The Red Sea

December 22nd, 2012

The Red Sea - Pregnancy

How festive.

(submitted by Hayley)

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  1. Debi says:

    Oh for goodness sakes. Most of you swim in the lakes and oceans and yes even swimming pools. You are swimming in someones menstrual fluid and pee already. Enough! Look at their faces, key word THEIR. It is THEM not YOU and they are happy!

  2. sheila says:

    So I guess it will be normal if a woman gets in a tub with her family and with her menstrual period. Its the same, blood, no?!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Okay, just my two cents. People are in a tizzy because some people are calling thing photo “awkward”. Did you happen to notice the name of the website? Also, I hope this picture was posted with the family’s permission and if that’s the case, sorry but haters are gonna hate. I am not judging either way, but there are those that will. Would I post it to a public site? Probably not, but that’s just me.

    • Observish!! says:

      “Haters are gonna…” …what?
      It’s not a matter of hating, or not… It’s quite simple from my POV, what you decide to let your kids be exposed to…. I would like to say “it’s on you”… But unfortunately, it’s on society. If not the case, then why are there so many twisted-minded criminals in our prisons… Is it not due to what they were exposed to as kids?… While gathering from the comments, that the family in the picture turned out to be a happy tight-knit family… There are many other families that did not experience this, and are just as united. So it comes down to a personal choice… But… Those comments whether negative or positive, should not be turned away by anyone on this site; for the “negative” comments I’m sure are backed up by their concerns (and I can see why) of how unsanitary such practice can be (we are still talking blood here) and the hygiene issues that it can accrue. And the ones with the “positive” commentators I’m sure, are disliking the fact that the negative ones are ruining a family’s bonding moment captured in still picture. So each side has the right to defend their morals and ethics. As Mr.Observish, I am curious though, for the ones who are Pro “let’s get the family in the pool, post-partum to take a dip” Or “let the kids watch mommy’s vagina, as it splits open to release a little human being’s head”… I ask: would you allow your little ones to be in the same room to observe you and your significant other copulate to procreate that little human being?… If your answer is anything other than “yes”… Wouldn’t that make you a very hypocritical person?… Since childbirth is nothing more then the mere result of the copulation between a man a woman or as we know it: “intimacy” between a man and a woman… Shouldn’t that intimacy be guarded through to the end of the procreating process… If we expose our little ones to the end results, but leave out the whole thruth, how it got started, and where the child came from (speaking in graphic terms) why not let them experience, the creation of this little human being as well as the delivery of such?… Let me guess… Cause it would be unethical?…. Hmmmm… Food for thought…. Let’s not cover their eyes, and expose them to only half the thruth, and stand on a “holier than thou” pedestal, while reprimanding all those who oppose our views… For I say, in my years of observation, i find it less devastating (traumatic-wise speaking) when a person was led to believe lies, and then found the thruth… Then someone left to dwindle between half thruth and half lies, and sort out which is which…. Perhaps that’s the reason our society is the way it is….. Just my… Silver Dollar (a little more than 2 cents)

  4. Mike says:

    Please tell me that’s not what I think it is. Please…someone.

  5. OtherMike says:

    How to make a pot of Awkward Tea. Horrifically, traumatically Awkward Tea.

  6. GTone says:

    Hey, witnessing the birth of a baby is a marvelous thing… I think what has everyone, including myself, a little freaked out is that everyone is in the afterbirth.. You won’t hear me making a bad comment about it and others shouldn’t either… To each their own.. It’s just unusual is all.

    • Draw A Line says:

      I guess they won’t be grossed out when the kid blows chow in the tub and they can all swim around in that as well. It’s just bodily fluids, and I’m sure some people think it’s beautiful as well.

  7. Victor VonRottencrotch says:


  8. Louise says:

    Hi andy! Now looking at what you written I have a different view n the picture now. It’s very humbling to hear that you and your family are all happy and that you were brought up in the right way…..the trouble is, there’s no harmony in this world and people tend to twist things and turn them round into something ugly and then dismiss it and shove it in a dark place where no one can look. Such a nice world ey!! I hope your brothers are ok they look happy on the picture. X Louise.

  9. kali says:

    The pro water birthers need to settle down on here. Yelling at anyone that doesn’t find the family water birth experience ideal is just as bad as the people calling this nasty. To each their own. Some people think this is the most magical thing, while others would prefer that their little ones out of the room. But the choice will be made based on how one’s family will handle the situation.
    However I think the picture is cute, everyone looks happy minus the blonde kid on the left. He looks like he has mixed feelings on the ordeal.

