He’s Got The Look 2

December 12th, 2011

He’s Got The Look 2 - Dad

Here’s a little secret… he did it.

(submitted by Gene)

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  1. J Lee says:

    Here’s the bigger secret… he ***didn’t*** do it.


  2. Bob says:

    Anyone else notice that her elbows can be mistaken for boobs?

  3. Chipper says:

    Awwww, yeah. Don’t hate the playa, just hate the game. Holla!

  4. Anthony O'Neill says:

    “Yeah, I did that…”

  5. getnaked says:

    I don’t get how the photographer talked her in to getting naked. “Thanks for choosing Sears for your family portrait. I have an idea, take off all your clothes so I can take photos of you.” Ummm, no thanks?

  6. Bear says:

    Just another guy who likes to flirt behind his wife’s back.

  7. Gravity's Rambo says:

    He did what? Chopped off her head?

  8. DonnaD. says:

    I usually totally dislike bare momma belly photos but this one is excellent in humor and pose…

  9. fireflight says:

    What is seen cannot be unseen.

  10. Matt G says:

    Best photobomb ever.

  11. ween says:

    now if he could only figure out how that baby got into her belly.

  12. Juju says:


  13. ginger says:

    maybe it’s a composite photo of himself….

  14. Stephanie88 says:

    This one may not be the most awkward pregnancy photo on the site (that goes to the one with the completely disturbing tatoo) but congrats–this ranks in the top three just for the utterly creepy atmosphere. I always thought those pregnancy photos that had the woman naked and the man clothed, or the smug father trying to steal the scene were uncomfortably chauvinist. But this one…

    If this were an ad at the mall, there would be so many letters from angry feminists demanding it be publicly burned as an example. Just the way the image exploits the woman’s body by cropping out her face and zeroing in on the belly… and the smug look on the guy as if to say “I knocked some woman up so now I’m a real man!” Exactly the message this couple wants to be sending to their friends.

    At least with some of the awkward pregnancy photos you can think, “Well, it’s stupid but at least it’s a couple who are in love and excited about starting a family.” Not here. I almost wonder if this guy has taken a series of photos like this with conspicuously different pregnant bellies…

    Thanks, Awkward Family Photos for making my inner feminist grow fangs and growl like a Buffy-style vampire.

    • Dennis Byras says:

      If you want to turn it around a little just change the caption… “Here’s a little secret, he didn’t do it.”

    • Snowrider says:

      As a man I have to say I agree with you 100% I’ve said this before, no wonder so many women think we’re all idiots. We’ll wait and see if he’s a real man in six months, 2 years, 10 years, 15 years. Please keep sending the belly pics in to remind me of what NOT to do.

    • Kit says:

      Very good points all around, especially the point about the man being clothed and the wife nude.

      But then you get the “belly” pic my friend and his wife did… where both are bare naked with one of his hands over his junk the other is doing the “wiggly fingers” thing with his wife’s breast covering arm and his poor wife could not stop laughing long enough for them to get a picture where her face isn’t scrunched up.

      And then he told me the originally he wanted fig leaves but the photographer convinced him is was tacky. (He wanted to do the both arms in the air “GOAAAAL” gesture.)

      Its funny as hell, but will be super awkward someday when his kids see it:

      Kid: Daddy, why are you naked?
      Friend: Well, a lot of pregnant ladies like to take tasteful nudes when they are expecting.
      Kid: But why are YOU naked?
      Friend: Mommy doesn’t get to have ALL the fun….

  15. MT says:

    “Heh heh heh.”

  16. Jane in Fort Smith says:

    Did a double-take on this one. I thought her stomach was her derrière, etc.

  17. Eddie says:

    It rubs the lotion on the skin…

  18. Elaine says:

    The caption is what made me laugh! And then the comments about the boobie/elbows. I had to scroll back up and do a double take!

  19. senora_jennifer says:

    You know whose idea this one was…….you don’t even see the woman’s face. He obviously was tired of her getting all the attention.

  20. Alan says:

    Maybe he’s a gynecologist and this is the photo for his business card.

  21. Cheryl says:

    Why???? Christmas card?

  22. Sarah says:

    Yes the photo is creepy.

    But what really stands out to me is how fabulous she looks for being so pregnant. She isn’t swollen, she hasn’t gained any excess weight, and she doesn’t have any stretch marks. How is she even real?

  23. Ruthanne says:

    Where are her arms?

  24. chris f says:

    Definitely thought the elbows were boobs when I opened this up. Who has points like that on their elbows????

  25. HEM says:

    Are those his lovely lady lumps?

  26. Kjs says:

    Oh my!!! Wow!! Where to even start?
    1)Looks like he is already thinking of adding a sibling
    2) Who in thier right mind?
    3) Previous posters are right…this is JUST CREEPY

  27. Jan says:

    This is just odd all the way around-literally!!!

  28. somechick says:

    These maternity photos just get worse and worse!

  29. Maureen says:

    Oh…dear. This is a whole new level of awkward.

  30. Matt says:

    Wait, isn’t that a mannequin ?

  31. Shannon says:

    So so SOOO creepy.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Did anyone else think her elbows were breasts at first?!?! Wow.

  33. Ann says:

    …and her elbows look like boobies.

  34. CAB says:

    Hump? What hump?

  35. The Fed Ex Guy says:

    Oh no he didn’t!!

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