The Bark Mitzvah

August 10th, 2012

The Bark Mitzvah - Pets

It’s not everyday your dog becomes a man.

(submitted by Alex)

12 Responses to “The Bark Mitzvah”

  1. karen says:

    best. picture. ever!

  2. Lewis says:

    Finding kosher dog food is harder than you think.

  3. Scout C says:

    Fido was fine with the whole bar mitzvah thing (he raked in the biscuits, after all) but when he heard about the next step, the bris, he took off never to be seen again.

  4. Snowrider says:

    Would it kill them to put out a little brisket?!

  5. JanG says:

    oh my gosh… the bark mitzvah is a real thing! I read about it on Wiki. How funny… *L*

  6. Marlene says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this must be one of the FUNNIEST titles and captions ever on this site, and that is saying a lot! I literally LOL’d when I saw this… goodness what a great picture 🙂

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