry says:

    Ha, ha, ha! The Matrix

  2. graphicartist2k5 says:

    the matrix: you’re doing it wrong.

  3. aninsomniac says:

    Finally, an Indian afp! From India too, I think? That would explain why it looks like the 80s. Lovingly acknowledged by an Indian on our independence day 🙂

  4. Orudis says:

    Papa got back.

  5. KS says:

    Is it just me or does this look exactly like something Tom Haverford would be hiding from his early years? And the kid in the middle even looks like him!

  6. Seal says:

    Dad is no Paris Hilton, even with his back like her!

  7. madBOX20 says:

    Me and my boyz dont dance,
    We just pull up our pants and,
    Do da Roc-away.
    Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.

  8. anne says:

    Actually, they are all as handsome as the photo is awkward!

  9. Kathleen Waters says:

    Finally! Absolute proof that the 80’s really WERE more fun…

    • KateW says:

      This was taken recently. The brands of jeans (not to mention the style) they’re wearing didn’t exist until the past 5 or 10 years (at most). Same with the style of shirts, watches and sunglasses.

  10. mrs5180 says:

    One of the best captions ever!!!! LOL —tho maybe should be: “There is no spooning.” 😀

  11. Rattrap007 says:

    Dad’s got a ‘stache, middle kid has some fuzz, little kid needs a milk stache to make the picture truly epic..

  12. BB says:

    Maybe they’re just in the witness protection program and was in desperate need of a family photo.

  13. Aurora says:

    Oh Lord

  14. lynette says:

    ummm……who thought of this …and why? strange!

  15. dalton says:

    normally i dont’ comment but your caption “There is no spoon” absolutely killed me. Perfect.

  16. JS says:

    It’s like “Weekend at Bernie’s and Bernie’s and Bernie’s”!!!

  17. Rick says:

    The kids really need the matching moustache!

  18. Sue says:

    Love the picture! The kid in the middle isn’t feeling it though.

  19. DJJ929 says:

    Couldn’t the father at least coordinate with the kids and wear sneakers and a flannel? LOL Awkward anyway you look at it though! LOL

    • BytchEPoo says:

      Clearly my mother wasn’t there to tell him to wear a “nice” T-shirt (one without words) as she used to tell my brother

  20. cocamojoe says:

    There may be no spoon, but if they were laying down it’d be damn close to spooning!

  21. Bri says:

    What the fork?

  22. GMan says:

    ZZ Top, the early, beardless years.

  23. Lumby says:

    Come on Come on do the locomotion with me !

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