Blue Crush

February 27th, 2013

Blue Crush - Kids

Dare to dream little man.

(submitted by Paige)

17 Responses to “Blue Crush”

  1. dbc00p says:

    insert thought bubble “Boobies!!!!”

  2. Chad says:

    I want bitty now, not bitty later!

  3. Dan says:

    Dad’s thinking “She is touching my arm, I’m touching her arm, is this cheating? I’m loving it!”

  4. OtherMike says:

    Shoot for the stars little man!

  5. Michael says:

    This would be even funnier if the sister was staring at the surfer boy’s pecs.

  6. Team Rockette says:

    Puberty is a hellova trip!

  7. Newton says:

    Somebody’s in the mood for some coconut milk!

  8. Bibby Huston says:

    My daughter sent this in, definitly not cropped.
    We laughed our heads off when we got it!

  9. A D Fogg says:

    Atta Boy!

  10. TonyT says:

    Have to go with P’shopped on this one. She doesn’t have the same picture grain as the rest of the image.

  11. Bowers says:

    –best ever–

  12. jenkaye21 says:

    Awesome! Would be funnier if *Dad’s* eyes were averted!

  13. Observer says:

    Definitely faked — eyes Photoshopped or whatever.

  14. Biribi says:

    That is the best!!! It’s so perfect, it looks like it’s staged. This kid’s face is totally priceless.

  15. AndrewT says:

    Eyessssssss FRONT!

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