The Cup

September 12th, 2011

The Cup - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“1975. Little league. In the middle of a game, the league photographer showed up to snap our team photograph. That inning, I had been playing catcher and was wearing all of the catcher’s gear– chest protector, face mask, helmut, shin guards and of course, the team cup which I wore over the uniform. I forgot to remove something before the photograph was snapped and to this day, I believe the photographer got a helluva good laugh out of it.”

(submitted by Bob)

70 Responses to “The Cup”

  1. aimlee says:

    Your killing me Smalls!

  2. Barry says:

    Is this the 1969 Mets? I don’t remember then being so small.

  3. Mike Harrison says:

    My story is even better – on my first day of little league, I told the coach I wanted to be the catcher, so he gave me all the gear, chest pad, kneeguards, mask, etc. And when he handed me the “cup” he told me it was a nose guard, so naturally, I shoved it up under my catcher’s mask and trotted out onto the field, ready to play. I had no idea why everyone was falling over laughing at me – especially the coach…
    Many years later I smiled as I read his obituary

  4. Michelle says:

    Don’t turn around…..There’s a child molester RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

  5. jody says:

    Omg that was great!

  6. Nikki says:

    Omg!!! Lol!!! It’s like the REAL
    Sandlot! The comments are cracking me up more than the pic but that whole team cup thing is questionable. Lol Great pic.

  7. Abby says:

    Omg… Embarrassing

  8. Ronda says:

    Did they have lawn mowers back then?

  9. Darcie says:

    Kid in front row, third from the right… Mickey Mouse Coach’s son–am I right?

  10. putonmyplants says:

    Can’t stop laughing… so awesome…

  11. caylee says:

    i feel so bad.BUT I GIGGLED SO HARD TEA CAME OUT MY NOES (i was drinking ice tea at the time i saw it)

  12. Deepak Seifert says:


  13. Eva says:

    OK … that IS funny. But the “coach” behind him … Mickey Mouse? Seriously. What kid would have any respect for that coach … in that shirt! HAHAHAA

  14. Jackie says:

    Does anyone else think the coach looks like Burt Reynolds?

  15. dreone says:

    That field looks familiar, where was this??????

  16. Paul says:

    I love the generic orange hats (not official Mets caps) and the coach’s “M” cap from some other college team.

  17. Dave says:

    6 bats + 2 balls = 1 cup

  18. Sarah says:

    I didn’t understand what you meant at first – in the UK we call that a box! I was looking for a trophy, if you get my meaning

  19. Sugs says:

    If it was a team cup, on the outside of the uniform was the only way to wear it. Gross! Team cup?

    • Aldous says:

      Yes, I’ve very curious about this ‘team cup’ concept. Like if you forgot your cup, you got the ‘team cup’. Good incentive to remember your own gear.

      • Boopster says:

        I believe they probably rotated the position of catcher, which definitely required the wearing of a cup. Cup for other players probably not required. If it was your turn to play catcher you strapped on the team cup on the outside of your uniform along with all the other catcher gear.

  20. Jan says:

    Oh I’m crying I got to laughing so much!

    Field of Dreams…..I think the kid bottom left is aware of the team cup being in the photo….this one just strikes me too funny.

  21. Dave says:

    It ain’t no Dixie Cup and you sure don’t want a drink from it…

  22. bethksp says:

    They’re all out in right field,
    just watching the dandelions grow.

  23. It's me! Dee! says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh…. I just laughed so much I cried!
    *wipes tears from eyes*
    Thanks Bob!

  24. Laurie says:

    They had six bats, but they could only get one team cup?

  25. esackman says:

    I don’t know whether the photographer got a laugh out of the photo or not, but I know I did. Thank-you for my laugh for the day. Though, I must admit, till I read the backstory, I didn”t notice what was awkward about the photo.

  26. ween says:

    13 boys 1 cup.

  27. kevin says:

    How about cutting the damn grass?

  28. Christopher says:

    “Team Cup” Every team has one. Check out the length of the grass! Groundskeeper strike of 1975.. it was a bitter battle.

  29. Jen says:

    The Team Cup? So they took turns strapping it on when they came up to bat and the rest of the time the catcher wore it?

  30. Chirkle says:

    Like Superman (who also wears his underwear on the outside)

  31. Golly Gee says:

    A baseball player can never be too protected

  32. Steve says:

    Someone needed to get out the Snapper and help these boys out with their field. Hard to play baseball in a jungle–cup or no cup.

  33. KG says:

    I knew there was a reason why I never played little league.

  34. Katia says:

    Love it! The ‘stache on the big guy in back left and the ‘fro and Mickey Mouse tee on the guy in the back middle are so 70s. Think someone needs to take a lawnmower to the field, though…that’s some tall grass. You could lose a whole bag of softballs in that.

  35. LT says:

    When’s the last time someone mowed that grass? Wow. It must be hard to play baseball on that field. It almost swallowed up the kids!

  36. Jan says:

    Team cup worn OVER clothing. Probably more hygienic than the team face mask.

  37. Biribi says:

    I absolutely LOOOOOOVE the “vibrant” colors of the uniform! so seventies, it hurts!

  38. chelle says:

    It’s SO Bad News Bears – I LOVE IT! “team cup,” overgrown field, the 70s… Thank you, Bob, for submitting!! Awkward, yes. Fantastic? Also yes.

    • BytchEPoo says:

      Yes! It absolutely IS BNB…esp the kid in the middle holding the bats and the kid far right/front! Look at the kid’s face; I think he absolutely knew he still had the “team cup” on!!!

  39. Sarah says:

    I’m getting more of a kick out of the guy in the Mickey Mouse shirt…this is great

  40. phil says:

    Somebody needs to cut their grass!! Maybe he has the double cup going. One inside and one outside.

  41. LittleLeagueMominFL says:

    And now we ALL get to get a helluva laugh out of it!

    Honestly, this is only a step behind my son who has been known to wear his cup outside of his underwear. But generally it’s under his uniform pants. lol

  42. Ah a day when people could still be optimistic about the MEts….

  43. It is less unsanitary than the league cup.

  44. emcd says:

    As both a Mets fan and mother of a young boy, this is ADORABLE!

  45. DB says:

    “Team cup”??!!!

    • MidwesternMom says:

      Oh my!

    • Sidekick says:

      I was thinking the same thing!! Is it a special cup worn in addition to the regular cup, or is it a cup that anyone could use when they forgot their own? lol

      • Sidekick says:

        or…..did they have a drawing before each game to see who would wear the “team cup” that day? Everyone else had to play at their own risk

    • Peter says:

      While my memory is foggy (it was a LONG time ago), I think my elementary school baseball team had a “team cup” too, for whoever was playing catcher that day. It wasn’t worth it for every kid to buy one to play at every position, but it wasn’t always the same kid playing catcher all the time. At least it was always worn OUTSIDE of the uniform.

  46. JT says:

    Wood bats!!! Looks like the good old days.

  47. steph says:

    this has to be one of the cutest pictures ever!!!!!!!! The Sandlot comes to mind.

  48. special K says:

    uhmmm…. I don’t know about this story. The kid has his hands right on his hips over the cup-straps. I think he knew it was still on. (:

  49. Stacey says:

    ‘the team cup’ — yuck!!

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