Full Beards

December 5th, 2011

Full Beards - Christmas

Nothing says the holidays like a sweater full of facial hair.

(submitted by Dayton)

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  1. Kshea says:

    That’s Jerry Garcia, people.

  2. WClady says:

    I personally know this gang.. And I believe
    The turtlenecks complete the look!

  3. kris says:

    omg the lady with the brown hair is a teacher at my school, lmfao.

  4. Ole says:

    That is indeed a very special photo. I wonder how people get the idea to make a shot like that 🙂

  5. Eve says:

    My guess is that mom got her grown kids to shoot a holiday photo with her and handed them these sweaters at the photo shoot. They must have been so caught off guard that they could not refuse to wear them.

  6. Ashley says:


  7. Momma323 says:

    Omg I know these people!! It’s the Son, Daughter and Mom is brown hair!

  8. tmansbamaw says:

    They & their sweaters clash with the background; seems to make it even stranger (if that were possible).

  9. No Capes says:

    Those may be the ugliest Christmas sweaters in the history of an already unfortunate garment,

  10. WCALUM says:

    OH MAN…. Graduated with the guy in this photo… our whole community is all over this and it is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

  11. Micaela says:

    Aberforth, Ariana and Kendra Dumbledore mourn the loss of their brother the best way they know how to: By wearing him, of course!

  12. Renee says:

    I’m guessing the lady on the left picked out the sweaters. I’m also guessing she insisted on having her picture taken with her daughter and son-in-law. And she most likely cropped out son-in-law before using this picture as her Christmas card. (I’ve known a mother-in-law or two in my day!)

  13. Susan says:

    The hand with the wedding ring isn’t attached to anyone’s arm. This is Thing’s family Christmas photo (when not on duty with the Addams!)

  14. Princess says:

    I was telling my husband that I was unclear of the relationship between the three, and my 5 year old said it was that they were all wearing the same sweater. I think she is right, they must have been the only three people in the world willing to wear that sweater.

    • Kristen says:

      I love this. The simplest answer is always the best… I think 5-year-olds could probably explain more photos on this site than your average adult could…

  15. dogface says:

    The unclear relationship between the three makes it weirder.

  16. Bill Cosby in his heyday would not wear this sweater.

  17. The talk like a pirate day sweaters have a pointy beard

  18. MSTJedi says:

    You never go full beard.

  19. Laura says:

    What. In the Name. Oh God.

  20. Laura says:

    Oh my gosh, I am having an Ugly Sweater Party, and I would LOVE to get me one of those!!!!

  21. Justin says:

    Wow. Im guessing one of the three drew this design, and had it made into a sweater…gave two as gifts and suggested this horrible photo. Unless you are a dance troop, never wear matching outfits in a photo. When the outfit is creepy and horrendous, Its an even worse idea.

  22. DMF says:

    Looks like Santa took Movember a little too far…

  23. NonnyMus says:

    I love the awkward hand placement. It’s as if the photographer was directing them weirdly — “No, stiffen your fingers so it looks like you are pulling her arm off” and “You, move your hand down as if you are going to feel her up, but keep your fingers straight”.

    And thanks, erpinburp! I didn’t even notice the “Believe”. Awkward!

  24. bdiggity42 says:

    Is that a picture of Jerry Garcia?

  25. Bear Grylls says:

    Since when is Santa a yeti? Most hideous Christmas sweaters ever.

  26. Stacey says:

    Are they fighting over the girl in the middle — it appears each is trying to lay claim

  27. erpinburp says:

    It’s the word “Believe” imbedded in the whiskers that really makes the outfits.

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