Shotgun Wedding

September 15th, 2012

Shotgun Wedding - Grandparents

Let’s just say he was feeling a lot of pressure.

(submitted by Lisa)

11 Responses to “Shotgun Wedding”

  1. john n says:

    and thus began the true story of MR. Wipple. the Charmin bit wasn’t a job it was escape…his only escape from the hostage relationship.

  2. hansellhoff says:

    uuhhh!!! someone was not part of the single men group

  3. Paddywolf says:

    It’s Marney – they didn’t bring the right casserole dish! Again!

  4. Twisted Sister says:

    Grandma reminds me of Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls.

  5. mcthumber says:

    The garter on the arm tells me the ceremony is over — so why does Granny need the gun?

  6. Les says:

    Too cute, I love Ma’s expression.

  7. Simon says:

    Maybe she just saw a cockroach on the ceiling

  8. MrE says:

    Mom! Dad! I never knew! Wow, that explains everything.

  9. tookietookie says:

    What is with all the photos with guns?

    I am scared of people.

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