Easter Slideshow!

April 5th, 2012

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  1. Allyson says:

    Love it!!

  2. ziyan says:

    Easter bunnies are supposed to be nice and cuddly, not creepy and menacing. How can so many people get it so wrong? And how thankful am I that they did?

  3. customcartoons says:

    I was constantly struck by how least creepy, almost nice-looking bunnies had all the crying, terrified kids; but with the older, scarier bunnies, the kids were pretty relaxed about the whole thing. I’m mystified.
    And ditto to the whole Donnie Darko factor, that’s exactly what came to my mind! ^_^

  4. joebecca says:

    some of the scariest “bunnies” i’ve ever seen… makes you wonder who came up with the Easter Bunny and WHY???

  5. Lilly says:

    Aww… the one in the overalls is actually kind of cute…

  6. vicky says:

    I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much!! Number 39, Easter Bear?!!! Really?!!!!!
    Bet some of those kids have huge pychiatry bills when they grow up!!

  7. Jen says:

    #42 I went to Stroman High School with the photographers in Victoria Texas.

  8. Simon says:

    Easter bunnies are supposed to be nice and cuddly, not creepy and menacing. How can so many people get it so wrong? And how thankful am I that they did?

    These are priceless. Best slide show in ages. Thanks everyone!

  9. Kimm says:

    The man in the bunny costume is AWESOME.

  10. V. says:

    Ohmigosh. This pic has to be from the 90′s. My Great-Grandmother insisted on making my sister and I matching Easter-Bunny print vests, but I don’t remember her making one for my mom…thank goodness.

  11. Lori says:

    #34 Friday The 13th Easterbunny

  12. Wroena says:

    My personal favorite: #20. All in all, these fotos are proof that as hard as it is to find a convincing and reassuring Santa, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find an Easter Bunny costume that isn’t the stuff of nightmares!

  13. pebbs says:

    OMG hilarious!

  14. jo lynn puehse says:

    Okay, which one is chocolate?

  15. Jill S. says:

    HAS ANYONE SEEN THE MOVIE “DONNIE DARKO”?? THese bunnies are so terrifying… they remind me of the rabbit from that messed up movie. poor terrified kids!

  16. H2oly says:

    Oh…this one is the best. (for those playing at home…we can’t see which one you are looking at. It’s a slide show…just saying!)

  17. mommalou says:

    No wonder some of those kids are crying & screaming! Some of those Easter bunnies are scary looking. And there aren’t enough words for ‘Scott the Blue Bunny!’

  18. PDXSilly says:

    That is some F’d up stuff people.

  19. TJ says:

    Okay those bunny costumes would scare anyone, no pics with the eater bunny at our house

  20. J Cornils says:

    Is it Christmas or Easter – what’s with the stockings in the background????

  21. Gertie says:

    Remember the movie ‘Bad Santa’? Looks like we’ve got the sequel, ‘Bad Bunny’.

  22. Joyce says:

    I think #40 is the winner, the rest of those bunnies look like some sort of corpses. Go Scotty!

  23. Bruce says:

    It’s just a festive FedEx Man…

  24. southern heavensphere says:

    those are peeps. peeps are frightening. not sure what the issue is with the pic. unless getting a mom and 3 kids in an easter basket is a bad thing. bear ??? thats a lamb in the bottom left. what bear?? i love death metal / black metal. there’s no evil here to be seen. move along folks.

    • Jenney says:

      there are 48 different pictures on this post. scroll through and you’ll see what people are really commenting on.

      • southern heavenshpere says:

        now that the slideshow works on my computer i see what all the fuss is about. i’ll go back to my happy death metal music after seeing a few of those rabbits so close to children.

  25. jo says:

    Wow, those DIY bunny costumes are extra creepy. #11 has a certain Tim Burton darkness to it.

    • Reba says:

      Old # 23 AKA “Inappropriate Bunny” is pretty scary. Thank goodness the Sheriff is in the background.

      • Pass the sandpaper says:

        Yup, #11, 16, 31 and 37 are horrible, 21 and 22 are horrifying, but my stomach still hurts from laughing at #23, but WTF are #39 and 40???!!! Pass the sandpaper, get it off my eyes!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Carl B. says:

    And we’ll all gather ’round the Easter/Christmas tree and have out pictures taken with the Easter Bear!

  27. Carl B. says:

    The first and second reformed churches got the good costumes….

  28. Carl B. says:

    Mom was going to finish those Easter outfits, even if she had to stay up all night!

  29. Carl B. says:

    That is sooo wrong on so many different levels….

  30. Kathy says:

    That’s where my bedspread went!

  31. Linda says:

    I think that rabbit eats kids!

  32. Linda says:

    not bad!

  33. Linda says:

    Can we say Aliens?

  34. Linda says:

    This baby will be afraid of Easter all because of this! LOL

  35. Linda says:

    This one is kind of nice.

  36. brimmel says:

    Why do some of those Easter bunnies look so creepy and/or scary? Have the makers of those costumes never seen an actual bunny before?

  37. Mike says:

    I feel like I’m watching Donnie Darko

  38. Jose M. says:

    There are some really frightening Easter Bunnies in there.

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