November 3rd, 2011

Lapcat - Pets

Here kitty kitty.

(submitted by Erika)

18 Responses to “Lapcat”

  1. MsBoutique says:

    Wow… really?!?! First of this picture was clearly taken at some point in the 80s. People use to drink and smoke and do all kinds of things back then. If you look even further back women drank alcohol and smoked while pregnant because they didn’t know any better. Sure are a lot of judgmental ppl on here! I live in Michigan, I heard all about what happened and it truly was sad to see all of the animals killed when they should have been tranquilized and moved to a secure and proper place and in hopes of being released back into the wild or at worse in a rescue or zoo. But I really think that most of you jumped on this picture when this is suppose to be in some ways amusing. “Awkward Family Pet Photos”, this isn’t “Sanest People Alive”.

    My suggestion is lighten up, relax, either find the craziness a bit amusing or stop looking through the photos. I really don’t think this website was made for people to stand on soapboxes, or sit on their high horse and although its for amusement, it isn’t for people to be belittled over it.

    Furthermore… I’m with Davied. You don’t know the circumstances, you have no idea if that lion wasn’t a rescue or just something the family chose for a pet. I don’t think they should be caged and confined and I really don’t think Lions are pets in general… but for all the rants I’ve read why not 1 question of “maybe that lion was part of a circus, they removed it’s teeth and claws and now it’s hopelessly defenseless and can no longer survive without human intervention….?” Now it might be far fetched, but I’m fairly certain you were fetching fairly far when you went on your bashing spree.

    • crystal says:

      “I really don’t think this website was made for people to stand on soapboxes”
      Oh the irony of that statement in the middle of the longest rant in the comment pool. Thanks for bringing humor back to this post with your ironic lack of self awareness!!

      • amanda says:

        Thanks for pointing that out! I wasn’t even going to read that post until I saw your reply. I found it rather Marney-esque in its self-righteousness. Which is, of course, hilarious. And kudos for the correct use of irony! 😉

  2. Mohammed says:


  3. Jose M. says:

    Who are these crazy people who keep giant wild cats in their homes?

    • Ginger says:

      Or any wild animal.

      • Corie says:

        Who are these crazy people who smoke in their homes?

        • Arleen says:

          I am one of those crazy people who smoke in their home…first off, it is MY home and if I want to smoke in it, I WILL! There are no children in my home, I smoke outside when my husband is home, as he is an x-smoker. You do things in your home as you please, but you opinion is not welcome to everyone!

          • kl says:

            how can you go off about what you do in your home when yall are judging this person for what she does in hers

  4. lalady says:

    frightening. hope the kids still have all their limbs.

  5. Katie says:

    Sure, that mom is all smiles now! But wait till that cat has a behavior which is normal to it’s nature and one of those beautiful children gets hurt or maybe worse! Remember what happened in Ohio. The cat is then shot and killed? This is a tragedy all the way around… I really get tired of foolish, irresponsible people that try to humanize animals and forget these creatures are wild at heart and free, and should not be forced to live in an enviornment meant only for humans. It is a disservice to the community at large to have to pay for the poor judgement of people like this. Please make tougher laws to ensure that Americans cannot purchase animals such as these.. If we truly loved these beautfiul creatures, we would let them live in a way that would allow them to be free.

    • Davied Russell says:

      Hey Katie, why do you have to just start attacking someone? Has this lion been purchased by this family? Is this photo just a photo op.? Does this family have someone working in the field of animal rescue? It seems to me that you are assuming a lot. I understand your concerns if this is indeed a family’s purchased foolhardiness, but what if it isn’t? This is known as contempt prior to investigation. Please research first.

      • Stephanie Riggs says:

        You know, if Katie is from anywhere near Ohio, I completely understand the passion behind her comments. It was heartbreaking to see those majestic, but dead, animals being hauled to burial on that Zanesville farm…it was all over the news here for the week. The only positive outcome of the tragedy is the hope of stricter laws to protect animals that should not be caged!

      • crystal says:

        Im completely with Katie on this one! The family should not own the lion, the lion should not be owned by anyone. Even putting all assumptions aside, I can not think of a single explanation where this would ever be a good idea. I love the Awkward Family and Pet websites, but finding humor in a pic like this just contributes to the irresponsibility of trying to own or “tame” wild animals.

      • anon says:

        >Is this photo just a photo op

        As if that would be any better than them owning it. If this lion is being used for photo ops then it’s being put through unnecessary stress and is being pushed closer and closer to having a violent outburst. Zoo or circus photo with its handler nearby = fine, confined in a house with its possible owners or just being used for photo ops = dangerously irresponsible.

  6. EMarie says:

    2 laughs for the price of 1…I first noticed the kids all huddled to one side, then the lion’s eyes! Too funny! Love it!

  7. Tom Flapwell says:

    Yes, kids, I choked it to death myself, just like this!

  8. senora_jennifer says:

    If the eyes weren’t reflecting in the flash, I would think it was stuffed based on how the lady has her arms wrapped around his head and how his head is positioned.

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