Left Out

March 13th, 2012

Left Out - Misc

That’s what happens when you don’t RSVP.

(submitted by Rachel)

13 Responses to “Left Out”

  1. Kami says:

    Did you notice that the gazabo seems to be child sized? Or maybe it’s a family of giants. IDK but they look sorta crammed all in there

  2. Noodengr says:

    Funny they do not look like the same two people that crashed at the White House State Dinner a year or so ago. Maybe they got the idea from the movie Wedding Crashers.

  3. Anon says:

    I think one set of parents are divorced/separated and the father is pictured with his new partner outside of the gazebo while his former wife and their son are pictured on the left. The bride and groom are in the middle. The bridesmaid and her date are to the right, and the other set of parents are featured on the far right.

  4. Sam says:

    Maybe I’m missing something but it says left out 3, I only see 2 people outside of the gazebo.

  5. Alan says:

    Moments later the Earth Module departed back to the orbiting Space Ship and the wedding party was never seen again.

  6. Simon says:

    What if they are not even part of this wedding? Maybe they were just wandering by, got caught, and thought they should maybe smile?

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