  10. Lucy says:

    If everyone think it’s normal, why is it posted in awkward family photo’s?

  11. Dawn says:

    At first I too thought there was kool aide or something in the water for the entertainment of the kids. Until I saw the newborn of course. I love this picture. I am pregnant now with my third and have been considering the idea of letting my older children stay in the room. I think it is a beautiful thing witnessing the birth of a child. I also think its a good way to show your other children how much you love them and that you want to share that experience with them. To anyone who sees this picture as anything but beautiful I say shame on you. How do you think our ancestors brought life into this world? Not in a hospital while the other children were at the sitters. My grandmothers oldest daughter witnessed all of her siblings births though some she can’t remember from being too young at the time. It wasn’t shunned upon them and shouldn’t be now.

    • anthony says:

      “Shunned” upon them? Shunned means to avoid or ignore.

    • Char says:

      I agree that childbirth occurred in the home, but it usually did not include the entire family relaxing in afterbirth fluids.
      For this family it looks like this was a happy occasion. The kids looked comfortable, excited, and no one is gaging. It was right for them so who are we to judge.

  12. Jim says:

    Who are you to judge ones morals, morals are just as unique to one person as a finger print. No two people have the exact same morals. They might be similar but not identicle. That’s like saying someone isn’t “normal.” Can anyone giver a definition of normal? What is normal? What is right or wrong. Or do we all just believe what the government and churches tell us is right or wrong or moralistic or normal.

  13. April says:

    I wanted my son to be there for the birth of his brother and he chose not to ( He was 3 1/2 and we left it up to him). As I may not chose to have my children in the water, there is nothing wrong with these parents letting their children be a part of their siblings birth. As you can see from the picture these are loving parents who actually care about their children and want them involved, better than deadbeats who have kids and pawn them off on other people right? I have to be honest the thought of anyone else being in water with my blood and afterbirth, really grosses me out. For their safety and mine. However the sight of loving parents and happy children is beautiful. And Mama looks fantastic! I hope your family is forever this happy and wish you all the best of luck :)

  14. AKraZ says:

    I dont get it…what are they…..wait….whoa….WHOA…..AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  15. Cassie says:

    To each his/her own. My own ick factor came out but they look happy so who are we to judge?

  16. Aimee says:

    Who ever says this is not awkward, is awkward

  17. corey says:

    Took me a moment to get it. Then I thought this was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. My nieces/nephews were water births and attended the younger one’s births when they happened. I’ve never known such loving, close siblings. They experience the arrival of another living being. It’s incredible. Looking at this picture I could tell you this must be a close loving family. Then I read the comments of Andy who said it was his birth and confirmed it. This is incredible. Sharing the birth of a loved one, and being a part of it in this level of intimacy is something that could never be paralleled anywhere in a person’s life. This is a closeness that I think every human should have a chance to understand. We would never have war.

  18. Andy says:

    I’m actually the newborn in this photo, 23 years old now. I was the first water birth and home birth in our family, with three after me. After the traumatic hospital births, which were physically damaging to my mother and life risking to my brothers, and after the cold way the hospitals handled her miscarriages, it was a beautiful relief for her to experience such an easy birth at home without complication, with less pain and more beauty for mother and child, and for their family, too. It was something everyone was so happy about.

    We lived in a nudist camp in those days. Nudity wasn’t anything shameful or erotic or gross to us. It was a beautiful way to try to live. Only a couple years after my birth, my parents left the nudist camp. We all lead a pretty normal life today, no therapy was required for anyone after the birth, ha, and a good shower solved all.

    I don’t really mind that you’ve all made a spectacle of my birth. It was wrong of you, to make yourselves gossips and judges like that, but whatever, I get it. This photo did get around my little sister’s high school today, though, and some of her friends told people it is her family in the photo. A lot of people in the school were talking about it, and today was really hard for her. She wasn’t really embarrassed; she was just hurt. And she had a hard time understanding why people would be so petty.

    My parents have shown us great love over the years, a love you can see in this photo, and we have passed on that love to each other and to others. I’m thankful for it. Sadly, though, that love is not normal in the world. I wish it were. Then more of you would know it and understand. And then my sister wouldn’t have had such a hard day.

    • Jessie says:

      Good for you Andy, for being such a strong person to write your comment. Wo cares what everyone else thinks!

