The Look

April 15th, 2012

The Look - Babies

You’ve been identified.

(submitted by John in the UK)

36 Responses to “The Look”

  1. Karie says:

    The one guy has a rip in his pants I believe..oops

  2. Nells says:

    Backstage at the Rick James concert…

  3. Bugg says:

    Whatchoootawkin’bout there’s no more milk???

  4. Mart says:

    That room could have been my mum and dads front room from the 70’s, the settee, the fireplace, the TV and look closely the old fashioned cabinet style radio and mono record player with one of the “kids” stereos on top, hmmm recently had a party perhaps ? I’m going to guess at 1978 somewhere around Birmingham, Thats mum in the middle with her two sons, the older one on the right has done some time and the younger one on the left has a job in a factory, the young mum, hmmm not sure if she is the mums daughter or she could be the older sons wife, I reckon the pic was taken on a Saturday morning sometime in the summer of 78.

    Have i got any of this right John in the UK.


    • EB says:

      As soon as I saw this it reminded me of my grandma’s. She had a similar fire place and a vinyl settee.
      I’m loving this photo 🙂

  5. magillicuddy says:

    this looks like either a Diane Arbus shot… or a 60’s album cover….remember album covers guys?

  6. Shadowhumper says:

    My name is Inigo Montoya. You took an awkward picture of my family. Prepare to retake that.

  7. LA says:

    Does anyone else think the baby looks exactly like Steven Tyler?

  8. Scott says:

    Rick James & The Mary Jane Girls….the latter years

  9. Dazaster says:

    The Royle Family lost pilot episode!

  10. Jack says:

    This is exactly why the UK is not considered the fashion capitol of Europe.

  11. Graeme says:

    Maybe because it’s because I’m Scottish and therefore my radar is strong but, for some reason, I *knew* this photo was British before I even spotted the submitter was one “John in the UK”.

    • esackman says:

      I am not British, but as soon as I saw the photo, without seeing who submiited it, I knew it was British. Maybe it is the people, the clothes, the furniture, or all three, but there is just something about this photo that screams “BRITISH!”

      • Benny says:

        Yeah..or ‘bri’ish’! Gotta love it 🙂

        • Matt says:

          The bloke on the left is wearing a British Army style pullover. For me that was the signal it was probably a British family perhaps other people picked up on that even sub-consciously?

  12. Thomas says:

    Album cover, late 60’s to early 70’s

  13. Mamasmilk says:

    The kid’s just excites because Tony Orlando is in the house, though everyone else could care less.

  14. Joaniebaloney83 says:

    The expression on the baby’s face reminds me of the “dramatic hamster” on YouTube!

  15. Ronen says:

    The day Jimmy “Baby Face” Castellano’s cover is blown.

  16. AndrewT says:

    You see how much better we all looked in the 70s than in the 80s or 90s? You see? YOU SEE?!?

  17. Q says:

    Oh, Finster! Oh, Finster, baby!

  18. Nick White says:

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! The hat rounds out the whole look very nicely.

  19. bored@work says:

    Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

  20. Emily says:

    “WHAT YOU LOOKING AT!??! You want a piece of me?!!?”

  21. Laura says:

    Haha, this is awesome!

  22. Neo says:

    Patiently waiting for a good time to arrive.

  23. Douglas says:

    See! Nobody puts baby in a corner!

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