The Sculpture

April 18th, 2012

The Sculpture - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Art from every angle.

(submitted by Estacio)

52 Responses to “The Sculpture”

  1. Rickles says:

    “Yep, this makes me glad I’m bald AND a man.”

  2. C.W. says:

    Hope Mom filed a building permit for that…

  3. First Hand Experience says:

    To the most recent commenter, yes it is religious. Most of my family was pentecostal or an offshoot/hybrid of it. Aunt could let her hair down to the floor and suffered headaches from it. Corinthians 11:6 references it if you choose to interpret it as such, but nothing is a truly direct reference. Men have many conflicting verses about long vs. short hair like Leviticus 19:27 (pro short hair) vs. Number 6:5 (pro long hair). These ‘dos pictured are especially complicated, lol!

  4. Jenimae says:

    Is this a religious thing, the not cutting of the hair? I had a 3rd grade teacher and could never cut her hair due to her religion. Just curious, not trying to pass judgement, seems as though a few commentors seem to know this family personally…

  5. Char says:

    Hair today…Gone Tomorrow!

  6. jim says:

    Good golly. Keep them away from an open flame.

  7. Karen says:

    I once heard a Pentacostal preacher say you could tell how successful a revival meeting was by the number of hairpins left on the church floor after the ladies got to “dancing in the Spirit.” Lots of pins meant vigorous dancing and a great movement of God!

  8. Christina says:

    Thats my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin.. Aunt Rubys hair has never been cut.. Neither has Faiths. Uncle Sonny just has no hair..

  9. kelly says:

    i went to their church growing up. or should i say, he was the preacher at my church for a few years, in the ’70s in St. Louis. and yes, he was a holy roller!!
    I think his kid did her hair like that for the picture, she didnt wear like that for church. lol

  10. Destiny says:

    He’s like “Damn them! If only they’d let me borrow some hair!” They’ve got enough hair to make him look like the drummer from White Snake!

  11. jamie arnett says:

    they are pentecostal…”holy rollers”, if you will. we have tons of them here in oklahoma, same hair and everything.

    • kelly says:

      my sister just sent this to me… he was my preacher from the 70’s. i was a kid back then, younger than the daughter you see there.
      this is crazy seeing them after 30 years.

  12. Dixie says:

    I remember that ladies used to wrap these do’s in toilet paper to protect them when they went to bed at night. We called them “double dip do’s.”

  13. ann says:

    This should be the winner

  14. jeff says:

    It is strange that at one time those hair styles were in style. Unlivable.

  15. Liz says:

    I simply cracked up laughing at this one! When I was growing up, there was a lady down the street that wore the same kind of “do”…only it was longer & piled up in a cone shape on her head. (think of the SNL “Cone heads”…you got the picture). She was also un-naturally tan from (probable) Q.T. (remember that unique color of orange it created). We referred to her as “Mrs. Beehive”… cuz that’s what her hair looked like. But it was funny; that I don’t recall that we were really trying to be mean in calling her that…it’s simply what it looked like..

  16. Nate says:

    Take a closer look….. It’s totally photoshopped

    • Glom of Nit says:

      Nope, it’s for real. My mother and aunts had the same hair-don’t during the same time period.

  17. Angry Man says:

    It’s amazing what you can achieve with a hammer and chisel.

  18. Blow Toad says:

    Don’t you think that guy feels like those two lovely ladies are just rubbing it in.

  19. Dav'a says:

    As owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, Mr Browns’ family could afford the best fashion designers, and the best hair designers, not that they ever did use them, but they could’ve.

  20. Snowrider says:

    Ya’ know what they each need to really cap off this photo? Compound bow.

  21. Joyce says:

    This is one coordinated family, note Dad’s tie matches the ladies jackets. I bet Mom’s hair goes all the way to the floor when she takes it down.

  22. Tim S says:

    Striving to reach the perfect triangle of faces, the Olan Mills photographer told Dad: “Lean back, just a bit more, just a bit more…” Right after the shot, Dad fell over on his backside.

  23. Dianz says:

    He’s a hair dresser!

  24. Suy says:

    what decade was this???

    • Benny says:

      To judge from the style I think the picture was taken sometime in the mid-something.

    • Glom Of Nit says:

      The 60’s. It’s called a bee hive. My mother and aunts all had this, stylish ladies they were too.

      • Natalie says:

        They are pentecostal, this is the style from the 60’s and they are all still rocking it now. I know, because my mom was penetcostal when I was little and our family pics look like this too, and some of my mom’s friends still have this hairstyle.

        • kelly says:

          you got it Natalie. they are Pentecostal. he was my preacher in the ’70 in St. Louis.
          His name is “Brother” Wall. this was definitely taken in the ’70’s. hahaha! i havent seen them probably since then.

        • jen says:

          Ohh man I remember taking pictures like that! Lol we grew up same religion

  25. heather says:

    The higher the hair, the closer to God, ladies!! lol

  26. Mydalenka says:

    Average amount of hair on the family is OK…

  27. herbitsky says:

    What….there’s a problem here?? The only thing I can see is a problem is that mom’s shirt doesn’t have buttons! he he he Yeah….right!

  28. Biribi says:

    He’s into minimalist art… And I love the striped outfits of mom and daughter. Awesome!

  29. Doug says:

    With the vertically striped jacket and that massive updo, the girl looks like she’s about 7 feet tall.

  30. Kathy says:

    I bet he has hair envy.

  31. Gail says:

    Poor Dad, where’s his ‘do?

  32. Kootie says:

    there’s more living in that beehive than just bees!

  33. charlie says:

    I guess his lack of was made up for in their massive up dos…

  34. Nailuj says:

    Wow it defies gravity!

  35. alifre says:

    I guess they’re making up for dad . . .

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