Behind The Awkwardness: Beauty & The Beast

January 29th, 2013

“When I was younger, my family and I would have themed Halloween costumes. This year was obviously Beauty and the Beast. Every year, we would get professional photos done of all of us in our costumes and my mother would later scrapbook them. My aunt’s Lumière costume was a crowd favorite of course and my older sister was forced to be Cogsworth just for the photo. The photo also features myself as Belle, my little sister as Chip, my mother as Mrs. Potts, and obviously my dad as the Beast. It’s a weird picture, but one of my favorites from my childhood.”

(submitted by Grace)

9 Responses to “Behind The Awkwardness: Beauty & The Beast”

  1. Samantha Lang says:

    LOL Thats my middel school math teacher as a candle

  2. GIna says:

    You have a cool family :-). I’m glad you posted this.

  3. Wendy Jane says:

    I hope you post some more Halloween pictures from other years!

  4. Lance Corporal says:

    That is very awesome!

  5. esackman says:

    Grace, please tell your older sister, that of all the characters depicted in the photo, Cogsworth has always been my favorite character.

  6. LCN says:

    So cool! How sweet of mom to give the coveted role of Belle to you and not take it for herself. And only the coolest of dads would join in on the dressing up! What an awesome family you must have!

  7. Les says:

    This is adorable.

  8. B says:

    What a fun family. Mom must have worked so hard.

  9. Joy Bechtel says:

    What great memories you must have though!

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