Happy New Year from AFPP!

September 28th, 2011

Happy New Year from AFPP! - Pets

(submitted by Coro)

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23 Responses to “Happy New Year from AFPP!”

  1. Gary says:

    ‘sup dawg. Oi!

  2. Eddy Ram says:

    My old bar mitzvah suit. Bad memory! The exact day that I hit puberty. 🙁

  3. Rich says:

    The owners had some Atoning to do for this photo.

  4. Lars says:

    Next year in the dog park!

  5. spider katz says:

    thats funny..they dont look Jewish

  6. Penny Diamond says:

    “Ma Nish Ta Nah…….”

  7. Kev says:

    Bob Barkerberg here, reminding you to control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered, and brit-milah’d.

  8. Nathan says:

    Off to a barkmitzpher!!!! LOLOLOL

  9. Penny Diamond says:

    After a long night praying.

  10. Newton says:


  11. Bellsoprano says:

    Hava Dogila!

  12. Cindy says:

    Not awkward-very cute! They’re “Chewish”! Get it? See? ’cause they’re dogs…

  13. ljlucy says:

    Dogs deserve lekach. I was going to say latke, but Google tells me those are Hanukkah.

  14. meri says:

    I’m not Jewish, but I do recognize the Bark-Mitzvah outfits.

  15. JS says:

    They told me there’d be kugel. I haven’t seen any kugel. Have you seen any kugel? I was looking forward to kugel. Oy.

  16. Carol-Lynn says:

    Most beautiful dogs in Jewish attire. L’shova Tovah. C-L

  17. senora_jennifer says:

    Poor things! Miserable doesn’t even begin to describe how the brown one feels, which makes a great picture for this site.

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