Beauty Sleep

March 6th, 2012

She was the apple of his armpit.

(submitted by Lindsay)


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  1. Candace says:

    Super cute! I have a super similar picture of my daughter and husband. So adorable!

  2. Dawg says:


  3. Jo says:

    Firstly, you can see the baby’s nostril, wide open and accessing oxygen.

    Secondly, babies are built to be able to breathe while their face is up against something, ie, a breast.

    Thirdly, relax the co-sleeping hysteria and go do some research about proven safety. It’s all out there if you look for it.

  4. joannabanana says:

    I love when a baby’s head smells like armpit.

  5. TGIF says:

    So THAT’S how we get nose hairs!

  6. Nosferatu says:

    This is sweet. I’m sure the baby is fine; mom’s taking the picture so she probably made sure the baby didn’t suffocate.

  7. Deslyn says:

    Too cute!

  8. Shannon says:

    This isn’t awkward, it’s funny and cute!!

  9. Rzul says:

    Looks like they had a long night. Adorable!

  10. Lorie says:

    Hey, I have those same sheets. =)

  11. Penny says:

    Hardly awkward, fully adorable.

  12. mamamc says:

    This is precious!

  13. SmellyPits says:

    There’s nothing more intoxicating than the smell of a baby… I wonder where they get that from?

  14. Joanne says:

    Isn’t this how Mary Catherine Gallagher (on Sat night live) got started?

  15. JenW says:

    It’s hilarious that the baby’s face is in the daddy’s armpit, though it is dangerous as (s)he probably can’t breathe very well and would have a hard time rolling over).

    It’s adorable that they’re sleeping in the same position.

    • Erika says:

      Someone is in the room watching the baby (i.e. the person taking the picture). Why do people go straight to the “oh my god, the baby is going to die” response. The baby is clearly fine

    • Sunobo says:

      They are on a bed and there isn’t anybody on the other side of the baby so it could easily turn its head and or roll over. You also can’t tell by the angle but the baby’s nose may not be actually touching the guy.

      I personally think it’s a really cute picture.

  16. Jackie says:

    This is adorable.

  17. texairhead says:

    Junior never understood why he had a fascination with armpits in high school. It caused a great deal of embarrassment in the locker room.

  18. kdg says:

    Love it. I have a picture eerily similar to this with my husband and son. He’s 12 now and they still freak me out as to their similarities. ( I think they are plotting against me). Love it!!!

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