5 Days To Awkward Xmas: The Fraud

December 19th, 2011

5 Days To Awkward Xmas: The Fraud - Christmas

It was bad enough when Rick found out that the tree wasn’t real.

(submitted by Rick)

23 Responses to “5 Days To Awkward Xmas: The Fraud”

  1. oh_my says:

    That’s not the kind of package he was expecting from Santa!!

  2. Piki says:

    This is the first time that the sight of Santa has knocked me out of my happy holiday mood.

  3. Catherine says:

    Now that’s below the belt.

  4. barbara says:

    thats how i found out theres was No Santa!! It was Daddy!!!!!

  5. Ohmy says:

    The curtains are brilliant, but why does Santa have droopy boobs?

  6. lava girl says:

    Santa’s stuffing is a little low…. YIKES!

  7. No Capes says:

    Bad Santa.

  8. Scout C says:

    We had those curtains (or very similar ones) but only in long living room drapes when I was little. They were made of a weird, stiff, shiny kind of fabric. Just saw them again in some old home movies.

  9. taterhead says:

    Pull my finger for a most awesome Christmas present!

  10. anne says:

    I want those curtains!!!

  11. Galilea says:

    Next on Santa’s wish list….a tummy tuck!

  12. Silk! says:

    “Eat, Santa, eat!” (from Rudolph)

  13. me says:

    If “Santa” wasn’t bad enough, what’s with the grocery bags under the tree?

    • Kootie says:

      goes with the billy bass on the wall above the tree… jeesh!

      • Rick in the picture says:

        That’s a 21″ speckled trout !! My dad was proud of that one ! ya, the curtains are special, but this was in /72 … grocery bags? Nope – same wood shingles as the top of the window !!

  14. Qentin says:

    Must. Have. Those. Drapes!

  15. AndrewT says:

    Santa looks like he’s a little hungry, and is sizing up his next meal.

  16. Cynthia says:

    That Santa’s stomach is a little low. Looks like a kangaroo pouch with a baby in it.

  17. Tony says:

    OMG rotf laughing! Best tagline ever!

  18. loshallott says:

    Santa’s “bowl full of jelly” is below the waist. Awkward, indeed.

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