SNS: Say Hello To My Little Friend 2

July 28th, 2012

SNS: Say Hello To My Little Friend 2 - Pets

He had just gotten out of a prickly relationship.

(submitted by Anton)

7 Responses to “SNS: Say Hello To My Little Friend 2”

  1. ParisKat says:

    I love that a young guy like that obviously cares about this little critter. The expression on both of their faces is so sweet.

  2. The Marinator says:

    I agree! This isn’t awkward at all. Hedgehogs are the best things ever. This guy is great!!

  3. Janey says:

    Love it! Super cute!

  4. suzuki_dvr says:

    That’s not awkward, it’s adorable!

  5. harry says:

    Cute … yes. Awkward … no.

  6. Willard Shmekel says:

    What’s up with hedgehogs?
    Why can’t they just share the hedge?

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