Gather Round

November 2nd, 2011

Gather Round - Pets

Oh, when he gets to telling stories.

(submitted by Abby)

18 Responses to “Gather Round”

  1. beth says:

    At least he’s registered and has his tags.

  2. Rosieposie says:

    Love your captions! hilarious!!

  3. Alice Polarbear says:

    Adorable, but I’ve heard they can be hell on wheels inside a house. NEVER leave a picnic table filled with food and glasses of wine unguarded if you ever stay at Big Sur. We came back and found 6 huge raccoons up on our table breaking off the Rouge et Noir camembert with their cute little hands then dipping and washing it in our stemware glasses filled with the pourings from a $25 (in 1971 dollars) bottle of white wine. When I tried to chase them away, the little bastards growled at me and wouldn’t leave until they had finished all the cheese and knocked over all the wine,

    • justme says:

      They are actually nasty animals…..they hiss too……but it looks like this one is pretty tame. Sorry about your expensive wine.

      • thomas says:

        don’t confuse nasty with intelligence with attitude; they are good bluffers and would rather run than fight but they are too slow on the ground so they have to bluff so they have time to lope over to the nearest tree

    • Sue says:

      So the raccoons had a wine and cheese party on you.

  4. jack west says:

    is that a surgical scar on the raccoon’s belly? spayed perhaps?

  5. justme says:

    What?? No righteous indignation?? No lectures about the keeping of wild animals for pets?? What is this place coming to? 🙂

  6. RM says:

    Gather around kids! Grandpa Coon is gonna tell us about the good ol’ days.

  7. JS says:

    Chillin like a villain!

  8. Fluffy says:

    OMG! O_o Can something be so cute that looking at it gives you brain damage?

  9. Les says:

    Cute photo, I wasn’t laughing till I read the caption.

  10. senora_jennifer says:

    Like how he has a license and everything!

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