Lock & Load

November 15th, 2011

Lock & Load - Wedding

We’re told that the reception was a blast.

(submitted by Bob)

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  1. Molderman says:

    Hey, kudo’s to these gals, notice none of them have their finger on the trigger…Do agree that the lady on the right should be just lil nervous 😉

  2. MorningStar says:

    This picture should be a poster to discourage any hostile nation from ever considering invading the US.

  3. LeeBurd says:

    Great endorsement for the NRA

  4. Mariana says:

    Just. Say. I. Do.

  5. Jesús Alonso says:

    #2 and #3 from the right are the perfect examples of handling a gun safely.

  6. sara says:

    Talk about a shotgun wedding!!!!!

  7. Melanie says:


  8. Rsquared says:

    This reminds me of the music video for Hot and Cold.

  9. Jackson says:

    so it’s a shotgun wedding.

  10. Suki says:

    I guess it was a ‘shotgun wedding’.

  11. Tracy says:

    Nice how 3 of the 5 Bridesmaids have their guns pointing directly at their neighbor’s head.
    Safety first!

  12. Ducky says:


  13. Queen says:

    Bloody Americans and their frigging guns……

    • BytchEPoo says:

      Not all of us, Queenie, not all of us…

    • Katie says:

      I’m American and don’t know anyone who owns a gun.

      • 2nd Amendment Rules says:

        Unless u live in Illinois or DC people are walking around you all the time with concealed weapons! Legal conceal carry.
        The number one sale item for black friday….guns!!
        Look for the bulges. :))

    • 2nd Amendment Rules says:

      Outlaw guns and only the outlaws will have them.
      How would you protect yourself and your children?
      What would you really do if confronted by a criminal intent on killing you?
      Most of us that have guns have professional and regular training.
      And don’t tell me there are no violent criminals around you. They’re everywhere!
      Responsible gun ownership can save lives against those that are irresponsible!

      • David says:

        You talk like a paranoic.
        I live in Europe. I know nobody that ownes a gun. only my policeman friends, and they only have it when they are working.
        Of course there are violents criminals here, but we don’t think so much about that. I know nobody hurted by a criminal.
        Live is better without guns. If you would live in a European country a short time, you would agree.

      • Raptor says:

        I live in Europe and can confirm that guns are very rare here. In Sweden only the police have guns and not all the time. Some hunters have guns in their homes but one piece of the gun must be stored in the safe, usually at the bank box. So I m sorry for you in America that you have to live in fear all the time.

        • BRBradbury says:

          At least in America we are free to choose. Not sheep to be mowed down every few decades.

          • Bee says:

            Lol, thx for confirming my prejudices.

          • Sense_n_Sensibility says:

            Geeeezzz ….. thanks for making all Americans sound like paranoid, ethnocentric goons. I’m thinking if you check your history, there are SEVERAL countries in the world older than ours who have not been “mowed down every few decades” and who have more stringent gun laws than we do or not much of an “armed citizenry” at all. What do they know that we don’t & how are they getting away with it?

        • Raven says:

          Europe is known to be less fond of guns in general than America is, whereas America has gun crimes, Europe has more violent knife crimes.

          By the time they began mass producing guns America was still, for the most part, quite rural while Europe was packed to the ears and required them less for living and more for leisure.

          • Samantha says:

            Personally if I’m going to be killed I’d rather be shot than stabbed, bludgeoned, or poisoned. I live in the northwest & yes we have guns & lots of them & it’s a comfort knowing that the average joe in the grocery store is likely packing so if someone decides to be a psycho they can take care of it… Yes I’m a multi-gun owner & NRA member… Label me if you’d like but I don’t plan on changing

  14. Dave says:

    Dadgummit, I have the dress, I have bridesmaids, and were all set for a wedding. Now lets go out there and get me a husband!

  15. Elle says:

    I just hope the bridesmaids remember to put down the guns and pick up their bouquets. Who wants to be the one in the wedding party who has to admit, “I think I lost my flower in the hay.”

  16. Tim S says:

    The redhead on the far right just spotted a squirrel.

  17. Bob says:


  18. Denice says:

    I LOVE this! Cute and Clever!

  19. graphicartist2k5 says:

    “yer gunna be mah honey and LIKE IT!”

  20. Alan says:

    The Bride even has a scope just in case he somehow evades the other 5 women she can pick him off at 100 yds easy.

  21. Adam B. says:

    If he does decide to run… He might as well yell “PULL”.

  22. Bex says:

    This was the first time the wedding coordinator was asked for a Sarah Palin themed wedding.

  23. Penny Diamond says:

    Maximum bridezilla and bridesmaidzillas.

  24. patrick says:

    always prepared, the modern woman isn’t embarrassed to bring her own protection

  25. Doh says:

    Now that’s what I call a “shotgun” wedding!

  26. I hope none one gets too drunk on this wedding!

  27. adfogg says:

    The groom and groomsmen have compound bows.

  28. Miss B says:

    Something tells me that the traditional bridal bouquet toss is going to escalate into an intense kerfuffle at the reception.

  29. Bonnie says:

    All set to go and hunt down a groom. I wonder if he knew ahead of time that he would be getting married today.

  30. Laura P. says:

    I fully intend to have a similar photo taken at my wedding someday, maybe with handguns instead. Awesome picture! Except for the aim of some of those rifles. Point them a little higher in the air instead of at the head of the lady next to you!

  31. js says:

    Ya wanna know what’s awkward about this photo? Those flower bouquets – egad!!!!!

  32. binkymae says:

    And the wedding favor was ammo tied in white tulle with a purple ribbon.

  33. taterhead says:

    Actually, bridesmaids 2, 4 and 5 have a gun pointed at their head. Use great care ladies.

  34. I'mJustSayin' says:

    Locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

  35. Lynne says:

    I love the way the flowers have been placed so carefully on the hay bales! Priorities!

  36. elizabeth says:

    Awsome. Go kick some butt, ladies 🙂

  37. Angela says:

    There will be no cutting in line at the reception.

  38. Jesse says:

    After the wedding the bridal party will go hunting in order to provide food for the wedding reception.

  39. ScoutC says:

    In days of yore, the bride’s father was the one who loaded the shotgun. Modern girls take care of business for themselves, it appears. The bridesmaid on the right looks as if she’s taking aim at something/someone out of the picture.

  40. Kit says:

    If I were the girl on the right I’d be more careful in the future who I allow to stand behind me with a riffle pointed straight at my head.

  41. Trent says:

    Let the great Manhunt of 2011 begin!!

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