October 31st, 2012

Mask - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

If only it were Halloween every day.

(submitted by Reg)

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  1. Booger says:

    This family was on The Queen Latifah Show, where they re-created the classic photo from 1976, including the mask. Look for the video on youtube.

  2. Melissa says:

    Sorry to disappoint everyone, but this photo is technically a fake. It is part of a series the SNL crew made as a tribute to the site. I my opinion they did an impressive job – but how hard can it be to dress up then shop a photo to appear decades old?

    Good job Saturday Night Live!

  3. patsworth says:

    Hey! I had that witch costume. I remember scaring one of my cousins with it. Now I can see why she was crying…

  4. KT says:

    Isn’t this how the Michael went through his childhood in the Halloween movies???

  5. JanG says:

    the mother looks a bit like a young Barba Streisand

  6. Bek says:

    Wow, I remember those masks! Back when drugstore costumes for kids were just a plastic apron and a mask. Photo has to be from 70’s/early 80’s.

  7. Penny Diamond says:

    Talk about looking alike – you can hardly tell one kid from the other!

  8. LCN says:

    Looking back now, perhaps young Jason Voorhees’ obsession with masks wasn’t just an innocent, childhood quirk after all.

  9. Heather EC says:

    I can believe the child refused to be in the photo without the mask as this has happened in my family. (though not in a professional photograph). We were all at my parents place and decided to take some family photos. My nephew, who was about 3 or 4 at the time had been playing with some animal masks my Mum had made and decided he didn’t want to take off the caterpillar mask. He absolutely refused and was on the verge of a meltdown. In the end Dad took the photos with him in the mask. A couple of photos in my sister (nephew’s Mum) took the mask off just as a photo was taken. The resulting picture was pretty funny. Everyone is smiling normally except my sister who has a big teasing grin on her face and is holding the mask above my nephew’s head, and my nephew who is yelling in outrage.

  10. Mary says:

    Smart kid.

  11. skopi says:

    Looks valid to me. And I would bet the kid decided he wanted the mask and this was the only way he’d take the picture. The parents decided to make the best of it, just to get the kid in the picture. At least, that is my plausible rationalization for this.

  12. Amy says:

    I think it’s legit and not photoshopped. Mom’s body angle is such that her arm is stretched out behind the childs back. Now, for the MASK. Imagine a pain-in-the-butt kid who will not remove his mask so the desperate parents make a deal. We’ll take one shot with the mask, one without, okay junior? Parents decide to buy one picture from the mask shot and use it for the brats teenage years as blackmail, and hang the “good” pose over the fireplace. Hence, we have the mask picture here. Hopefully the one who submitted it will come forward and the mystery will be solved soon.

  13. Janie says:

    I call photoshop. The hand under the arm of the child with the mask is coming from nowhere. No way mom’s arm is that long.

    • Gee, I can believe it.

    • CB says:

      If her arm was extended far out but still only enough so as to be concealed by the back of the girl, then I believe it could still be her arm…’s possible, and I think more likely than it being photoshopped. It’s not like the fingers don’t match her other hand or anything…her body also is on more of a 45 degree angle, making it all the more possible for it to just be extended enough to reach.

    • Mel says:

      Maybe Dad was Inspector Gadget that year and had a go-go gadget arm.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I seldom if ever think”this is photoshopped”… at all. Maybe it’s my lack of technical skills, but I just don’t often see P.Shop in pictures on this site; when others do. Til Now. This one has looked “manufactured” to me from the onset. The angle that mom is standing combined with how long her arm looks to be simply doesn’t look right. And then there’s the mask… well, I’d like to say that NO one in their right mind would take a formal picture with a young kid in it & put a mask on the kid! But I’ve seen a lot of things on this site I’d never thought I would! Even so, this picture makes me think “What a wonderfully funny Halloween prank that someone sent in!”

    • Mia says:

      Unlikely to be photoshopped. Because her right arm isn’t visible, the brain finds it difficult to image it and correctly estimate the distance from hand to shoulder, but as CB mentioned, she’s at an angle that makes the position of her right hand entirely physically possible. Besides, moms are generally good at stretching themselves to hold onto kids while still holding their positions, in life and in photos.

    • Biribi says:

      Although I agree that it looks weird for the mom’s arm to reach this far, the rest of the image is so flawless, I hardly can believe Photoshop’s got something to do with it. Now, this being said, it would disturb me much less to think “Photoshop” than to believe that these parents hid their kid’s cute face (I assume) with such a disturbing mask for their annual professional family photo session… Unless it’s the mask that has been photoshopped on the little one’s face.

    • CB says:

      Also, what is supposed to be photoshopped? The entire little boy (with “period” matching mask, and clothes that happen to match the look of the rest of the photo) was photoshopped in? His arm is clearly propped upon the lap of the mother, behind the little girl….that would be pretty precise to find a picture to photoshop in there with all those elements….

    • Brody says:

      All you have to do is put your 2 arms in front of you. Extend one fairly straight, and the other bent at about a 90 degree angle. Notice the size of the gap between your 2 hands (which would approximate to about size of a toddler’s body). Now, extend your bent arm to reach and meet and your other, already extended arm. There, proof that this Mother’s reach and photographed stance is possible.

      • Vicky says:

        Maybe it isn’t that the parents put the mask on the kid, but that the kid was throwing such a fit about wanting to wear the mask that they finally gave in and tried to get a 3/4 decent pic of the rest of them?! I didn’t assume that the parents made the mask decision—hasn’t anyone else ever experienced a small child in “melt-down mode”?! LOL

        • jaklumen says:

          I have a child on the autism spectrum. I see meltdowns with him often enough, and so yes, little kid pitching a fit to wear the mask… I believe it.

        • Brody says:

          I think there may be some confusion. The initial “photoshop” call was made on the presumed fact that the mom’s grip on the side of the boy looked like her arm couldn’t be making that reach–nothing to do with the plausibility of the boy wearing a mask, or the parent’s having made him wear it. Some people are making comments to the effect of disbelief about the kid wearing the mask, but I really don’t see why–what’s so hard to believe about that, as per many of the comments already made about that topic. Just a stubborn kid, or a phase, or something. Or maybe the family collectively has a very interesting sense of humor.

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