    • Soldi says:

      I absolutely love this picture. More than average of the comments on here seem to be supportive. I hope your little sister can learn to realize that people may be judgmental, but she can be better than that.

    • Jess says:

      That’s a really beautiful, happy, healing moment for your mother and family. Beautiful! :)

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Andy – I’m so glad you posted and I’m sorry that the publication of this photo (or, rather, the comments that you found hurtful) upset you.

      To be fair, there is quite a lot of blood in the bath and not everyone feels comfortable with that – it’s a natural human instinct to be afraid of blood, isn’t it? I had a boyfriend who was incredibly squeamish about me menstruating and I actually found that hurtful and offensive as well as he always made such a big deal about it.

      Anyway, your family look so happy and that’s the most important thing.

    • Claire says:

      Yay! I’m so glad that your mom got to have a peaceful birth and that she shared it with her family. Theses are tears of joy, darn it!

    • Christine says:

      Hi Andy, Nice letter. Sounds like your family life was a happy one so that is the most important….maybe it will give more close minded people something to ponder. I hope your sister can get through the high school talk. I can imagine it will be difficult…kids can be very mean when they do not want to understand other lifestyles. I hope she gets lots of support and it blows over.

    • kate says:

      Andy, I thought someone dumped coke into the tub, then I saw the newborn and though”WHOA.” I question the whole family in the tub idea, but I’m a nurse I understand how important it is to families to be there when a new baby come to our world. I am truely sorry how hard it was for your sister to go to school and have others make fun of her and your family. Many blessings to you and your close family.

    • Michele says:

      There are more positive comments here than negative. Andy, for THAT, I am glad for you. I was bullied as a kid in middle and high school. It just plain sucks when other kids get their kicks making others feel “less than”. I hope the backlash at your sister’s school ended quickly.
      Your family made a decision that was best for them. My only (personal) issue was with your siblings being in the water. I can just barely understand your dad being in the water. But, like I said, that’s MY hangup. I think that’s where the negative comments are rooted.
      I think water births are such a wonderful option for mothers. What a gift your family had, after pregnancy and birthing difficulties, being able to bring you into the world in a peaceful birth.
      You are truly an understanding and patient person (both phenomenal qualities) to have written such a positive reply in this thread. I wish you well.

      • cvb says:

        What a wonderful, straightforward, caring, non-judgmental comment from an obviously mature, well-adjusted young man who cares deeply about his family.
        To the rest of us it’s awkward, to him it is his life and he is neither ashamed, embarrassed nor angry at those poking fun. We need more people like that in this world, regardless of their birth story.

        • Tricia says:

          Well said cvb. Andy seems like a great son and an awesome brother!

          I will admit, I was also like “Woah. That seems like a lot of blood.” My second thought was “I hope those boys are clean,” just because they’re in water and mom has a fresh wound either from ripping or expelling the rest of the uterus’ contents. My mind thought infection right away. But I wasn’t there, all I’ve seen is this photo of a beautiful, loving family. Everything could’ve been autoclave’d and sterilized, or mom could have already been on antibiotics, just in case.
          Whoever said that everyone of us is unique, like fingerprints, and have their own morals and understandings is completely right. I just hope future generations are more open-minded and understanding when it comes to things some of us consider abnormal or awkward. The world could be (and still can be) such a better, happier place if everyone had a little compassion, kept an open mind, and took new experiences and learned from them instead of making fun of someone you don’t understand.
          Seeing things like this and reading the comments, the good and bad, gives me hope. Hope that one day everyone can get along.

    • Carol says:

      OK, my first reaction was to be grossed out, but I withheld my gut reaction comments and read through many of the other responses, including yours Andy. I was wrong and I will give you and your family credit for your open-mindedness. I think your parents were ahead of their time and that they gave their kids a leg up on the rest of us. I’m sure you will do the same for your children. I got onto this site to have some laughs and ended up learning something. God bless you all…

  19. shawn says:

    I was thinking about the rest of the family’s exposure to the bodily fluids of mom and baby, but you’re right – those kids are probably more likely to cause the infection.

  20. Maureen says:

    Disturbing? Are you serious? What is wrong here, omg get some morals and values before you have anymore babies!!

    • Karen says:

      Really? You think it’s immoral to share the birth of a child? Who left you in charge or morality? I think the values of a mother giving birth in a way that she feels is safe and loving and physically easier is very loving and moral. So there’s some blood in the water – big deal. They’ll all shower and have an amazing experience to share while you live in your very uptight and judgmental world!

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