February 4th, 2012

Peek-A-Boo - Family Portrait

Defeats the point of hide and seek.

(submitted by David)

71 Responses to “Peek-A-Boo”

  1. Rotten Bottoms says:

    What the actual eff.

  2. Fitswell says:

    Well, I may not be a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look under the hood and give you an opinion.

  3. krisholio says:

    I want a refund!!!!

  4. Victoria says:

    That is just wrong… Not at all funny .. Why would anyone….?

  5. Jennifer says:


  6. Marlon says:

    Been There Done That !

  7. Asia says:

    The look on that kids face says “Yup, I came from there.”

  8. nyouge says:

    I NEED a story behind the photo more than ever EVER before. FIND these people!

  9. Jaylowlita says:

    No, honey, I know Billy Bob has been a pain in the ass the last couple of weeks, but he can not go back where he came from…

  10. Tina says:

    I think this was, rather than a pose, a fast moment frozen in time by the camera. The dress probably made the baby giggle. “Cameras can take 5 frames/second” -moment

  11. Ted C says:

    This one is beyond awkward, more like incredibly bizarre.

  12. somechick says:

    What can possibly be the reason for this?

  13. poetcomic1 says:

    Son, this was your first apartment.

  14. Brittany Manus says:

    Geez people, give it a break. this picture isn’t wrong, It would be worse if she was naked. Maybe there is a point behind the picture, i personally think its hilarious, and not to mention, an amazing photographer did it so back the eff off.

    • Ted C says:

      “An amazing photographer did it”? How on earth did you come to that conclusion? Do you know the meaning of the word amazing? Do you know the photographer? As for the photo, if you dont think this is a little odd then…well….that’s amazing.

  15. Ed says:

    “And this is where you came from son”!

  16. Scottie G says:

    “Gee, it’s not nearly as fuzzy as her dress”

  17. Jennifer says:

    I strongly feel we’re owed an explanation by the parents in this photo. Not so much as a “what” but a “why”

  18. Cierra says:

    What? I don’t even get it?

  19. Susan says:

    is this what Paul Simon meant by Mother & Child Reunion?

  20. Kaisee says:


  21. Jan says:

    tutu weird.

  22. Jack says:

    Great gams!

  23. Alan says:

    I’ve heard of ‘looking up an old friend’….but this is not what I had in mind.

  24. colin says:

    New title; I came out of THERE?

  25. Anthony O'Neill says:

    Wrong on so many levels

  26. Douglas says:

    Meet your new baby brother in-utero.

  27. Cpt. Haddock says:

    Little Timmy finally knows where he comes from.

  28. michelle says:

    good grief!

  29. Stacey says:

    No you can’t put him back

  30. Tim says:

    Some parents believe kids are never too young to learn where babies come from.

  31. LOL says:

    Babies come from WHERE?!?!?!

  32. skullkrusher says:

    So are you sure I can put this thing back????

  33. Karen Rice says:


  34. natalie jane says:

    I don’t understand.

    I don’t want to understand.

  35. Lori says:

    “Okay Junior, you know how we told you a stork dropped you off? Well… it was actually a black swan.”

  36. Bob says:

    I think I can see Bear Grylls.

  37. Beth Ann says:


  38. Devin says:

    This is one of those times I really want to know the story behind the photo…

  39. WTH?? says:

    What the heck were they thinking? Crazy!

  40. Sarah says:

    What is this even supposed to BE?

  41. Kelly says:

    So, so wrong and so, so funny.

  42. junassicpark says:

    I don’t get it.

  43. Michael says:

    I… but… wait… uhm….

    This goes beyond awkward into “just plain effing weird.”

  44. April says:

    What the hell???

  45. Julie says:

    That’s just so wrong!!!!

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