Recreating The Awkwardness: Home Team

April 22nd, 2012

Recreating The Awkwardness: Home Team - Family Portrait

“We re-created this shot on Easter Sunday, 2012 for the 25th anniversary. Original Olan Mills photograph was shot in 1987.”

(submitted by Karla)

93 Responses to “Recreating The Awkwardness: Home Team”

  1. jerome says:

    OK, what is this family’s secret? Fountain of youth?

  2. Marcus says:

    This is actually a good recreation. Nothing awkward..

  3. Guest says:

    I think the mom is HOT.

  4. Juni says:

    no worry to search for fellows for a game while having such a team at ur home. lol

  5. Gentleman Beard says:

    I should probably finish reading all the comments first before asking this, but has anyone else noticed that the numbers on their shirts are their ages? Also, the youngest daughter all grown up is breathtaking!

  6. kck says:

    I love this! Beautiful family! 🙂

  7. Jeannie says:

    Glad everyone was present for the re-creation!!

  8. Michelle says:

    I don’t see anything awkward at all. Actually pretty clever.

  9. Amy says:

    Dad aged a lot. But maybe that’s from raising 5 girls.

  10. JL says:

    I really like the re-taking idea… you guys have came a long way! 🙂

  11. Mitzi says:

    I also don’t think this is awkward. I think the idea of re-taking it several years later is kinda cool.

  12. Kallie says:

    That is very interesting!

  13. cdh says:

    This is not awkward at all – it’s an interesting study and I thank the photo contributor and website owner for posting this.

    I think this site originally was intended as a snark site but has grown beyond its original programming, much like Commander Data, Wesley Crusher or Capric…..

  14. JamPa says:

    Love this. Very cool idea!

  15. Cuttler says:

    I actually think this one is kinda cool.

  16. Justin says:

    Damn! 35 is smokin’!!!

  17. Charlotte says:

    This isn’t awkward at all – I think it’s cool!

  18. isle90 says:

    Well nice photo’s of the family 25 years apart. They are a very lucky family to be able to do this and all are there and appear healthy. Wonder if anyone of the girls are married with familes of their own now? Be a great chance for another photo of maybe 10 or 15 years down the line. A great idea then and a great idea now!!!

    • Kristi says:

      isle90, we ARE all married, and between the 5 of us, there are now 18 grandkids…and still counting. I think a new family pix is in order! (Wonder if we could find jerseys w/all our ages on it now. WOW!)

  19. Edie says:

    Yep that’s all their ages on their shirts. If you notice the second time the picture is took they all are 25 yrs older.

  20. Kim says:

    This is actually a really lovely photo. Everyone has aged well. I love the ages in the earlier years and 25 years later their current ages. Great pic and not awkward at all! Lovely family.

  21. Dave says:

    coolest part (IMO) is that all the numbers increased by a digit of 25 🙂 not sure anyone else notice that.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Awkward or not, the entire family has aged really, really well!

  23. Munchies says:

    I think this is just adorable! Not awkward at all.

  24. Chrissy says:

    This is a cool picture! I love seeing the passage of time specially with hair styles!!!!

    • Kati says:

      Several of them have different hair colors, too! 🙂 I really like this one; it’s very cute and a neat idea to me.

  25. Bonnie says:

    Wow numbers 16 and 17 in the back row have barely changed! Hard to believe they are 25 years older.

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