Waiting To Exhale

October 24th, 2011

Waiting To Exhale - Family Portrait

Apparently, breathing is not required for doubles.

(submitted by Stu)

33 Responses to “Waiting To Exhale”

  1. William says:

    I didn’t realize Fruit-of-the-Looms was acceptable tennis attire.

  2. Victoria says:

    Ding dong ditch! This is hilarious!

  3. TVannie says:

    The guy in the yellow shorts, looks like the guy with no pants on from the birthing center photo. He and his wife, both pantless introduced themselves to another couple who had also just had a baby.

  4. Erica says:

    …or pants…

  5. Ivy says:

    AC/DC – The early years.

  6. JJ says:

    Oh man this is great! You all realize he was just doing this so he wouldn’t appear to have a belly in the picture, and look all fit and trim instead. Oldest trick in the book. Of course, there’s a difference between contracting your abs to cinch everything in place versus preparing for skin diving with a deep breath.

  7. Me Too, Also says:

    man, I miss the 70s……..:)

    • corinne says:

      I had wonderful feelings of nostalgia upon seeing this photo, too. I’d say maybe even the early 80s. Shorts sure were short back then. *sigh*

  8. hyperpsyched says:

    Who’s up for a game of a strip tennis… anyone?

  9. slozudo says:

    Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts!

  10. steph says:

    I could have gone a lifetime without seeing this one.

  11. ScoutC says:

    The extra fabric from their shorts went into their socks.

  12. LRC says:

    That is really creepy.

  13. Roadpossum says:

    Yhe Village People’s initial attempt at spelling out YMCA…. FAIL

  14. joannabanana says:

    They didn’t realize he was a pro when they agreed to a game of strip tennis.

  15. chris f says:

    Ha! Women have been doing this for years.

  16. jomomma says:

    Wow! He can touch his belly button to his backbone! Impressive!

    • js says:

      Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner!!!
      Hmm … perhaps that comment er dinner – should be more for Slim.
      Eat something boy! EAT SOMETHING!

  17. Vicki says:

    It’s the shorty shorts!

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