Awkward Family Pet Photos Has Landed

November 1st, 2011

Awkward Family Pet Photos Has Landed - Photos

Our new book is out in stores today! Click here to order online.

5 Responses to “Awkward Family Pet Photos Has Landed”

  1. CarrieM says:

    At first glance I thought the caption said, “If Cody had a trout for every time he was abducted…”

  2. Bailey says:

    Went out to Coles today and bought my copy. Thanks for publishing the picture of my sister and I – we’re on page 110! :)

  3. EM says:

    No, your link still isn’t working!

    Off to Amazon I go to attempt to find this…

  4. Bill says:

    The Awkwardness Continues… you forgot to put any links on your buy the books page…

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