Saturday Night Special: Lil’ Miss Claus

November 17th, 2012

Saturday Night Special: Lil’ Miss Claus - Christmas

The most awkward time of the year is coming.

(submitted by Brandon)

11 Responses to “Saturday Night Special: Lil’ Miss Claus”

  1. Bella says:

    The background, the style, the smile, to me totally reminds me of the girl from Blossom and that show. That’s why it’s awkward to me. lol

  2. Lissy says:

    What was the purpose of Glamour Shots anyway? Honestly even when they were popular I always considered them to be more awkward than “cool” or “interesting”.

  3. Art says:

    One thing…the plastic tag that holds the price tag is stuck on the front of her collar..not a big deal, but funny for a professional looking picture

  4. Michael E. says:

    All I see is a pretty girl in a holiday outfit.

  5. Lizabeth says:

    I agree with Rick…. to me, this is awkward; a 14 yr old or so, kid trying to look like an adult woman. (Is this a “Glamour Shots” picture….it kind of has that overall look).

  6. Rick D says:

    An otherwise very pretty young girl in an adult-looking dress, if that’s what it is, sporting a Santa Claus hat and standing on a steep slope. No problem?

  7. Jerm says:

    I don’t see the problem with this one.

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