What About Me

December 8th, 2011

What About Me - Dad

We’ve all got something to offer.

(submitted by Dean)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hope the ‘rents never break out these photos and mortify their kid in front of their friends someday…. that would be really embarrassing lol

  2. leanne says:

    him: I did that
    her: Good lord, how’d he get into my photo again?

  3. Douche Bag 39 says:

    This made my day!!!

  4. Mary says:

    the guy is photoshopped in

    • Bill says:

      Except for the fact that you can see his shadow in the background and the angle of it as well as the size matches her shadow, so no he is not.

  5. Anthony O'Neill says:

    Dude looks photoshopped

  6. kris says:

    Whaaaaaat? Pants and belt for him and skimpy pajamas for her. Nope, I don’t get it. Totally awkweird.

  7. Snowrider says:

    Ya’ know….every time I see the belly pictures I cannot help but think that they’re always the man’s idea. As if to somehow prove something to his friends. This one confirms it. No wonder women think we’re idiots….

  8. christine says:

    “What did I tell you about fist pumping so close to me?”

  9. Joe says:

    Fake… the head is photoshopped on and the man’s figure has completely different shadowing than the woman’s. Plus look at the cropping around her figure. She is centered in the photo. if the photo studio that took her photo had also included him from the beginning, the framing and staging would have been different.

    • corinne says:

      nope. I’m a pro photog and expert photoshoppper, this is not fake. They’ve got a light coming in from in front and one to (our) left back of Mr. Beefcake. The softbox they use in front is set to illuminate her, but is too small to send light up to his head. He’s mainly lit by the side light. It is much weaker when it reaches her, just some bent light rays, effectively separating her from the background but not rim lighting. It’s the real deal. Which actually makes it a worse idea than a joke photoshopping job. God bless ’em for trying.

  10. sneech says:

    “YO! I DID THIS!!”

  11. Val says:

    (man) Lookie what I did!

  12. MsBluBug says:

    Dear God I hope this isn’t a Christmas card!

  13. jeff says:

    got milk

  14. Jen says:

    I wonder what the photographer thinks as they are doing the photo shoot.

  15. Amanda says:

    OMG. Why??????????

  16. Noneya says:

    I hope he doesn’t think his contribution to the pregnancy is what makes him a macho man.

  17. Cee says:

    Maybe *I’m* awkward.. but I like this pic. Its so silly, so simple…

  18. Don says:

    “Why…this is so wrong…I’m speechless” I don’t think there is anything wrong with this. In fact I have several shots like this from the beach. Of course I heard it from my wife after the shots were taken…”Can’t you at least wear a shirt big enough to hide your belly?”

  19. Robyn says:

    I love the “faux” sand.

  20. PitasMom says:

    One of the pictures a child will NEVER want to see of their parents.

  21. Carol says:

    Oh…no… 0.o

  22. Tina says:

    Poor fetus!

  23. Jess says:

    all awkwardness aside, I think they make a goofily cute couple.

  24. sus says:

    I am without words

  25. Kootie says:

    why?…just why?

  26. PUDDIN says:

    His head looks like it’s been photoshopped on…

  27. Lisa says:

    That is just wrong.

  28. jengry says:


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