Prairie Home Companions

September 27th, 2012

Prairie Home Companions - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is me when I was 2 1/2 yrs old and my sister was 5 yrs old. Our last name is really the Waltons and we loved to watch Little House on the Prairie as a family.  Mom loved to sew and make matching outfits.  This one by far was the most eye catching with the matching bonnets with the dresses.”

(submitted by Becky)

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  1. phr says:

    Ahhh, the 70s….prairie-style madness!!

    I’m actually a little teary looking at this photo, bc it takes me back to the time my dear great-grandmother used to sew us matching bonnet-and-prairie-dress outfits when we were little.

    One time she made us brown-and-orange print long dresses with bright orange sunbonnets–which my mom let us wear to our big annual out-of-town church convention. There, we became mini-celebs of the day as people thought we were absolutely ADORABLE and total strangers kept asking my mom to take pictures of our outfits.

    I know there are some floating around out there, in someone’s shoebox of old photos, lol. BTW, my mom wore a bright orange dress that day to complement our outfits. Good times!

  2. Mrs. Ayala says:

    I love it!

  3. Roscoe says:

    Hey honey! Look, it’s the Waltons.

  4. Ego Nemo says:

    Caption: “League MVP Johnny Bench poses with the first-place winners in the 1972 Krylon American Family Homemaker Invitationals — No runs, no drips, no errors.”

  5. Martine says:

    Did they have turtle neck back in the daysof LHOTP? This is awesome 🙂

  6. Not an expert says:

    This family is too cute for words! The bonnets, though fitting with the rest of the ensembles are appropriate, aren’t my favorite, but that family is adorable.

  7. Jill P. says:

    Where is Daddy’s pretty little bonnet? How did he get out of wearing hideous head gear?

  8. jessidawn says:

    Um…The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie are two different shows. I’m pretty sure the Waltons did not dress in prairie dresses in the 30’s and 40’s when that show takes place. If your last name was Ingalls your story would make sense.

    • ann o. nymous says:

      I think she probably knows that. The shows were both about rural families. So the story makes sense to me.

    • Becky Wilder says:

      Her last name was actually Ingalls Wilder.

      • Guy says:

        The surname Wilder came later, I thought. After Laura Ingalls got married she kept her maiden name as a middle name. Could be wrong, can’t be bothered looking at wiki right now!

        • esackman says:

          Laura Ingalls Wilder was known as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls till 1885, when she married Almanzo Wilder. At that time, she took her husband’s last name as her last name, but kept her last name as her middle name. In the past, a number of women did so, including my mother. For when she married my father, she took his last name, but kept her last name as her middle name.

    • CarrieM says:

      I think the point was that the family had an overall nostalgic, old-timey theme going on. And they really liked 1970’s TV.

    • Okie says:

      Whoa there Nelly. Life is more enjoyable when you take it less literally.

  9. julie says:

    Dad’s shirt matches…you just have to look closely!

  10. CarrieM says:

    Oh man. I needed a good laugh. So cute. Mom’s proud expression is just so funny.

  11. TNStudent2009 says:

    Hey! This is my old teacher and her family! She was a wonderful educator and taught home education. (Who’da thunk it?) This is so them! Everyone has that awkward streak I suppose… Haha

  12. Jeff says:

    What? No cute outfit for dad? Dad always gets left out!!!

    • Debra Barone says:

      I think dads refuse to participate or agree to as little inclusion as possible in these events.

      • Lil' says:

        Debra, you are so right. My husband wouldn’t have even agreed to appear in a picture like this. But to be fair, I’m the only girl in my house – matching bonnets would have been more than awkward.

  13. Andrew M says:

    I like this one and wouldn’t be surprised to see it hanging on a wall. They are all smiling and looking in a similar direction and the outfits are cutesy without being over-the-top; that the colours of the dresses are each different helps.

  14. mrs5180 says:

    Thank goodness your last name wasn’t Addams.

    –Upon second thought, that would have been fun to see 🙂

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