Uncle Jamie

July 18th, 2012

Uncle Jamie - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

He was always ahead of his time.

(submitted by Jono in Australia)

38 Responses to “Uncle Jamie”

  1. Carina says:

    I think I’m in love with Uncle Jamie.

  2. Kelly says:

    I say not photoshopped. I think he’s just closer to the camera. And look at the lady in pink – she’s reacting, and not favorably, I’d say!

  3. Zoe says:

    Kind of looks like Eric Idle!

  4. Monica says:

    Soooo tired of the “PHOTOSHOP!” claimants…just enjoy it or don’t!

  5. JW says:

    Good day, Dr Brewster!!

  6. Mike says:

    I say real. Not Photoshopped. I do a lot ofPhotoshop and you just need to look at the pixels on the edges.

  7. bob says:

    the neck and the face are different colors. Photoshop!

    • Deb says:

      Could be makeup.

    • Lynnie says:

      Not necessarily. Many women forget to cover their necks with foundation as well as their faces, so you get that line of demarcation, which especially shows up in photos. If women don’t know better, makes sense a guy wouldn’t. This quy looks like he enjoyed the drag, but wasn’t too skilled at it.

    • prilla scott says:

      or they got powder on their face,as in make up…

    • Michael White says:

      Didn’t you ever experience one of the flash bulb cameras? You had to use them in order to light the picture appropriately.

  8. Mary says:

    More like right on time–he looks like Jack Lemmon’s twisted sister in “Some Like it Hot.” Or maybe performing ‘Sisters’ in “White Christmas.”

  9. Jane says:

    I say it is NOT photoshopped, this was a common sight at Christmas in England . All the men would play women in the Christmas Pantomime. I have much worse pics than this of my dad and uncles doing Cinderella !

  10. joanna says:

    It as very common for the men to do a pantomime at Christmas gatherings… all the men would play the women’s parts… that’s just how it was 🙂

  11. Karen says:

    Yeah, this one’s photoshopped. But I know many families who had an Uncle like this one.

  12. Jezebel says:

    Photoshop my ass.Some of us actually had uncles that wore our grandmothers dresses at Christmas and have pictures to prove it.LOL

  13. Goober says:

    I say Photoshop. Look at the black under the red arms and right hand: that’s not shadow. Didn’t do a good job of trimming.

    • Mary says:

      I’d say not. My mom professionally retouched photos throughout my life–shadows from flash can look stark and shallow, but this is all real. Gradation, proportions, everything looks right to someone who checked work for awkwardness.

    • Joel says:

      Those are shadows caused by the flash.

      • sw2 says:

        Take a closer look all… I have a degree in design… not only are the edges “softened” on the man in front… but if you look at the “mirror” in the back … it is COMPLETELY incorrect with the reflection being larger than the mirror, the woman’s hair being the wrong style and color in the reflection, not to mention its at the wrong angle LOL it looks to me like 3 different layers of photoshop efforts…

        • A says:

          SW2: I am so glad you have so much time on your hands to dissect a photo that is meant for laughter and take it to a whole new level of uncomfortable awkwardness. Why is it so important to prove whether it is photoshopped or not? (Which, BTW, I believe it is not)

  14. Tree says:

    Everyone, just stay away from the mistletoe and you’ll be fine!

  15. Tony says:

    >>said in Austin Powers voice<< That's a MAN, baby!

  16. Becky says:

    Photoshop of not, I am CRACKING UP! Some things are just good for a laugh & this is one of ’em! 🙂

  17. bry says:

    Oh, Eric Idle, your wackiness follows you to the merest of social gatherings!

  18. Bear says:

    This is how people photoshopped back in the 70s.

  19. DebbieLG says:

    Not to be a party pooper but it looks photoshopped to me. He is not proportionate and his face is brighter plus no one is reacting to him and I would think this crowd would show some disgust or annoyance.

  20. Liz says:

    I loved this picture… & had to admire “Uncle Jamie”…. took a lot of courage to dress up; esp for the era the picture looked like it was taken. I bet “Uncle Jamie” was a hoot to be with!

  21. Tracy says:

    We’re not calling ‘photoshop’ on this? I think I am.

  22. Willard Shmekel says:

    Hey, at least he avoided being drafted by the army.

  23. Dulcie says:

    I don’t think I’d want to meet up with Uncle Jamie under the mistletoe

  24. Scout C says:

    No one knew it was going to be THAT kind of party.

  25. Maureen says:

    Who would send this in without an explanation?! We need back story!

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