Splish Splash 2

January 3rd, 2012

Splish Splash 2 - Kids

She decided to kill two birds with one stone.

(submitted by Blake)

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  1. Michelle Rehrmann says:

    Hello , this is me as i was two years old 😀 omg

  2. Blano says:

    Reminds me of my little brother, aged 2, who having finished his business, stood up on the seat and flushed, promtly slipped and fell in, bum-first, feet around his ears, blocking the pan, and nearly drowned.

  3. Julie says:

    My daughter, when she was about 2, came into the kitchen saying “I washy hair, Momma!”. Indeed, her hair was wet. When I asked her where she washed her hair at, she directed me to the toilet. Totally grossed me out, but it was still funny.

  4. Sweet marley says:

    Dont you mean ” kill two birds with one THRONE”

  5. Sue says:

    She was swimming in the kiddie pool and had to go. She figured, “Might as well, looks the same to me.” Still gross though.

  6. Scout C says:

    Ours never climbed in, but did discover that a toilet makes a great doll clothes washing machine when you are three. Dad wasn’t quite so enthusiastic about it when he had to unclog the “washer” though.

  7. Fotograf says:

    Yes, we should keep the eyes on kids 🙂

  8. Herb says:

    This is so cute, look at the smile on her face….like she is so happy at what she did. Can’t be any more nasty than most of the lakes we swim in.

  9. Mike Dean says:

    I’ve heard of peeing in the tub, just not tubbing in the pee.

  10. Linda says:

    I agree with Pete, gross but adorable!

  11. Kronjew says:

    Um. Kid looks way too comfortable; she was *placed* in that toilet. “Rufus, git the camera, hurry up!”

  12. Gregm says:

    Well, some of us use the shower to pee.
    This is just reversing the situation.
    Nothing wrong with it at all.

  13. To me it’s obvious: the parents saved this until she was 15 and had a boyfriend for whom they didn’t care much. “Break off the relationship,” they threatened, “or we’ll embarrass you with that toilet photo.”
    She didn’t listen.
    You know the rest of the story.

  14. Shannon says:

    Just viewing this makes me so uncomfortable. Yech!

  15. Alan says:

    “Honey. that kid from next door has found ANOTHER way to get into our apartment”

  16. Anonymous says:

    When parents call children “little turds,” this is how children interpret it.

  17. Walter P says:

    Just flush to spin dry.

  18. Reminds me of when my son (who’s now 17) was little and fell into the toilet while potty training. He was upset and I had to make it seem like something funny so he wouldn’t be traumatized for the rest of his life.

    BTW, love you site! Simply fantastic and such a great idea.

  19. Valerie says:

    I’d be concerned because she looks a little flushed.

  20. The stork story might be less grody…

  21. MCR says:

    “Damn!” thought the dog. “Human germs! Where will I drink from now?”

  22. Sara says:

    Oh my… That’s nasty…

  23. April says:

    My mom has a picture of me in the exact same predicament. Apparently it looks like just the right size for a toddler wading pool.

  24. Amanda says:

    Ugh, thats so so unhygenic.

  25. stidkloun says:

    the good thing is she just has to flush to get a jacuzzi 😉

  26. michelle says:

    my OCD requires me to shower after just having looked at this picture!!!

  27. wendy says:

    I assume her hair is wet because she was coming out of the bath and her parent went to grab a towel. I mean, I hope. All I can think is “her hoo-hoo is wallowing right in the toilet water!!!” GRRRRROOOOSSSS!

    • Snowrider says:

      HOO-HOO?!!! Well that’s one I’ve not heard before. Assuming you’re referring to…uh…what I think you’re referring to….

  28. Andre Favron says:

    Don’t toilets use cold water only? That cannot be pleasant, unless she has “warmed” it up herself. In that case, back in the tub we go….

  29. C Butler says:

    wtf? That’s awful! I’m just telling myself this is photo shopped.

  30. Suzin says:

    I am a bit concerned as to how her hair got wet. :0

  31. Rick says:

    I hope this is something that the parents just discovered after turning their back for a moment and thought. “Well, she’s already in there. Might as well take a picture.” Otherwise they are incredibly confident in their toilet cleaning skills.

    • lili says:

      I doubt they put her in there. She looks about two and a half. She’s already touched everything and put her hands in every orifice in her head in the time it took her to get in there, so what’s the point of not taking a picture?

      Unless I were to lock my bathroom door (in which case, good bye, potty trained toddler), I have to operate on the working assumption that my toddler has either touched herself or a toilet within the last five minutes at any given time during the day unless I’m outside watching her at the park.

      Kids are just gross.

      @Maxine: “no mother would ever stand there and let her kid take a pic in the toilet bowl!”

      I totally would. 🙂 Too cute to pass up. Again–the germs are already there.

      And this, my friends, is why we scrub our kids hands before they eat ANYTHING.

  32. Donna says:

    How old is this picture? Our son, who is 28 now, used to play in the toilet, too. Only he left his clothes on!

  33. Sarah says:

    These are the moments where you have only stepped away for a moment, to grab a towel perhaps, only to come back and catch your toddler swimming in the toilet. And yes, your first response SHOULD be complete horror at how unsanitary the situation is. And you SHOULD move as fast as you can to pull her out and hose her down in the shower. But alas…it’s just too funny. So you laugh until you have to pee and then grab the camera.

    • schoolnurse says:

      “… so you laugh until you have to pee and then grab the camera.” and you can’t pee in the toilet until you get the kid out! Adorable picture.

  34. Renee says:

    a kidney stone, that is…

  35. Carol says:

    More disturbing is that her hair is wet.

  36. Maxine says:

    *Jaw Drop* Her father must have taken this picture, no mother would ever stand there and let her kid take a pic in the toilet bowl! All I can think is “germs, germs, germs!!”

  37. pete says:

    that’s so adorable yet totally gross

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