Bun In The Oven

September 23rd, 2011

Bun In The Oven - Babies

A look back at a simpler time.

(submitted by April)

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  1. Sue says:

    I’m trying to picture how the baby’s legs are angled, and it just doesn’t seem right given the position of the hips. The reflection in the oven door doesn’t seem exactly right either. I don’t know, I’m sure I’m just reaching because I really WANT this to be photoshopped. Sick stuff.

    • Coach says:

      I dont know. Babies can contort their littler bodies like silly puddy. Judging from the angle Id say hes got six inches of unseen oven space which can be enough to bend them to side or something. Sorry to burst your bubble, Im trying to make excuses for this pic too!

  2. Groovymom says:

    Oh lighten up people. Obviously this photo was taken in the 70’s judging by the stove, that tile floor and those bell bottom pants. Back when people actually had a sense of humor and didn’t get so offended by everything. I’m sure this baby has grown up to be a well rounded adult with a great sense of humor for having such crazy parents. I hate uptight people! Life’s too short, have some fun!

  3. Mia says:

    This would only be disturbing if there wasn’t a saying like ‘a bun in the oven’.
    But since there is such a saying, the photo is amusing and cute.
    it’s like word play, but with a photo

  4. Molly says:

    I wonder if the toddler crawled into the oven for a nice warm nap and the woman found him/her?

  5. Hellion says:

    The other white meat!

  6. dbc says:

    I love babies. They’re delicious. Prep time is a bitch though.

  7. Krow says:

    So clean your kid can eat off it, I mean. NOT: So clean you can eat your kid off of it.

  8. Brittani says:

    Yesterday, before there were any comments I typed “And people calling for immediate intervention by CPS in 3…2…!” but then I didn’t post it because I wanted to hope that people would be amused by the picture and I was just being negative thinking people would be uptight. But I was right, a day later 🙁 In other news, “Where does the baby fit that would be an amusing photo op?” is probably a really fun game. I feel like I was probably in the kid’s position a lot as child. There’s a picture of 2-year-old me with a beer bottle (was it empty? Who knows?) up to my mouth. It makes me laugh. Incidentally, this has not led to alcoholism in any way.

    • justme says:

      Right on. I posed holding my mom’s cigarette to her lips. I should be dead from lung cancer by now. Oh wait….no I’m actually not a smoker at all, because she explained to me how she wished she’d never started and how hard it was to quit. It’s called communication….and not underestimating your child’s intelligence.

  9. justme says:

    My goodness some of you people I think just sit around all day hoping something will offend you so you can get all righteous about it. Do you feel better now? Good. Now go take a nap until those of us who are a little more moderate (moderate being the opposite of extreme) take a look, have a laugh or a shiver, and get on with our day…..sans fuss or drama.

  10. chris f says:

    Lighten up everyone, it was on low!

  11. Bleurgh says:

    Grow. Up. This is funny, not disturbing. That is all.

  12. lizzie says:

    Don’t forget; kids learn fast and are great imitators so the when your cat ends up cooked in the microwave, don’t be surprised.
    Why are there no burner grates on the top of the stove?

  13. mamasita says:

    moms right there
    babies to young to have got there itself… so its a “staged photo”
    baby is to young to remember it

    I think its a GREAT way to announce to the family another buns in the oven! *LOL*

    and by the home style and clothing this was taken WAY before the days of mandatory seat belts and bike helmets and safety locks.

  14. eeyore19 says:

    …and the parents came home to find that the babysitter had also put the turkey in the crib.

  15. R says:

    Lighten up, people. On what planet does this “go too far”? The oven’s not on! To everyone who thinks this is inappropriate, I encourage you to read Swift’s essay A Modest Proposal. You’d really be aghast at that one!

  16. Gray says:

    Attention everyone: Get over it.
    You’re acting like this is a picture of someone eating a roast baby. And anyone who would “get ideas” from this photo would be insane enough to get ideas on their own or from other sources. There isn’t going to be a mass baby-roasting spree because of this picture.

  17. Momosma says:

    You know, it looks like mom had been cleaning the stove/oven…the burners are missing. She could have been at the sink, scrubbing away. Plenty of time for a curious kid to get themselves into problems. That child does look old enough to have climbed in there….and if you’ve had kids, you know they can get into strange predicaments…I don’t think this is staged.

  18. Brad says:

    You guys never had roast baby? It’s delicious.

  19. whysoserious says:

    what’s up guys, it’s warm and cozy and the oven needed some scrubbing, it’s logical and efficient not disturbing.

  20. jillian says:

    That baby is far too young to have managed to get itself in the oven. Not awkward, not funny, not cute, and certainly not appropriate. Poor taste on this one AFP.

  21. laura says:

    uhm, no. take it down, please.

  22. casadefuego says:

    Wow… lots of sensitivity all the sudden. This is hilarious!

  23. It's me! Dee!! says:

    This has gone too far.

  24. Tred54 says:

    I love children. With the right recipes they are delicious!

  25. jw says:

    …and one in the oven.

  26. Katie says:

    not funny.

  27. Brenda says:

    How do you tell when it’s done?

  28. Lilli says:

    OMG, this is awful! It’s not awkward, it’s not funny, it’s creepy; and scary that someone actually had their baby in an oven…

    • Mic C says:

      The picture would have been better if there were a tin of muffins on the rack above the baby and the mother had on oven mitts.

  29. C says:

    This is not even close to funny.

  30. barbara says:

    This is to funny,,,,hahahahah good thing you ddint turn it on to pre heat

  31. Billy Bo Bob says:

    At least she cleaned the stove first.

  32. binkymae says:

    Hey Gretel, where’s Hansel?

  33. Wasabipeas says:

    Please take this picture off. It goes too far.

  34. Joan says:

    Uhhhhhhhhh, where are the kid’s legs???????????????

  35. Kimberly says:

    Hansel or Gretal?

  36. bunnyluv says:

    HOO-oooo boy, this is just all kinds of disturbing.

  37. Huh? says:


  38. PJ says:

    Really, REALLY inappropriate.

  39. Joe says:

    Oh, that’s just creepy on so many levels …

  40. Bobbie says:

    And I thought they came from the stork!

  41. Rhonda says:

    wow….I thought I was a terrible person for putting the cat in the washer when I was a kid…..

  42. Sis says:

    NOT FUNNY AT ALL…this photo should NOT be posted, since there are so many psychotic people in this world, who might think it is ‘ok’ to do this. Not wise at all.

  43. Rica says:

    Is that Hansel or Gretel?

  44. Suzie says:

    This pic gives me the heebiest of jeebies! This stunt is a recipe for disaster.

  45. Trudy says:

    This is just sick in SO MANY WAYS …

  46. Lisa says:

    That is disturbing…..

  47. Dawn says:

    OMG! This not awkward, it is HORRIBLE! I have as much of a sense of humor as anyone, but this is just too creepy for words.

  48. Molly says:

    This isn’t awkward to me…it just scares the hell out of me!!!!!!!!

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