August 6th, 2012

speedos, awkward vacation picture

He was just pointing out some of the local attractions.

(submitted by Anthony)

59 Responses to “Photo-Friendly”

  1. Jez says:

    He was possibly just too embarrassed to say “can we wait for my thingy to go down…”. Sometimes it happens at the most inopportune moments..

  2. RonBurgandy says:

    It’s the pleating on the speedo…it’s an optical illusion.

  3. Yolie says:

    You’ll poke your eye out, kid.

  4. Bruce Jenner says:

    Somebody’s about to get poked with something….

  5. DeeDee says:

    I really wish whoever submitted this picture would explain it. I’m just trying to imagine who these three people are and what they are doing together in this photo. They all look so different.

  6. Sue says:

    Sonny Bono?

  7. Julie D says:

    Totally hilarious!

    It looks like she wants nothing to do with the creeper!!!

  8. Tom says:

    The girls might be feeling the same way but we’ll never know.

  9. Lee says:

    AFP, this is not appropriate.

  10. Kim says:

    Please tell me that’s not her father

  11. Bill says:

    judging by that sun dial, it was approximately 3 pm that day.

  12. Molly says:

    speechless…..and totally feel like my eyes are burning

  13. Joel says:

    Mr. Hardy, the banana seller, offers to point the way to the petrified wood forest.

  14. Johnny F says:

    It’s just the pleats!

  15. Maxine Revolution says:

    He must be wearing Bananna Republic… Only explanation… Yeah…

  16. Michael says:

    Ok, what I find fabulous is that this guy, apparently right out of the 70′s, exists somewhere here in the 21st centry as I notice that camera she is holding is digital!

  17. holly says:

    i don’t think the blond in blue was really with them, she just refused to move.

  18. Ken says:

    I’m sensing the beginnings of a really bad comb-over. But, I’m also sensing that is the least of his “problem.”

  19. Ken says:

    AFP, don’t you think you getting a little borderline Internet porn here??

  20. Ken says:

    Oh…. hell…. no.

  21. Lestatdelc says:


  22. Rachel says:

    Her arm wants so badly to be somewhere else other than there.

  23. ween says:

    they’ll never stay at the desert sands inn again.

  24. Melody says:

    That a way to the .99 cent buffet!

  25. Tam Davis says:

    Lord! He’d best be careful or he’ll hurt someone with that!

  26. Snivy says:

    If that’s the fourth hour, he needs to go to the ER. Stay thirsty, my friends…

  27. Kruzer says:

    Looks like they were taking turns teasing him for the last two hours with no relief then stopped for the photo.

  28. This Pic Is... says:

    Awkward. The underware/speedo thing, ALL of thier poses, the caption. I love it.

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