You Say Tomato…

September 12th, 2011

You Say Tomato… - Behind The Awkwardness

“My little sister had the unfortunate experience of getting a really bad sunburn while on vacation. A woman walked by while we were by the pool and said that tomatoes help the pain go away.”

(submitted by Christine)

79 Responses to “You Say Tomato…”

  1. Johnny Irish says:

    She doesn’t seem too badly burnt… There are darker shades of red.

  2. graphicartist2k5 says:

    not only will the tomatos take away the pain, but you’ll end up with sin-roasted tomatoes you can enjoy later! it’s a win-win situation! :p

  3. Kate Glennon says:

    And yet she’s in a bikini in
    the sun?

  4. adrian says:

    hahaha best!

  5. JoJo says:

    Noxema, anyone?

  6. NorandaPete says:

    Another WAY to stop the pain………GET OUT OF THE SUN !!!!!!!!!

  7. chris f says:

    This is how you get sun-dried tomatoes.

  8. G Man says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH GREAT I got to remember that one to say to a barnie/vacationer when they come here. CLASSIC yeoooo

  9. bluehankyboy says:

    Actually the trick with vinegar works wonders. Cold water with some vinegar dabbed on with a cloth or soaking in will take out the sting from a sunburn. I’m extremely fair skinned and allergic to aloe vera. I had to find some relief. I’m thinking the acidity of the tomatoes would work the same way.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Well did it work?

  11. Dazaster says:

    At least it wasn’t ketchup – imagine what THAT would have looked like — wait I can see the ad now – Heinz Ketchup, protecting you from the sun since 1869!

  12. James says:

    I think the old lady was screwing with you. She just wanted a funny story to tell on bingo night.

  13. lyly says:

    you should see all the slices of bacon cooking on her feet

  14. Linda Lou says:

    Those tomatoes are very evenly sliced. They must have brought some good knives along on vacation.

  15. chris f says:

    See, I always heard you slice a banana on your thighs and lay out in the sun. I’ll have to try the old tomato trick!

  16. tom says:

    Tomatoes On burns Do Help

  17. Although she’s lying outside it looks like shes actually in the shade (except for her shoulders).

    If they were really cold tamatoes I’m sure it would help. If all failed she could try iceberg lettuce

  18. DrivelsomeBore says:

    Eh, the damage is already done. Let her hang out in the sun if she wants to.

  19. K'lyn says:

    Here’s a novel idea! STAY OUT OF THE SUN!!! This way, you see, one wouldn’t have to resort to “cures” like this when one gets burned.

  20. Jack says:

    I resolutely refuse to join the chorus asking why she is still in the sun.

  21. Ellen says:

    Oh, dear–what that “helpful” lady SHOULD have said is that you need to EAT the tomatoes BEFORE you burn. (The lycopene in tomatoes helps prevents sunburn. 🙂

  22. rachel says:

    To all those who are saying she is still sitting in the sun, it does look like she’s in the shade… well a bit. When I got the crap burned out of me in the south a few years ago, someone said vinegar helped. It did… not a miracle but it helped… but I smelled like a chip wagon

  23. Carlos says:

    Boy, I can’t wait to see the tan lines from this setup!

  24. Loral says:

    Well, she’s certainly not a quitter!

  25. John M says:

    When you are hurting it always amazes me what someone will try ANYTHING to make it better.

  26. Kathy says:

    Tomatoes are acidic. I don’t think anyone could convince me to put acid on my sunburn. Ow.

  27. KenG says:

    This is a recipe for sun DRIED tomatoes not sun BURN tomatoes. And as far as anyone knows, tomatoes do not have an SPF rating.

  28. michelle says:

    look closer people-she is in the shade

  29. Kat says:

    We get it folks. She should have gotten out of the sun. The first few times of it being said were enough, everything after is overkill.

  30. kathague says:

    yeah, don’t think that’ll work, vinager? yes, that will work. maybe the lady had her salad cures mixed up

  31. Ajones says:

    She should have used green tomatoes. With the heat coming off her legs, turn them in a couple of minutes and you could have had fried green tomatoes for lunch!

  32. Angie says:

    Uh, yeah…tomatoes will help ease the pain, but only if they are pulverized and put into a really big Bloody Mary!!!

    • molwol says:

      Now THAT’ sounds like a good plan. I’m wondering what kind of “snowflake-y” looking tan lines you’d get from lying in the sun with tomatoes on you body. Hmmmmm – maybe I’ll try it!

  33. Amb says:

    Soooo….. Did it help or not?? I wanna know!

  34. Lafayette says:

    Then why is she still in the sun?

  35. coobee says:

    She was trying to make you feel better: ‘At least you’re not as red as these tomatoes!’

  36. Austin says:

    Perhaps she should not have continued to sit in the sun?

  37. Stuffin says:

    Nothing cures a sunburn like laying out in the sun!

  38. hushupp says:

    and……………… it did or did not ???

  39. Gordon Jennings says:

    Gee, I dunno — maybe it might help the pain IF YOU GOT THE HECK OUT OF THE SUN FOR A FEW HOURS/DAYS??!! Sheesh!

  40. Mick says:

    Okaaaaaaay…why is she still in the sun?

  41. SM says:

    LOL! I think it would have helped more not to lie in the sun anymore.

  42. JS says:

    The photo made me giggle … and then I read the background info … another word about sunburn advice … I’ve heard that putting a paper bag on your head and hopping like a bunny while clucking like a chicken helps too!

  43. /X\( ; ; )/X\ says:

    The bigger question is why is she laying out in the sun if she’s already sunburnt?

  44. Spanky McStupid says:

    Sharon thought she would start a new fad as a human vegetarian sushi bar.

  45. April says:

    But should she still be lying in the sun AFTER the bad burn and with the tomatoes on her legs?

  46. GMan says:

    Good thing she wasn’t told “watermelon slices”. Then she would just look foolish.

  47. Walter says:

    Don’t know about tomatoes but vinegar helps.
    Aside from that it looks like the start of a strange BLT.

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