Yellow Fever

July 13th, 2012

Yellow Fever - Family Portrait

Answers the age-old question, “Is it awkward for the whole family to pose with bananas?”

(submitted by Keith)

11 Responses to “Yellow Fever”

  1. amber says:

    what a find!!! haven’t seen a pix like this for forever! ever since cranberries became the new thing, you rarely see this anymore. Go Yellow Fever!!!

  2. Marlene says:

    How George Bluth Sr. got the idea to make his own “Banana Stand”, pictured with Lindsay and Michael Bluth 😉

  3. Simon says:

    Only Dad could resist that first bite

  4. Scout C says:

    Ready?! Okay! Go – Bananas! Go-Go Bananas!

  5. Brutus says:

    You know the old saying: The family that eats bananas together…hmmm…nah, I got nothin’.

  6. Alan says:

    First the Brady Bunch….now….the Chiquita Bunch

  7. Jan says:

    mom: “Say cheese!”
    family: “But mom, we’re eating our lunch!”
    mom: “come on, just one picture and that’s it!”

  8. Willard Shmekel says:

    I dunno. Posing with a banana has a certain a-peel.

  9. Stu says:

    My banana is bigger than yours!

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